Facts about Zambia Include Interesting, Fun, Cool

53 Facts about Zambia Include Interesting, Fun, Cool | What is Known for?

Zambia is a landlocked country in Africa, known as one of the safest countries in the world to visit. The country is bestowed with many wild animals or plants that make it unique from other countries. Have you ever visited Zambia or known any interesting facts about Zambia? In our write-up, we will share some impeccable and interesting facts about the country! Let’s dive in!

Fast Facts | Zambia Information

Official Name: Republic of Zambia
Capital City:
752,618 sq km
Major Languages: 
English, Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga
Time Zone: 
UTC+2 (Central Africa Time)
– Source:
 CIA World Fact Book

53 Interesting Facts about Zambia

What is Zambia Known for?

No#1: “One Zambia, One Nation”

Zambia’s national motto is “One Zambia, One Nation” —it implies no matter what type of skin color you have, you are a Zambian since you are a citizen of the country.

No#2: Origin of Homo sapiens

Many people believe the origin of Homo sapiens came from near the town of Kabwe, Zambia.

No#3: Broken Hill skull

The first-ever human fossil was found in Zambia in 1921, and the age of this broken hill skull is 299,000 years old.

No#4: 18.38 million populations

According to Worldometer, Zambia’s total population is 18.38 million, and it ranks 65th position as a most populous country.

No#5: Wildlife in Zambia

Like many African countries, Zambia also celebrates the Big Five animals, which includes rhinoceros, lions, leopards, elephants, and Cape buffalo.

No#6: 66.5% forest areas

Around 66.5 % of areas or 49,468,000 hectares of the country is covered with natural forests.

No#7: 30% Areas for wildlife

About 30% of Zambia areas are reserved for wildlife, and there are 20 national parks in Zambia.

No#8: 72 languages

Though Zambian people speak more than 72 languages, their official language is English.

No#9: 73 tribes

There are 73 tribes live around Zambia, and the Bemba is the largest tribe with 36% coverage.

No#10: Bantu-speaking country

Most ethnic groups use the Bantu language for communication, and more than one million Zambians use it.

No#11: A massive copper producer

After DR Congo, Zambia is the second-largest copper manufacturing country in the Africa region.

No#12: Second-highest waterfall in Africa

Kalambo Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Africa, which has 221 meters by the volume of water flowing over it.

No#13: A Christian state

Around 83% of Zambian people are Christian, and small percentages are indigenous religions, Baháʼí, Muslim, and agnostic.

How big is Zambia

No#14: An urbanized country

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia is one of the most urbanized countries, where you will see thousands of industries and businesses.

No#15: A poor country with inequality and poverty

More than 58% of Zambian people earn only $1.90 per day, while the average world salary is $1,480 per month.

No#16: Most famous places to visit

There are a plenty of famous places are bound with history or natural wealth. Most of the time of a calendar year these Zambians famous places are fulfill with world tourist.

Famous Zambians Places

  • Lusaka
  • Victoria Falls
  • South Luangwa National Park
  • Kafue National Park
  • Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

No#17: Nshima

Nshima is one of the most popular foods in Zambia, made from pounded white maize, and it is one of the most common meals.

No#18: Traditional dresses

In Zambia, females wear a unique chitenge dress, especially in rural areas, while males wear shirts, jeans, and blazers.

No#19: People live in Cities

Around 43% of people live in various cities, and a huge number of inhabitants come from villages.

No#20: Most popular foods

  • Delicacies
  • Enchilada casserole
  • Crepes
  • The Special Thali
  • Tikka Masala

No#21: 92.56 % literacy rate

Zambia’s literacy rate is 92.56 % among adults; however, males’ rate is higher than females’.

No#22: Marriage within the tribe

Since there are several ethnic groups in Zambia, they only marry people who belong to their community.

No#23: A Bemba custom

A Bemba custom still exists in some rural areas of Zambia, where men will lives with their bride’s parents for a specific time to prove their worth.

No#24: Tradition of storytelling

There is an age-old tradition of storytelling in Zambia, where people will tell stories during their free times.

