Interesting & Fun Facts About Benin

49 Interesting & Fun Facts About Benin | What is Benin Known for?

From the “Venice of Africa” and snakes reverence, to the biggest intact eco-system in Benin a small country of West Africa can make you touch with many interesting facts.

As you all know it’s always a pleasure to present some interesting but lesser-known facts about the beautiful countries on the African continent.

Here we present you some lesser-known fun facts about the country of Benin. Let’s dig out.

Benin Kingdom Facts | Information about Benin

Official Name: Republic of Benin
Capital City: Porto-Novo
Population: 12,864,634
Area: 112,622 sq km
Languages: French, Fon, Yoruba
Time Zone: UTC+1 (West Africa Time)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

Fun Facts about Benin to Make You Touch

What is Benin Known for?

No#1: The Fast fact of Benin:

  • Benin is a country in West Africa.
  • The official name is the Republic of Benin.
  • Before acquiring the name ‘Benin’ in 1975, it was called the “Dahomey.”
  • 1st August 1960, it gained independence from France.
  • Individuals of Benin are known as Beninese or Beninois.
  • The currency of Benin is called the West African CFA Franc.
  • Soccer is the National sport.

Interesting Facts about Benin

No#2: The first African country of Democracy:

Benin was the first African country to transition from Dictatorship to Democracy.

No#3: Benin is named after the waterway:

Benin got its name from the enormous waterway at the southern end of the colony, “the Bight of Benin.”

No#4: Capital of Benin:

Porto- Novo is the capital city of Benin. It was created to advance the slave exchange in the 16th century.

No#5: Tradition of Benin:

Offering food and drinks to visitors is a tradition here, but refusing this kind of hospitality is considered rude.

Cultural Fact of Benin

No#6: Cotonou the largest city:

Cotonou is the largest city in Benin. It is like home to the government.

No#7: The country with the youngest population:

Benin has the 10th youngest population in the World. Over 65% of the population is under 25 years old.

No#8: Snakes are worshipped in Benin:

In most parts of the World, snakes are feared, but in Benin, they are revered. Royal pythons are worshipped in Benin.

No#9: The temple of python:

There is a snake temple in Benin named the temple of python. It is home to 50 Royal pythons.

Benin Empire Facts

No#10: Benin is a Voodoo cradle:

This west African country is the cradle of voodoo. The locals call it “Vodun,” which means spirits.

No#12: Main religion:

Animism is the main religion in this country. About 40.2% of people are following this.

No#13: Voodoo is an official religion:

Voodoo is an official religion of Benin. Vodun believers coexist peacefully whit Christian and Muslims, yet another country proving it is possible to live in peace one next to each other, no matter which God you believe in.

No#14: Africa’s most stable Democracy:

In spite of being situated in a turbulent religion, Benin is among Africa’s most steady democracies.

No#15: Scared of taking pictures:

Some Beninese believes that photography steals a piece of the soul. In Benin, you must always ask for permission or take pictures from afar and stay away from clear face shots.

No#16: Cotton is gold in Benin:

Cotton is gold in Benin as it constitutes 80% of the country’s export.

No#17: Benin was a slave coast:

The southern coast of Benin was known as the Slave coast, a flight point for slaves where for more than 100 years, a normal of 10,000 slaves a year were dispatched to the Americas.

Facts about Benin Africa

No#18: The Venice of Africa:

Benin is called “the Venice of Africa.” There has a group of villages floating in a lake.

No#19: World’s largest archaeological structure:

The walls of Benin are the World’s largest archaeological structure which is also the biggest man-made structure.

No#20: Home of Royal palace:

Abomey was the capital of the Dahomey kingdom. The royal palace Abomey which is a group of 12 palaces, is situated in southern Benin.

No#21: “You the insulting word”:

Beninese call ‘Yovo’ to white people, which makes white people feel insulted but actually, it is not.

Famous People from Benin

No#22: Famous artist:

The famous artist Angelique Kidjo who made popular African songs in the West, is from Benin.

No#23: The gas price is high.

The gas price is high in West Africa; petrol stations are rare also. People like to buy cheap gas from the black market.

No#24: The taboo of using hand:

Using left hand for eating or greeting is taboo in Benin.

No#25: The birth rate:

The birth rate is so high in Benin, about five children per woman.

No#26: A few Internet users:

Only 4.5% of people can use and access the internet.

No#27: The low Literacy rate:

The literacy rate is only 38.4% in Benin. Due to illiteracy levels, they believe in superstition.

No#28: Shaking hands shows respect:

It reflects on respect to shake everyone’s hand while entering or leaving the room.

No#29: One International Airport:

Benin has only one International Airport in Cotonou city.

No#30: Ways to prevent inflammation:

Beninese use their winter jackets in summer to prevent extreme heat.

No#31: National park:

Benin has only two National parks for recreation.

No#32: Land for forest and agriculture:

There has 40% land for forest and 35% for agriculture in Benin.

No#33: Carved wood collection:

One of the largest wood collections is found in Benin.

Historical Facts of Benin

No#34: The open-air market in town:

An open-air market is common in African towns. Benin has at least one open-air market in every town.

No#35: Home to Fulani herders:

Benin is home to Fulani, who is the largest and most universal nomadic pastoralist community.

No#36: Symbol the color of the flag:

The flag of Benin consists of 3 colors. The yellow color stands for wealth; green symbolizes hope and revival, and red for courage.

No#37: Shelter for lion:

The remaining largest number of lions in West Africa has been sheltered in the W-Arly-Pendjari of Benin.

No#38: The major concern is AIDS:

AIDS is the main problem in this country which is pressuring the health care system.

No#39: The largest ecosystem:

The Pendjari National park, Benin, is home to the biggest complete ecosystem in west Africa.

No#40: Age of marriage:

At the age of 15, women can get married and at 18 for men.

Importance Fact for Benin

No#41: Education in Benin:

There are 61.6% of people above 15 years old who are uneducated.

No#42: Symbols of Benin:

Leopard is the National animal of Benin.

No#43: “Brotherhood, justice,work” is the motto of Benin:

On the old flag of the kingdom of Benin, there is a nude man removing the head of the other man.

No#44: Customs:

Beninese believe that albinos have mystical power. Eating a piece of their body is said to have supernatural properties.

No#45: Language:

Naturally, Fon and Yoruba are spoken by inhabitants of Benin, but the official language is French.

No#46: The crime rate:

The crime rate of this country is lower than other west African countries, but theft is an issue, so generally, house owners recruit a night watchman.

No#47: Weather:

The southern part of this country produces more herbage than the other parts because of heavy rainfall.

No#48: Famous food:

Benin people enjoy to eat tomatoes, beans, Rice and also couscous; significant staple items. Some favorite Fruits in the local including mandarin oranges, kiwifruit, avocados, bananas, pineapples, peanuts.

In northern Benin Yams are the root staples, and also served with tomato sauces or peanut.

No#49: Clothing style:

“Benin traditional clothing they are like to wear; it’s called ‘bomba.’bomba is a Famous traditional garb for Male and female.

 Local Benin men’s like to wear loose tunic shirt, long tunic shirt, with loose trousers. “Pagne” means women wrap skirt clothing & loose top just nice

If you expect to see a combination of land, gulf, lakes, sandy coastal plains, rivers, forest, rocky hills, and if you are an animal lover also, then you should plan a trip for Benin. We can assure you that the information which we provided will help you to have a great little adventure.


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