What is Oregon Known for? 40+ Important Facts About Oregon

What is Oregon Known for? 40+ Important Facts About Oregon

May you have eyed or heard bits of fantasy regarding the Oregon Trail, but how much do you believe your sense of Oregon’s history, beauty, or fun facts?

Home to best natural marvels enriched with more attractive features to fascinate you. There lie several aspects that make Oregon state a great to live in.

Whether you are thinking of moving or traveling to Oregon? Or it may be your first or twelfth tour to Oregon; here are few quick tidbits to assist you to perceive our picturesque state a little better.

Fast Facts | Important Facts about Oregon

Official Name: Oregon
Capital City: Salem
Population: 4,217,737 (2019)
Area: 98,381 sq mi (254,806 km2)
Official Languages: De facto: Pacific, Northwest English
Time zone: UTC−08:00 (Pacific)
(Source: Wikipedia)

45 Interesting & Fun Facts About Oregon

What is Oregon Known for?

No#1: How got its name

No one can say quite indeed from where the Oregon name comes. It may originate from the last name (the Ouragan) for the Columbia River, a French word meaning hurricane.

No#2: Valentine’s birth

Oregon takes birth on February 14, 1859, so she is for lovers! Valentine’s birth.

No#3: State symbols

  • Nickname: Beaver State.
  • Motto: Alis volat Propriis.
  • State Slogan: We Love Dreamers; Pacific Wonderland; Things Look Different Here.
  • Bird: Western meadowlark.
  • Flower: Oregon grape.
  • Fish: Chinook salmon.
  • Mammal: American beaver.
  • Tree: Douglas fir.
  • Foods: Hazelnut, Pear.

No#4: Water bodies

  • Crater Lake,
  • Columbia River,
  • Upper Klamath Lake,
  • Willamette River,
  • Malheur Lake,
  • The Pacific Ocean,

Cool Facts about Oregon

No#5: “Father of American Cooking”

A famous chef named James Beard is known as the “Father of American Cooking.”

No#6: The deepest lake

Crater Lake’s depth range is almost 2,000 feet that; s why it is known as the deepest lake in the U.S. among the world’s top 10 deepest lakes ever.

Oregon Fun Facts for Kids

No#7: Shortest river

D River records to be the world’s shortest river at 121 feet. Surprisingly, while recording in the Guinness Book, the river had no name, just included as the “shortest river in the world.”

No#8: Famous locations

  • Crater Lake,
  • Beach,
  • Multnomah Falls,
  • Mount Hood,
  • Columbia River Gorge,
  • Willamette National Forest.

No#9: Famous Oregonians

  • Linus Pauling – winner of Nobel Prize chemist.
  • River phoenix- actor
  • Jerry Smith & Ndamukong Suh – football player
  • Tonya Harding- Olympic skater
  • Sally Struthers- actress
  • Courtney love- songwriter

No#10: Mushroom hunting

In Oregon, mushroom hunting is so popular, even a festival for its name “the Estacada Festival of the Fungus.” Huge people go to the state to enjoy mushroom hunting in a bid to get the golden delicacies.

No#11: The world’s biggest mushroom

Oregon is the birthplace of the world’s biggest mushroom; it covers almost 2,200 acres over the Oregon Mountains. It’s guessed to be 2,400 years old.

No#12: Highest barber pole

Oregon records for having the highest barber pole measuring almost 72 feet. In Forest Grove, it is located and built-in 1973 to compete the holder of the record situated in San Antonio.

No#13: Extended land routes

Stretches almost 2,200 miles long, Oregon has the oldest and extended land routes applied while the western expansion.

No#14: Most- crawled mountain

Mount Hood consider as the second most- crawled mountain (Japan’s Mount Fuji). Every year numerous tourists crawl this mountain.

No#15: Height bicyclists

Portland, Oregon marked as having more bicyclists than any other state in America. For its cordial bike zone and having weekly events, citizens revolve around biking.

No#16: No sales tax

While traveling to Oregon, one thing that will definitely touch you that they charge no sales tax on products. There are only five states that do this Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Montana.

No#17: Outstanding flag

Oregon holds an outstanding flag with a different design on every side of its flag. On one side, a golden beaver exits, and on the reverse, the state seal is included.

No#18: Prolonged cheese factory

The world’s prolonged cheese factory is the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which charms many people every year.

