Fun Facts about Blueberries that You Should Known

42 Fun Facts about Blueberries that You Should Known

Super food Blueberries are commonly known as the country’s favorite berry. July is the month of National Blueberry. We are glad to dedicate a whole month to our favorite Blueberries.

This delicious, nutritious fruits have different fabulous facts on the internet. For our daily truck on food research, we’ve to stumble some popular fun facts about blueberries!

Continue reading to pop up all the Fun Facts about Blueberries that we’ve shared below.

Scientific classification of Blueberries | Information

Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids
Order: Ericales
Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Vaccinium
Section: Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus
– Source: Wikipedia

Fun Facts about Blueberries – did you know?

Healthy super food:

Surprisingly, a big handful (1/2 a cup) of blueberry gives only 44 calories and offers 2 grams of dietary fiber and almost 10% vitamin C content of your daily suggested. Blueberries are also free of gluten. They make your brain function better.

health facts about blueberries

Antioxidant benefits:

Among more than40 fresh vegetables & fruits, Blueberries ranked top position in antioxidant health benefits concerns.

Naturally blue:

Surprisingly, blueberry is the only food with a truly naturally blue color. “anthocyanin” is The pigment which makes blueberries distinctive color. This pigment also gives the blueberry awesome health benefits.

Over 13,000 years:

Blueberries are popularly taken by people for over 13,000 years.

blueberry history facts

Facts of North America:

Blueberries are native species fruits to North America with a colorful history taken out k to pre-colonial periods. Before colonists coming from Europe, blueberry was brought here for centuries.

Until the 1930s, high bush species were not found in Europe.

Star fruits:

Genus Vaccinium- The blueberry is most of the only industrially available fruits to North America. Indigenous peoples of North America called Blueberries “star fruits.”

As Blueberries have the five-pointed star shape, they call this so.


One blueberry hedge can produce over 6,000 blueberries per year.

Largest blueberry region:

British Columbia is considered the world’s largest blueberry growing region; the US, Chile & Canada ranks top three. Canada’s top exported fruit is blueberries.

Presently, Maine has become the largest blueberries producer.

The silvery sheen of blueberries:

The “bloom” or silvery sheen on the skin of blueberries is a totally natural compound to protect the fruit. So only wash blueberries whenever you are going to eat them. You should keep blueberries in the refrigerator for up to 10 days and keep blueberries fresh.

Pure color:

A perennial flowering herb, blueberry has pure indigo-colored.

Varieties of blueberry:

Approximately almost 30 kinds of blueberry grow all over the world. But

In the United States there are five kinds of blueberry grown such as lowbush, southern highbush, northern highbush, half-high & rabbiteye.

Usually, Blueberries are crushed shrubs; size may vary from (3.9 in) 10 centimeters to (13 ft) 4 meters in height.

Blueberry flowers:

Usually, the Blueberry flowers are bell-shaped, pale pink, white, or red, or tinged greenish sometimes.

Sell method:

Fresh Blueberries are sold or sometimes processed as quick frozen fruit, juice, purée, or infused or dried berries. Blueberries can be used in different types of consumer goods, like jams, jellies, blueberry pies, snack foods, muffins, or as breakfast cereals.

Blueberry wine:

From the blueberry’s flesh and skin, Blueberry wine is made; first, it is fermented, and then developed.

Contribution of Florida:

As the first state, Florida brings blueberries to market every year. Blueberries season exits in March -April or even May.  This season relies on different factors.

A freeze fruits:

You can keep blueberries on hand as Blueberries can be beautifully frozen. Only 4 minutes is needed for Blueberries to get frozen.

Belly fat burn:

It is clinically proven that Blueberries help to reduce belly fat. Yup, blueberries themselves fight against belly fat! It helps you to lose weight quickly.

Name origination:

North American indigenous peoples gave the name of blueberries.

Another disease:

Scientifically, it is proven that Blueberries can fight against Type II Diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and more. More specifically, you should take 150g of blueberries daily to minimize the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Improve memory:

Blueberries have a profound impact on improving your memory.

