Interesting Fun Facts about El Salvador

54 Interesting Fun Facts about El Salvador | What is El Salvador Known for?

How well-versed are you about El Salvador? Do you know what is El Salvador famous for? You might not know much about this country if you don’t personally visit the country.

Wondering what is so special to know about this nation? In this article, we are going to tell you many interesting and fun facts about El Salvador. After learning all the vibrant facts, you will surprise and wish you should know them earlier. Just read on!

Quick Information for El Salvador

Official Name: Republic of El Salvador
Capital City: San Salvador
Population: 6,481,102
Area: 21,041 sq km
Languages: Spanish, Nawat
Time Zone: UTC-6 (Central Time Zone)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Interesting Fun Facts about El Salvador that Nobody Knows

What is El Salvador Known for?

No#1: Smallest American country

El Salvador is Central America’s smallest country with just 21,000 sq km coverage area.

No#2: Most densely American

Though it is a small country, it is the most densely American country with approximately 7 million people —in each square kilometer, around 313 people live.

No#3: More than 20 volcanoes

In El Salvador, there are more than 20 volcanoes, and two of them are currently active among them.

No#4: Full name of the country

The full name of the country is”Provincia De Nuestro Señor Jesus Cristo, El Salvador Del Mundo,” which was letter shortened for easy pronunciation.

No#5: No Caribbean coastline

El Salvador is one of few countries globally where you will not see any Caribbean coastline.

No#6: Spanish

Salvadorans use Spanish as the mother tongue since it is their national language.

No#7: Tropical weather

El Salvador is mainly a tropical weather-based country with two weather conditions: the dry season (November-April) and the rainy season (May-October).

No#8: Independency

On September 15, 1821, El Salvador earned the title of a freedom nation from Spain.

No#9: 64% lives in urban areas

Urban areas are home to 64 percent of the population in El Salvador.

Important Facts about El Salvador

No#10: Third Biggest economy in Central America

After Costa Rica and Panama, El Salvador is the third biggest economy in Central America, with a 24.78 billion GDP value in 2020.

No#11: 75,000 civilians died

From 1980 to 1992, a bloody civil war took the lives of more than 75,000 people.

No#12: More 86% are from Mestizo 

More than 86% of people belong to the Mestizo ethnic group, while around 13% have come of pure European descent.

No#13: Warm people

The people of El Salvador are warm-hearted, sincere, affectionate, and friendly.

Cool Facts about El Salvador

No#14: Famous coffee

Coffee grown in the country’s western regions is well-known across the globe.

No#15: Highest point of El Salvador

The highest point of El Salvador is the Cerro El Pital (2,730 meters height)—it is one of the most renowned tourist attraction spots, and also it is the coldest place in El Salvador.

No#16: Largest earthquake 

On January 13, 2001, the biggest recorded earthquake occurred; it measured around 8 on the Richter scale and resulted in a tsunami.

No#17: Tourist sector

For El Salvador, a significant proportion of earnings comes from the tourist sector, which has become popular recently.

No#18: 89.01% Literacy rate

The literacy rate of El Salvador was around 89.01% in 2018. The males’ literacy rate is slightly higher than the females in El Salvador.

No#19: 300 rivers

There are more than 300 rivers in El Salvador —out of them, the Rio Lempa is the most well-known.

El Salvador Geography Facts

No#20: 1278 mountains

El Salvador has a total of 1278 named mountains. Cerro El Pita and Chaparrastique are the two most popular mountains in the country.

No#21: More than 800 animal species

El Salvador has more than 800 animal species—there are many rare butterflies and birds among the species.

What is El Salvador Famous for

No#22: Most popular places

  • The Ancient Ruins Of Joya de Ceren
  • Ruins Of Tazumal
  • The City Of San Salvador
  • The Spectacular Lake Of Coatepeque
  • The Great Volcano Of Santa Ana

No#23: Nation dish

Pupusa is the national dish of El Salvador, which is made from rice flour or cornflour along with some cheese, chicharrón, tomato, salsa, and coleslaw.