You will get too many self-guided tours near the premises and take a sample of their products. It will be easy to pick an array of excellent food products in their gift shop.

No#19: Gorge- deepest river

In North America, the Hell’s Canyon occurs to be a gorge-the deepest river, almost 8,000 feet deep. You will find a great place to explore nature.

No#20: Wooden coins

During the great dejection, North Bend ran wooden coins; it happens after the only bank’s closure in the city. Still, the wooden coins exist and are regarded as legal tender, although mostly held by coin fancier.

No#21: Nike Logo invention

Athletics fans’ are probably out of a sense that the Nike logo originates in Oregon. In 1971 a student of Portland State University designed the logo and later on sold it at $35. However, in the 1980s, she was compensated through the stock.

No#22: Jefferson state

Since 1941, South Oregon has attempted several times to apart from Oregon. Natives recognized themselves as the State of Jefferson also create their flag.

No#23: Boring town

Actually, there’s a town in Oregon called a boring town. Still, the natives have some sense of mollification; it is said as a sister town with the Dull-Scotland town!

Interesting Fact about Oregon

No#24: Microbreweries!

Portland is the birthplace of the highest number of microbreweries in the whole world. It has almost 60 significant breweries; you will enjoy significantly being a lover of a pint; tasting the craft beers also available here.

No#25: Fires in capitol building

In 1855 & again in 1935, the Capitol building engulfed fires two times located in Salem.

No#26: Official state nut

Surprisingly Oregon is the only state having hazelnut as an official state nut.

No#27: City of Roses

Portland is renowned as the rose city.

Things Oregon is Known for

No#28: World-record-capital Park

Mill Ends Park (452 square-inch) was granted as the tiny urban park in 1971by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is in a median strip in core city Portland, nominated as a city park in 1948.

No#29: Full-service state

In the U.S., New Jersey &Oregon are two states having no self-serve gas stations.

No#30: Popular lighthouses

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is the most photographed nation’s lighthouse in Oregon. Along Oregon’s rugged beach, nine lighthouses exit, still five are in use!

No#31: Vote by mail

As the first state, Oregon operates all elections by mail. Colorado & Washington operates state-wide and then national elections by mail.

No#32: Spooky Oregon

Only in Oregon has exceedingly 250 ghost towns, which is more than any other state!

No#33: Barber pole

Forest Grove is the birthplace of the world’s top barber pole. In 1973 72-foot white & red striped pole was built to respect the barbershop quartet competition that occurred in the city.

No#34: Oregon’s topsoil

In the United States, Oregon is well known for having mostly diverse & abundant ecosystems. But Willamette Valley’s enriched topsoil, famous for producing hazelnuts, renowned pinot noir, and much technically others.

At the finishing point of the last ice age, the cataclysmic Missoula Floods carried these rich topsoils to the Willamette Valley.

No#35: Wintering bald eagles

You will find the wintering bald eagles in the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

No#36: Washington Park

Portland offers you a bevy of lovely parks and gardens, entices with explorations of fun at the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Children’s Museum. This park is best for hiking trails.

No#37: Mount Hood national forest

Mount Hood is a remarkable landmark in Oregon with a top rising to 11,239 feet, creating it the highest mountain,

No#38: Astoria

On the Oregon northwest side, abutting the Pacific Ocean & the Columbia River, Astoria is a wonderful seaside town with inspiring surroundings.

No#39: One-way streets

Eugene was considered the first town to have one-way streets.

No#40: The Coast Douglas-Fir

The Coast Douglas-Fir is counted as the tallest tree in Oregon, almost 329 feet.

No#41: “Oregon Pioneer” statue

On the capitol building’s tops, The “Oregon Pioneer” statue is seated, worked by Ulric Ellerhusen. This statue bears the spirit of Oregon’s pro settlers.

No#42: Carousel horses

The Carousel Museum holds the most comprehensive & world’s most enormous bevy of carousel horses.

No#43: “Rhododendron capital.”

Florence is called as rhododendron capital of Oregon.

No#44: Seaside aquarium

This was the world’s first facility to multiply harbor seals in custody successfully.

No#45: Whistling underwater

In Portland, people are banned from whistling underwater.

So, what facts do you enjoy?  If you sense other facts, don’t hesitate to share with us, left your valuable comment below.

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