Interesting & Funny Facts about Nevada that Nobody Know

Most 21 Interesting & Funny Facts about Nevada that Nobody Know

With lots of interesting facts, there is something special to know about Nevada State. If you think to know “The Battle-Born State” here is the 25 interesting facts about Nevada state. That will provide clear information about the state.

There are lots interesting information with its Geography, Historical places, Casinos, Resorts, and Legal rules. That makes it one of the most popular state in the nation. Let’s try to discover them.

Fast Facts | Things about Nevada

Name: Nevada (A State of USA)
Capital City: Carson City
Population: 3,080,156[2019]
Area: 110,577 sq mi (286,382 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−08:00 (Pacific)
(Source: Wikipedia)

21 Most Fun Facts about Nevada State

What is Nevada Known for

With vast of land area, Nevada holds a number of fun facts. You may think “What’s the fun fact of Nevada?” Let’s invent them through the article. Here you will find “What’s Nevada famous for?” and “What’s Nevada’s Nickname?”

So start the journey with Nevada.

No#1: Nevada is the driest state in the nation

As the records of United States, Nevada gets almost 7 inches rainfall each year. That makes it the Driest State in the Nation.

No#2: Nevada is the Battle-Born State

Battle-Born is the Nickname of Nevada. The state is well-known as the name and it is included on the state flag.

It is also popular as “The Sagebrush state” and “Silver State”. These also are the nickname of this state.

Interesting Facts about Nevada

No#3: Nevada is “Nev-ADD-ah”

You may think Nevada is pronounced as “Nev-AH-Dah”. Though it is acknowledged to all this is wrong. It will be pronounced as “Nev-ADD-ah”. So be careful.

No#4: In Nevada, the Kangaroo Rat help to prevent Desertification

In Nevada’s Death Valley, the Kangaroo Rat doesn’t drink a single water drop in his entire life. They pass whole life without drinking the water. May it is small effort to prevent desertification of Nevada. Really that’s very interesting Facts of Nevada.

No#5: Nevada is the Number 1 Gold producer in United States

Nevada supply major quantity of Gold in the world. After South Africa, it is the 2nd producer in the World and number one producer of the nation.

Although California is well-known as the Gold State Nevada supply more Gold than any other state.

What is Nevada Famous for

No#6: Las Vegas contains more hotel room than anywhere of World

There are almost 150,000 hotel rooms available in Las Vegas. The city is ready to receive over 40 Million tourists at a time. This is the place in our planet with large number of hotel room.

No#7: Las Vegas, Nevada is the Biggest Consumer of Shrimp

On average, the city consumes more than 60,000 pounds of shrimp in a single Day. This is the largest number for state among the 50 state of this union.

No#8: The Hoover Dam is one of most famous tourist attraction in this state

Hoover Dam is made with total of 3.25 million cubic yards concrete. That’s enough to make a highway from the West Coast (San Fransisco) to East Coast (New York). This is the largest public works projects in United States history.

During the construction, Hard Hats invented specially for the Workers of Hoover Dam.

Now the Hoover Dam became one of the most famous and attractive tourist attractions in the nation.

No#9: Nevada gets the name from Spanish Word

The Origin of Nevada name is “Snow-Covered”. This is a Spanish Word. A proverb goes for this name “Nevada got the name cause of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range”.

But it takes the Word cause of most areas of Nevada are snow-covered.

No#10: Nevada has the variety of nature

Nevada holds a large number of areas of united states. The state is embodied with variety of land and weather. Most areas are snow-covered; others are dry. Although most of areas are snow-covered the state is completely desert.

No#11: Blue Jeans (Levis) were invented in this state

In the very first of jeans history, Tailor Jacob Davis invented the Blue Jeans (Levis). He invented this invention based by Reno.

No#12: There is no lottery in this state

Nevada is one of only seven state in the nation there is no lottery.

No#13: It is more popular state to visit

With lots of tourist spot, Casino, and the Hoover Dam, Nevada is one of the most populous state in the Union. More than 40 million tourist visits the state each year.

Cool Facts about Nevada

No#14: Winnemucca is the sunniest towns in Nevada

With an average of 201 sunny days in a single year, Winnemucca is the sunniest towns in the nation. 

Funny Facts Nevada State

No#15: It’s illegal having Sex without a Condom

There is a legal rule to having sex in Nevada. It’s illegal to having sex without a condom. You should use a condom while you are having sex with other women except your wife.

No#16: It’s restricted to drive a camel on Highway of Nevada

It’s illegal to ride camels on any highway of Nevada State. There is another road and path to ride the camel on this state.

Weird Facts about Nevada

No#17: There is no Sex toy in Reno

It’s strictly illegal to exchange sex toys in Reno, Nevada. There is no sex toy in this city.

No#18: It’s still legal to hang someone for shoot your Dog

There is a strict legal rule about dogs. Whether, someone shoots your dog, he will be hanging.

No#19: It’s illegal to gamble in Las Vegas, Nevada

In Las Vegas, Nevada it is considered as illegal to gamble. Everyone must follow the rules otherwise he will face the law of Nevada State.

No#19: Nevada has a plenty of man-made glory

The people of Nevada are very conscious about their natural beauty. Though it is the driest state ever, they try to create some pretty scene in this state.

There are around 44,000 acres of man-made reservoirs, 23 wilderness areas and more than 2,000 miles of streams are available here.

That’s really cool facts of Nevada State and it is a inspiration things for the world.

No#20:  It is home to the Tallest Observation Tower in the Nation

The Stratosphere tower is situated at Nevada. That is the tallest free-standing observation tower in United States.

It is almost 1149 ft high from ground that contain total of 2,427 rooms and 80,000 square feet gaming space.

Nevada History Facts

No#20:  Nevada Allows Boxing in very first of the World

In 1910, Nevada allowed boxing. This is the only U.S state that allowed boxing in very first of boxing history.

No#21: It is home to the third deepest lake in the nation

Though Nevada is a dry state there is the deepest lake in the state. Lake Tahoe is the 3rd

deepest lake in U.S. This is really incredible facts about the Silver State.


With lots of fun facts about Nevada, we made a short article of The Silver State. If you can find another funny and interesting facts of Nevada you should share to us. We will include this one and make it pretty cool.

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