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41 Most Interesting Facts About Hyenas | Weight, Size all Info

Fun Facts about Hyenas

In the animal kingdom, there are thousands of species but Hyena is an exceptional one. It is a special animal, which we often overlook and even misunderstood. Though they are not much good-looking to grab attention, you can’t deny they are smart and cunning creatures. You might be seen them on the Discovery channel where …

46 Interesting Facts about Bobcat | What Does Look Like?

Fun Facts about Bobcat

Bobcats were first found in the southern portion of North America. This exquisite and furtive cat is an excellent hunter. Due to having a short tail, its name is bobcat. According to several studies, they were first discovered around 1.8 million years ago during the Irvingtonian stage. There are many interesting facts about bobcat that …