50+ Unique Fun facts about Puerto Rico

50+ Unique Fun facts about Puerto Rico | What are known for?

With the pack of outstanding seashore and year-round sunlight, a mini Caribbean island, Puerto Rico attracts travelers from all over the place. Until now Puerto Rico is a region of the United States, residents are citizens of America, and travelers from America can go in for the Island without taking a passport. Nor do U.S. vacationers require global calling plans for his or her phones.

The island is thought of for its stunning seashores and Spanish Caribbean lifestyle with a twist of America. Bright, colorful houses line the coast, whilst American fast-meals chains may be observed in large towns like San Juan.

But after you appearance past the perfect tropical situation, you’ll discover all varieties of unexpected and captivating statistics that variety from historic stages to quirky info and herbal wonders.

 Cool and unrevealed facts of Puerto Rico

what are puerto ricans known for

Puerto Rico is a thrilling combination of cultures with a wealthy history. Here we gather some fun facts about Puerto Rico that might be unrevealed to you.


The capital name of the state is San Juan.


There are around 3.5 million people living here.


“Island of Enchantment” is the nickname of Puerto Rico.

Original name:

The original name of the region is “San Juan Bautista.”

Name origination:

It is said that in 1493, Christopher Columbus reached on the island and he called it San Juan Batista following St. John the Baptist.

Admit on Union:

After the Spanish-American War, in 1898, Puerto Rico turned into a U.S. region.

Key cities:

Bayamón, Caguas, Carolina, Ponce, & San Juan are the key cities of the island.


Major industries of Puerto Rico are Finance, Manufacturing, real estate, tourism.


The official languages of the region are English and Spanish.


U.S Dollar is used as the currency of Puerto Rico.


The island has 78 counties and they are known as “municipios” or municipalities

Requirement of passport:

Any visitors from the U.S don’t need to have a passport for traveling in Puerto Rico. But they need a valid ID while traveling.


Puerto Rico is detected in the northeastern side of the Caribbean Sea. It is on the east side of the Dominican Republic.

Highest point:

The highest point of the territory is Cerro de Punta

Lowest point:

The sea level of the Caribbean sea is the lowest level


Anyone can travel to Puerto Rico by Air transportation or sea transportation.


The weather in Puerto Rico is heat and tropical, counting on a day to bathe throughout the summertime season months.

Plans of phone:

American vacationers do now no longer want to choose global plans to make calls because their telephones will paintings flawlessly on the Island.

Age of consuming alcohol:

Eighteen is the lawful age to devour alcoholic liquids in Puerto Rico is eighteen years.


There are almost 300 miles of seashore and the same number of beaches.

Shopping center:

The Caribbean’s biggest shopping center is Plaza Las Américas, and Casa Bacardí is the maximum sizable rum manufacturing unit globally.


El Yunque is the handiest rainforest withinside the U.S. Forest structure and is in Puerto Rico. The woodland gets over a hundred and twenty inches of rain each year.

Individual country:

Puerto Rico is known as an American territory, it takes part as a single united States in the contests of the Olympics and Miss Universe’s.

Top beach:

Flamenco beach, in Culebra, is known as among the world’s top 10 seashores on many occasions.

Discover of piña colada:

The invention of piña colada has happened in Puerto Rico.

Remaining of:

The stays of Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish discoverer are in a vault middle of the San Juan Cathedral.

Participation in Presidential Elections:

Though it is a territory of the U.S, the citizen can’t participate in the voting of Presidential Elections. Also, Puerto Rico does now no longer have a vote withinside the U.S. Congress.


Inhabitants of the island can have two citizenships.

Oldest colony:

The most ancient colony in the world is Puerto Rico.

cultural facts about puerto rico


The culture of local Puerto Ricans is a combination of Taíno Indian, African, and European

Discover the island:

Christopher Columbus is the discoverer of the island.

Names of the island:

The territory has replaced its name so many times. Taíno Indians reffered it Borikén, Colombus called the island San Juan Bautista, the Spanish noted it Ciudad de Puerto Rico.