No#25: Friendly people

Zambian people are known as friendly people, and they love to welcome their guests with a gracious smile.

No#26: National symbol

African Fish Eagle is the national symbol of Zambia, which implies the freedom of their people.

No#27: Greetings are common

Before talking to anyone, most Zambians greet others as a well-mannered behavior.

No#28: Lobola or bride price

According to Zambia culture, men will have to provide Lobola or bride price to the women’s family as grateful to parents. The culture still exists in many villages around the country.

No29#: Funerals

In Zambia, funerals are known significant events where all family members get together as a social gathering.

No#30: Animism

Many Zambians believe idols, animals, or trees, which are made from stone or wood, have supernatural powers.

Fun Facts about Zambia

No#31: Largest human-made lake

Lake Kariba is the biggest human-made lake, which is 220 km long, and covers 5,400 km² areas.

No#32: 63.84 years life expectancy

Zambians’ life expectancy is 63.84 years — male lives 60.2 years on average and female lives 64.4 years on average.

No#33: 17+ waterfalls

More than 17 waterfalls dotted around Zambia, which brings calmness and relaxed feelings.

Cool Facts about Zambia Africa

No#34: Three major rivers

Though there are many small rivers, three major rivers exist around the country: Zambezi River, Kafue River, and Luangwa River.

No#35: One party ruled for 27 years

The United National Independence Party ruled Zambia for 27 years, from 1964 till 1991.

No#36: Gifts for visitors

In Zambia, people offer gifts to visitors as a symbol of thankfulness, and it is not the right manner to reject gifts.

No#37: 38th largest country

Based on land area, Zambia is the 38th largest country in the world with 752,618 km².

No#38: Lowest & highest point

The highest point is situated at the Mafinga Hills (2,339 meters from sea level), and the lowest point is located at the Zambezi River (329 meters from sea level).

No#39: Livingstone Museum

The biggest and historical museum is the Livingstone Museum in Zambia, which was founded in 1934.

No#40: Popular sport

Soccer is the most popular sport in Zambia, and the country won the African world cup for once.

No#41: 237 mammal species

More than 237 mammal species live around the country, and one of them is known as critically endangered.

Zambia Facts for Kids

No#42: 5-6 children bear by women

According to several studies, on average, a Zambian woman bears 5 or 6 children.

No#43: 13 public holidays

The people of Zambia enjoy more than 13 nationally recognized public holidays.

No#44: More than 90% export earnings from copper

Zambia earns more than 90% export earnings from copper, and in 2020, it earned approximately $4.5 billion by exporting to other countries.

No#45: Public transports

Public transports are the most commonly used transportation around the country.

No#46: 20°C -30°C average temperature

The average temperature of Zambia ranges between 20°C to 30°C.

No#47: 2.3 Mbps internet speed

The average internet speed of Zambia is 2.3 Mbps, and it ranks 106th position globally in terms of fast internet speed.

No#48: Never eat with both hands

It is disrespectful to eat with both hands when people invite you as a guest in their house.

No#49: The loathsome question

In Zambia, you should never ask anyone, “Are you hungry?” or, Should I cook something for you?”

No#50: More than 90 hospitals

More than 90 hospitals exist around the country, and “The University Teaching Hospital” is the biggest hospital, founded in 1974. This is an unbelievable Facts about Zambia.

No#51: HIV/AIDS is the major cause of death

In Zambia, every year, more than 19,000 people die due to the outbreak of HIV/AIDS.

No#52: Don’t touch anyone head

In Zambia, it is a sign of mock to touch someone’s head with his permission.

No#53: 55% of road fatalities

At night, around 55% of all road fatalities occur due to lack of proper lighting.


Knowing any country’s unusual facts is not only fun but also boosts up your knowledge. How many interesting facts about Zambia you knew earlier that we mentioned above? Did you know them all? Zambia is enriched with many waterfalls, wildlife, unique culture& customs, and much more. It is one of the most secure countries globally, which gives a valid reason to travel.

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