National Blueberry Pie Day:

April 28 is considered National Blueberry Pie Day.

National Blueberry Muffin Day:

July 11 is celebrated as National Blueberry Muffin Day. Blueberry muffins are popularly taken muffins in America; indeed, it is the state muffin of Minnesota.

National Blueberry Month:

“July” is considered as the American  National Blueberry Month, August in Canada. All over the US and Canada, there are more than 20 blueberry festivals between June and September. You may get out of the sense about too many Blueberry festivals what we say!

Clusters bloom:

Commonly Blueberries bloom in a cluster of different sizes, from a tiny pea to a marble.

Mark fresh Blueberries:

If you see the bloom-white powdery material on Blueberries, remind that these berries are fresh. Bloom helps to save the berries’ juiciness. If you want fresh

Berries don’t wash berries before you’re going to eat.

Blueberries in Michigan State:

In the production of highbush blueberry, Michigan State ranks first, producing more than 100 million pounds of blueberries per capita.

Natural food dye:

Native American colonists legend boiled blueberry with milk to make gray paint, Better Health Foundation’s Fruits & Veggies More Matters campaign discover this report.

“Dusty” color:

“Dusty” color is the indicator of the perfect blueberry. 

Relative of blueberry:

The azalea & rhododendron are relatively the same as the blueberry bush and also the cranberry.

Blueberries in Europe & Australia:

Rarely Blueberries can be found growing in Europe, but recently introducing in Australia.

interesting facts about blueberries

Eye improvement:

Most popularly, blueberries are using in medical terms to improve vision and to solve eye degeneration. In WWI, British Royal Airforce pilots preserve & consume blueberry before their night function, as they trusted it make better their night vision.

Natural Eastertide:

If you boil blueberries for twenty minutes in water, you can use the color liquid after straining as a Natural Eastertide egg coloring.

Blueberry to Iceland & Japan:

Blueberry industry of North American ships over 100 metric tons of fresh blueberries to Iceland each year and over 500 metric tons to Japan. A lot of blueberries!

Easy to grow:

Blueberries are easy to grow; you only need to know their basic needs. Like the azalea, Blueberries require acidic soil.  They can’t bear wet feet, very slight rooted that’s why can’t go, so dry. Blueberries prefer six hours of sunlight per day to grow well; also, they can take late afternoon shade.

Container growing:

Blueberries can easily be adapted to container growing and thrive on a patio or deck.

Partially, blueberries are self-pollinating; to find a greater yield, you should plant two kinds of blueberries that bloom at the same time.

Blueberry stains:

If your fingers & tongue become purple after eating blueberries, that staining must be useful, as all kinds of blueberry stains are not bad.

The Heaviest Blueberry:

Almost 11.28g (0.4 oz) weighed blueberry make the Guinness World Record on July 19, 2018, in Lima, Peru. The blueberry was over 1.35 inches in diameter.

Group of blueberries:

Blueberries have two groups:

  • The industrial,
  • And the wild.

Other groups of blueberries are: highbush and lowbush.

You will commonly find highbush in grocery stores. The lowbush is very sweet in the test but smaller.

Wild love to blueberries:

The present blueberry is an invention of the 20th-century. Before this time, wild animals enjoy blueberries more!

Birds love to take blueberries. Here Netting is also important; Deer also love blueberries. Fencing is essential if there a lot of deer around your blueberries garden.

Pick the darkest berries:

Always pick the darkest one. The deep color blueberry is enriched with more vitamins, antioxidants, and medicinal perks!

Formal state fruit:

New Jersey announced the blueberry as formal state fruit, and also Minnesota announced the blueberry muffin as its formal state muffin.

“Blueberries” poem:

Robert Frost, an American poet, wrote a poem about his beloved blueberries simply named “Blueberries.”

Truly Blueberries are a portion of amazing food, nutritious, also Delicious. Hence   Let us know if we missed any fun blueberry facts; we love to enrich our list with your thought.

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