Fun Facts About North Carolina | What is North Carolina Known for?

40 Fun Facts About North Carolina | What is North Carolina Known for?

Are you know What is North Carolina Known for? With a rich & long history, North Carolina is the twelfth state of our country with numerous unique, exciting & fun facts.

From rolling mountains, sandy beaches, bustling cities, famous people to strange places, North Carolina has a vast secret you may not know.

It’s no surprise that this state secret goes a bit uncovered to even many knowledgeable natives. Here we are enlisting more than 45 random, interesting & fun facts about North Carolina to make you surprise.

Fast Facts | Major Information of NC

Official Name: Province of North-Carolina
Capital City: Raleigh
Population: 10,488,084 (2019)
Area: 53,819 sq mi (139,390 km2)
Languages: English[6]
Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (Eastern)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting & Fun Facts About North Carolina To Make You Surprise

What is North Carolina Known for?

How name gets

Following the name of King Charles I of England, North Carolina State was named. Charles is from the Latin word “Carolus.”  


The nickname “Tar Heel State” originates from where it is quite unknown to all. However, some think it comes while North Carolina was a holding maker in tar for naval ships.

Possibly the nickname stems from laborers fortuitously stepping in the tar and then going it on their heels by walking.

The first man-powered flight

Successfully first man-powered flight occurred close to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903. This is the achievement of the Wright Brothers’ that helped build modern air travel the wonder it is now.

Oldest public university

Interesting Facts about unc Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest university in the country, founded in 1789.Today, over 29,000 students applied each semester from here.

Sweet potatoes

Almost half of the sweet potatoes are produced & sold around North Carolina, the largest producer. Approximately 50,000 acres process sweet potatoes each year, mostly in the state’s eastern & central part.

North Carolina Fun Facts

Largest furniture maker

Nearly 60 percent of forests cover North Carolina, creating timber a crucial natural resource & becoming one of the country’s largest furniture makers.

The Atlantic graveyard

You must have to very careful if you get a ship off Cape Hatteras. Over 1,000 ships crashed, lost, or disappeared off Cape Hatteras. It is in the Hatteras Island, one of the Outsider Banks blockade islands.

For Eastern seaboards hurricanes & tropical storms, this area is so dangerous for ships, also the highest-risk area.

Whitewater falls

In Transylvania County, whitewater falls are located; the sky-high waterfall in the eastern area.

Important Facts About North Carolina

Waterfalls and species of trees

You will find exceedingly 300 waterfalls & almost 120 species of trees in the North Carolina Mountains.

Mount Mitchell

Near Asheville, Mount Mitchell is the highest peak of the east Mississippi, almost 6,684 feet up from sea level.

Weird Facts North Carolina

English child

Virginia Dare’s first English child took birth in the New World in 1587 in Roanoke’s renowned past colony, North Carolina.

Facts about North Carolina Colony

Gold nugget

In 1799 U.S., the first gold nugget was found in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Speedy growing cities

Both Raleigh and Charlotte are among the speedy growing cities in the U.S.

Cool Facts about North Carolina

Ship robbery

The well known pirate Blackbeard looted many ships off North Carolina’s beach before his death on Ocracoke Island in 1718.


In 1898 North Carolina New Bern Pepsi was first invented.

Interesting Facts about NC

The largest home

The Biltmore Estate is the United States largest home, sits in Asheville, North Carolina, having 255 rooms, huge gardens, and a winery.

First home run

On March 7th, 1914, in Fayetteville, Babe Ruth punch his first home run.

Venus flytrap

The Venus Fly Trap is birth in Hampstead, North Carolina. But now you can find it in two American states South Carolina & North Carolina. Unfortunately, this plant is now an endangered plant because of the poachers & shrinking habitat.

Interesting Facts about North Carolina

Cape hatters

The largest lighthouse, Cape Hatteras, moved because of erosion.

“Cherry point”

In Havelock, “Cherry point” is the most significant air camp in the Marine Corps.

North Carolina is Known for

Putt-putt golf course

The world’s first mini-golf or putt-putt golf was made in 1954 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Don Clayton was the maker.