Oldest church:

Two American most ancient churches are situated in Old San Juan named Iglesia de San José & Catedral de San Juan.

European settlement:

The earliest European settlement was established by Juan Ponce de León on the island 1508, on what is called Caparra – a kind of 4 miles southern side of Old San Juan.

First capital:

The present capital of the island was not the first capital. The Spanish settlers referred to the Caparra as the first capital.

Headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition:

 The Catholic Church performed a vital function withinside the records and improvement of Puerto Rico for the reason that early 1500s. In 1519, Puerto Rico had declared as the primary ministerial headquarters withinside the New World by Pope Leo X.

Pineapple city:

Barceloneta, the world’s largest pharmaceutical complex in Puerto Rico is renowned for its blue seashores and pineapple estates, acquiring it the moniker “Pineapple City.”

The Ancient Executive building:

 The second most ancient European-installed American capital metropolis is San Juan, and similar to each different capital metropolis, it has its personal government mansion to residence the island’s governor – called La Fortaleza. To this day, it’s miles the oldest government mansion in non-stop use in the Americas.

Street of cobblestone:

The Oldest San Juan’s streets have been paved with Blue Cobblestones. Most of the streets of blue cobblestone were replaced, however, you may nevertheless see real on Calle Del Cristo and some others.

Radio Telescope:

The world’s following most enormous one-dish Radio Telescope, Arecibo Observatory’s radio telescope after China’s 1,640 feet (500 meters) Aperture Spherical Telescope China’s Aperture Spherical Telescope is located in Puerto Rico.

 Nuclear Submarine:

The beginning nuclear submarine in the world, the USS Nautilus start its Voyage from San Juan, Puerto Rico by sliding off General Dynamics’s dry dock in Groton, Connecticut.

Nuclear Power Plant:

The earliest power plant in the Caribbean, “the Boiling Nuclear Superheater (BONUS) Reactor Facility” is situated in Rincon which is also familiar as “Domes.”

Galapagos Island

There have many Islands without any inhabitants and also individual “Galapagos Island” in Puerto Rico.

Home to dumb dog:

The territory was home to a dumb dog that has now disappeared.

Cave network:

The Western Hemisphere’s most enormous Cave Network has been noticed in Puerto Rico.

Bioluminescent Bay:

The World’s most shiny Bioluminescent Bay is situated in Puerto Rico.

Real pirate:

A Real Caribbean Pirate was in the region. The incredible Cofresí Pirate is Puerto Rico’s generally well-known, genuine privateer as the legend goes.

Rum Distillery:

Casa Bacardi the World’s biggest Rum Distillery is located in Cataño, Puerto Rico


Those delightful coconut palm trees on a Caribbean white sand ocean side are not native to any American region.

historical facts about puerto rico

WWII History:

The island has so much history of WWII. While WWII didn’t occur effectively in Puerto Rico, the U.S. military sustained the island enough to shield it from any expected attack and to fill in as a preparation ground.

Measurement system:

It tends to be befuddling right away; however, Puerto Rico actually gauges numerous things in measurement, from its days as a Spanish province, and furthermore gauges different things in Imperial, as the US does.

Tallest statue:

America’s tallest statue, “Birth of the New World” is situated in Puerto Rico.

Best coffee:

The coffee from Puerto Rico is considered among the world’s best coffee.

Driving rules:

In Puerto Rico, The right side of the road is for driving with the Spanish signs, and gas is calculated in liters.

Famous places:

There are some famous locations on the island-

  • El Morro
  • El Yunque National Forest
  • La Fortaleza
  • Old San Juan
  • San Juan Cathedral

Famous person:

  • Benicio del Toro- actor
  • Carlos Beltran- baseball player
  • Jennifer Lopez- singer/actress
  • Ricky Martin- singer
  • Rita Moreno- actress
  • Roberto Clemente- baseball player

Hope you enjoyed those facts about Puerto Rico. Share your experience in the comment box.

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