Funny Facts About Idaho | What is Idaho Famous for?

40+ Cool & Funny Facts About Idaho | What is Idaho Famous for?

Funny Facts About Idaho: Fortunately, our interest pushes us one step further than your imagination about Idaho. “Idaho,” hearing this name, if you stuck in only placid lakes, towering pine trees, and delicious potatoes, then your sense in incomplete represent Idaho.

Although these wonderful are incomplete to mean Idaho, it is enriched with tons of interesting factoids scattered through its history & culture.

Here, we offer you a list of 44 Fun facts about the great potato state of Idaho. Once the reading is done, surely you’ll be more desperate to visit and explore Idaho by yourself.

Fast Facts | Idaho Facts and Information

Official Name: Idaho State
Capital City: Boise
Population: 1,787,065 (2019)
Area: 83,569 sq mi (216,443 km2)
Official Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
(Source: Wikipedia)

What is Idaho Famous for?

44 Funny Facts About Idaho You Should Sense

Let’s dig out Interesting Facts about Idaho state

No#1: How name come?

The state’s name originated from a local American word that means “the land of many waters.” The pronunciation of this word is similar to the state’s name.

No#2: The nickname “the Gem State”

As a huge variety of gems are found in Idaho, this state gained the nickname “the Gem State.” You will find many different gemstones in enormous quantities.

Almost 72 sorts of semi-precious & precious gemstones have been got here. Hence, the quantity of diverse gems isn’t the only cause to pay worship to Idaho’s mining task.

No#3: The Mountain Bluebird

The Mountain Bluebird adds extra beauty and uniqueness in the skies of our grand state Idaho. Among thousands of sorts of birds Mountain Bluebird is very uncommon.

You will see this bird while ride across the Sawtooths or hike through the Cascades. It’s an official symbol of beautiful Idaho; they live from berries and insects.

No#4: The Star Garnet

The Star Garnet is a precious beautiful rock, a scattered part of the garnet family. Except for Idaho & India Star Garnet found hardly around the world. It is a purplish gem that can use in much fabrication, from raw to jewelry.

Fun Facts about Idaho

No#5: Lowest obesity rate

In the country, Idaho belongs 2nd lowest obesity rate, fixed with Florida, then 2nd to Oregon.

No#6: Our secret Potatoes!

Manifestly our state grows almost one-third of America’s potatoes. But probably the people outside living the state take mush of these pompous vegetables than Idaho’s.

No#7: Potato Museum!

Potato Museum of Idaho in Blackfoot includes the world’s biggest potato chip. Favor a Pringle, reported (25*14) inches.

Cool Facts about Idaho

Since 1928, the potato was also included on an Idaho license plate, now you can quickly identify based on their license plate.

No#8: A strange adoration

A strange adoration by a mayor seemed very noticeable for his little town in Idaho. He announced that Wallace, as the Center of the Universe with a people of 800. As a sign of his declaration, a manhole cover was built, and the point he declared was the center.

No#9: “The Lentil Capital”

Besides potatoes, Idaho farms other crops; actually, this state is called the world’s Lentil Capital. It is also well renowned for having one of the biggest hops farms in the U.S.

No#10: The capital city

 Boise, the capital city, was named in the early 1800s while French-Canadian trappers came and were so surprised to view the river & forest they screamed, “Les bois! Les bois!”

No#11: Border sharing

Idaho splits a border with Montana, Canada, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and Washington.

No#12: Trout!

Also, Idaho offers most of the nation’s trout.

No#13: Only blue football field

Broncos, The State University of Boise, plays on the only blue football field in the world, called The Smurf Turf.

Interesting Facts about Idaho

No#14: The largest hops farm

Idaho is the birthplace of the world’s largest hops farm.  Elk Mountain Farms cultivates hops for the parent company on 1,800 acres of land.

No#15: Hells Canyon

With an interesting name, “Hells Canyon,” Idaho State is well known for having this canyon. It is 7,900 feet deep. Remind that this “Hells Canyon” is more profound than the Grand Canyon.

Heaven’s Gate is high up the canyon; looking there, you can see the whole state of Idaho & the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana.

No#16: “Breaking Bad “Aaron Paul

You may hear the name of Aaron Paul, famous for “Breaking Bad,” though he is in New Mexico; he was born and grown up in Emmett, Idaho.