Fontana dam

Fontana Dam, at 480 ft. high, is the highest dam in the Eastern U.S.

Original revolutionary

Some believe North Carolina is the original revolutionary. According to the Mecklenburg announcement of 1775, we stand as the first state to announce freedom from England.

Grandfather Mountain

This is the only world’s private park honored by the U.N. as an International Biosphere Reserve.

Fun Facts about North Carolina for Kids

State art museum and symphony

The first State North Carolina established a state art museum and symphony.


Besides furniture, North Carolina leads brick, tobacco, textile production, cotton, soybeans, hogs, grains, banking, chemicals, paper products, and tourism.

Historical Facts about North Carolina

State symbol

  • State Slogan: First in Flight (on its license plate), A Better Place to be.
  • State Motto: Esse quam videri.
  • State bird: Cardinal.
  • State flower: American Dogwood.
  • State fish: Channel Bass.
  • State mammal: Plott Hound, Eastern Gray Squirrel.
  • State tree: Pine.

State border

  • Georgia,
  • South Carolina,
  • Tennessee,
  • Virginia,
  • The Atlantic Ocean.

Famous natives

North Carolina’s famous natives are.

  • Andy Griffith,
  • Ben E. King,
  • Sugar Ray Leonard,
  • Ava Gardner,
  • Randy Travis,
  • Doc Watson, and
  • Charlie Rose.

Famous Things from North Carolina

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme started in 1937, while Vernon Rudolph introduced a small donut shop in Winston-Salem. Since then, his business has turned into the world’s largest pastry chain.

“Fish Town”

 In early 1700s while Blackbeard was seen on the beach, “Beaufort Town” was founded as a seaport, including the right-taking customs in 1722.

Core Sound Decoy Festival

Annually Harker’s Island organizes the Core Sound Decoy Festival in December.

Seafood Festival

Enjoy Seafood Festival in Morehead City, North Carolina, the first weekend in October each year.

North Carolina Facts for Students

Home to U.S. Presidents

Andrew Jackson, the seventh President, was from the Waxsaws area on the edge of N.C. and S.C. James K. Polk, the eleventh President born in Mecklenburg County, NC.

African-American member

Hiram Rhoades Revels was the first African-American workers of the U.S. Congress, born in Fayetteville in 1822.

State-maintained highway system

North Carolina recently has 77,400 miles of roads, the U.S. largest state-maintained highway system.

Lake area

North Carolina’s lake area is 10 acres with 1,500 lakes or more and 37,000 miles of fresh waterfalls.

North Carolina State Information

Kitty Hawk flight

First Kitty Hawk flight North Carolina in 1903.


Except in the mountains, light Snowfall may fall as much as 50 inches.

Home to dinosaurs

Once, North Carolina was the home to dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals.

Bald Head Island without a car

If you make relax from the hustle-bustle of life, just come straight to the Bald Head Island.  With 14 miles of beaches without the presence of any cars, the Island boasts.

You can pick either bikes or golf carts or o bikes r choose to walk; enjoy the state’s oldest ever standing lighthouse and a fantastic marine life scene.

Wines popularity

Medoc Vineyard, the first commercial winery— was founded in 1835. Yadkin Valley is a famous wine stoppage that attracts thousands of tourists.

Random Facts no one Knows

Famous emeralds

Especially, The North Carolina state is famous for its emeralds. N.C. granted the world The Carolina King, a 310-carat split emerald.

Popular Vicks vapor rub

Greensboro is the home of the popular Vicks vapor rub. A pharmacist Lunsford Richardson applied the rub as a part of treatment for his son’s croup.

Best Things about North Carolina

A little post office

Grimshaw’s Post Office (8*6) in Cashiers was the little Post Office in the U.S.

Hot sauce lover!

If you are a hot sauce lover, Texas Pete is waiting for you; a home for many hot sauce lovers, gained state’s fame for spicy food.

Congratulations! If you’ve had a lot of North Carolina fun facts for one reading, but you can share any extra facts for us if you have. Please inform us in the comments section.

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