No#24: The highest homicide rate in 2015

In 2015, 100 people were murdered for every 100,000 Salvadorans, which ranked the highest murder rate in that year globally.

No#25: Traditional clothing

Women’s traditional dress is a blouse and skirt, while males wear a cotton suit, cotton shirt, and jeans.

El Salvador Culture Facts

No#26: Most popular festivals

  • Palm Festival
  • Balls of Fire Festival
  • San Miguel Carnival
  • Holy Week

No#27: Especial birthday for girls

In El Salvador, when young girls reach their 15th birthday, it is considered a special birth and is celebrated warmly.

No#28: No lilies or marigold!

It is unacceptable to gift lilies or marigold flowers to any occasion or birthday party as they are used at funerals.

No#29: Never arrive on time!

If any Salvadorans are invited to their home for dinner or any special occasion, you should plan to arrive slightly later than the time specified.

No#30: Leaving foods

According to El Salvador culture, leaving a bit of food on your plate after you have finished eating is a sign of politeness.

No#31: No unwanted sayings

It is always said what you said can’t be backed. Salvadorans are very sensitive to comments or action; hence, you need to think wisely before saying anything offensive.

No#32: Flor De Izote

Flor de izote is the national flower of El Salvador, which is eatable with different dishes.

No#33: National sport

Football is the national sport of El Salvador; they also have a national football association.

No#34: Average monthly salary

The average monthly salary for a Salvadoran is around 1,710 USD, but the highest monthly salary is approximately 7,610 USD based on the profession.

No#35: Only 5.8% of forest

El Salvador ranks second in Latin America in terms of deforestation with only 5.8% forest.

No#36: Only 3 beaches

There are only 3 beaches in this small country: Los Blancos, San Marcelino, and Costa del Sol.

No#37: 4 National parks

El Salvador has 4 national parks where you can see the raw picture of nature.

No#38: Huge phone density

El Salvador is one of the top countries with a huge phone density — 125 per 100 people!

No#39: US dollar currency

In El Salvador, the US dollar is the official currency as it is part of Central America.

Weird Fact for El Salvador

No#40: First name for family and friends

People of El Salvador use only the initial to call their friends and family.

No#41: Guests are served first

 While eating any dish or meal, the first to be served are the guests.

El Salvador History Facts

No#42: No Olympic medal

Unfortunately, El Salvador doesn’t even win a single Olympic medal till now.

No#43: Less Cultivable lands 

More than 50% of lands are most terrifyingly inappropriate for food production.

No#44: Free education

In El Salvador, the residents get free education till the 9th grade.

No#45: San Salvador

San Salvador is El Salvador’s most populous city, which is also their capital. It is the center of education, politics, finance, and culture in the nation.

No#46: Indigo cultivation

There are only a few countries cultivating indigo currently, and El Salvador is one of them.

No#47: USA residents

According to several studies, around 3 million Salvadorans live in the USA.

No#48: Two neighboring countries

There are only two neighboring countries with El Salvador: Honduras and Guatemala.

No#49: The biggest sports stadium in Central America

The Cuscatlan Stadium is the biggest sports stadium in Central America, which can accommodate around 45,000 Salvadorans.

No#50: Hammocks are common in El Salvador

In El Salvador, nearly every single residence has a hammock hung on the veranda —they also export a huge number of hammocks every year.

No#51: Most popular foods

  • Pupusas
  • Sopa de pata
  • Quesadilla Salvadorena
  • Fresco de ensalada

No#52: Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington is an American movie star who was born in El Salvador.

No#53: Cheap travel destination

If you plan to visit a low-cost country, El Salvador can be your ultimate option as you need only $40-$50 per day.

No#54: A popular place for surfers

El Salvador is a popular destination for surfers due to its tides and waves.


Although El Salvador is a small Central American country, there is a slew of other interesting facts about El Salvador to be discovered. The more fun facts about El Salvador you discover, the more twisting it becomes. If you know any additional thing about the country, you are cordially welcomed to share with us.

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