No#17: Ghost towns

The Burke, Silver City, and Custer are some of Idaho’s many ghost towns.

Weird Facts Idaho

No#18: Fosbury Flop-high jumping technique

Dick Fosbury invented a high jumping technique called The Fosbury Flop in Ketchum in high school.

No#19: Alpine chairlift

In Sun Valley in 1936, the world’s first alpine chairlift was applied for 25 cents per ride.

No#20: River area

Idaho covers almost 3,100 miles of rivers, which is more than any other state in the U.S.

What is Idaho Famous for

No#21: Snake River

All over Idaho, the Snake River travels.

No#22: Niagara of the West

Idaho’s Shoshone Falls is called the Niagara of the West; it flows 212 feet outfox the Niagara Falls by 45 feet.

No#23: American Falls

The whole city of American Falls, in 1925 Idaho, was transferred to create a way for the American Falls dam.

No#24: Fishing interesting law

Fishing interesting law is that seat on the back of a giraffe, or a camel is totally illegal in Idaho. For elk hunting & fishing Idaho is famous.

No#25: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” – a famous novel

The open look and mountain life of Idaho inspire Ernest Hemingway to write his renowned novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolled in 1939.

No#26: Candy exciting law

You can give your sweetheart a box of candy more than 50 pounds; this goes against the law in Idaho.

No#27: Human-made geyser

Soda Springs is the biggest human-made geyser.

No#28: The state seal

Idaho is the only state in the country that designed its state seal by a woman.

No#29: Bra tree- a tradition

As a tradition, there is a bra tree in Idaho; women throw their bras from the chair lift. That’s why the tree name is given the Brundage Bra Tree; it is located ski resort in McCall, Idaho.

Idaho Facts and Information

No#30: Smiling face

In Pocatello, without making your face smile, you can’t see to others it’s against the law. Fortunately, everywhere, for emo kids, the law’s not applied.

No#31: Underground hot springs

The statehouse in Boise, including a dozen of the state’s buildings, is geothermally warmed up by Idaho’s sunken hot springs.

No#32: Floating golf course

The golf course of Coeur D’Alene Resort is the first refuge floating golf course.

No#33: Horseshoe-shaped city

New Plymouth is considered the world’s biggest horseshoe-shaped city.

No#34: The prolonged main street

In the USA, Island Park has the prolonged Main Street almost 35 miles long.

No#35: Annual Spud Day

Since 1927 Annual Spud Day has been celebrated in Shelley.

What is Idaho Known for

No#36: Oldest brick church:

Saint Stanislaus’s oldest brick church is in Rathdrum, Idaho.

No#37: National Forest

President Theodore Roosevelt established the Caribou National Forest in 1907. Now it covers almost 1 million acres.

No#38: The Winter Carnival

 In McCall, Idaho, the Winter Carnival began in 1924 by Cory Engen, Olympic ski champion, to prevent boredom in wintertime.

No#39: The oldest building

Still standing oldest building situated in the Silver Valley, Cataldo Mission in the state of Idaho.

No#40: First territorial prison

The first territorial prison opened in 1872, Idaho. Currently, this place is under the National Register of Historic Places, and after removing the last prisoners converted into a public facility in 1974.

No#41: Fire lookout

The top fire lookout is on high of Trinity Peak at 9,500 feet in Idaho.

No#42: State symbol

  • Motto: Esto Perpetua.
  • Slogan: Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.
  • Flower: Mock Orange.
  • Bird: Mountain Bluebird.
  • Tree: Western White Pine.
  • Fish: Cutthroat trout.
  • Mammal: Appaloosa horse.
  • Foods: Huckleberry, Potato.

No#43: Famous people

  • Lana Turner – Actress.
  • Ezra Pound – Poet
  • Joseph Albertson – inventor of Albertson’s grocery stores.
  • Picabo Street – Olympic gold medal.

No#44: Famous locations

  • Some of the famous locations are,
  • Shoshone Falls,
  • Lake Coeur d’ Alene,
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument,
  • Bear River Massacre Historic Site,
  • Sun Valley Resort.

Currently Idaho’s fastest-growing state in the U.S. with unique beauty & history Idaho you must puzzle.

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