Fun facts about Rhode Island

58 Fun facts about Rhode Island that Probably Didn’t Know

Rhode Island, situated on the east coast of the U.S., is a region of New England with the smallest area and 44th most crowded State of the United States. The seaside’s attractive beach and provincial cities make it a famous destination for travellers for fishing, surfing, or yachting.

It is unknown to many; this Island is the only place where the nuclear explosion occurred outside the US-controlled surroundings. Rhode Island was the remainder on the list of the first thirteen settlements to turn into a state.

We are going to connect you with the Island. Let’s make a virtual tour of Rhode Island and dig out some lesser-known fun facts about the Island.

Fun facts about Rhode Island

what is rhode island known for?

Most people know Rhode Island only as a state on the eastern side of the U.S., but the Island has many to offer. Enjoy these fun facts about Rhode Island.

Name origination:

There are some explanations about the name origination of the Island

  • Adrian Block, a Dutch explorer, named the region “Roodt Eylandt” because of its red clay, which means “Red Island.”
  • Someone believes that the explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano described it as the land of Greek, which motivated the colonist Roger Williams to title it “Rhode Island.”
  • Another theory is the name of the Island has originated from the Mediterranean Sea’s isle of Rhodes.

The founder:

Roger Williams, who settled the earliest working version of democracy, is the inventor of Rhode Island.

Border with:

Rhode Island is sharing its border with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and a border of water with New York.

Known as:

Rhode Island is familiar as the world’s sailing capital. Many of the younger inhabitants spend their summer in sailing camp.


Providence is the capital name of the State.


Around 1 million people are living here.

Official name:

The “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” is the official name of the State which is the largest after Massachusetts.


The nickname of the State is “The Ocean State.”

The smallest:

The nation’s smallest State is Rhode Island.


The Island was the first State who declared its independence.


“Hope” is the motto of the State which is also shorter than any other state in the U.S.

Major industry:

The economy of the Island depends on tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and education.


 The State is surrounded by New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Highest point:

At 812 ft. Jerimoth Hill is the highest point of Rhode Island.

Lowest point:

At sea level, the Atlantic Ocean is the lowest point.


There are five counties named Newport, Narraganset, Providence, Pawtucket & Warwick.

Women founder:

Anne Hutchinson settled the first town in the U.S. in 1640 named Portsmouth.

The cotton mill:

The first cotton mill with success in the U.S. was built by Samuel Slater in 1793.

Oldest synagogue:

The ancient perpetual synagogue is the Touro Synagogue, situated in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.

interesting fact about Rohde Island

Marble dome:

The world’s fourth-biggest foundationless marble dome is in Rhode Island.

Wind farm:

The United State’s first profit-oriented shoreside wind firm is Block Island wind farm in Rohde Island.

The Rhode Island:

There is an Island in the State of Rhode Island named “Rhode Island”. Another name is Aquidneck Island.

One-room school:

In 1716, a one-room school was built in the State, which is the oldest in the nation.

First circus:

The first circus of America was organized in Newport.

Tennis championship:

In1899, the opening National Lawn Tennis Championship was arranged in Rhode Island.

The nicest place:

Rhode Island is on the list of the most beautiful place in America.

First Baptist Church:

The Baptist church congregation of Providence, Rhode Island, is the oldest in the country also the first American Baptist church.

Bike Path:

The first known multi-town bike path is the East Bay Bike Path was constructed in Rhode Island.

Brown University:

The opening American institute for welcoming students ignoring their religious joining is Brown University.

Gas-lit Street:

Newport was. The earliest American gas-lit street is Newport’s Pelham Street.

Jewellery producer:

The nation’s 46th most significant jewellery exporter & leading producer is Rhode Island.

The jewellery capital:

Once, the State was familiar as “the Jewelry Capital of the World.”

State drink:

The official drink of the State is coffee milk.

State Bird:

A Rhode Island Red Chicken is known as the state bird.

State shell:

Quahog is the state shell; it is a hard-shelled clam local to the east shoreline. , you are likely to see people scrambling for beaches when driving through the shallow waters of Rhode Island

The doughnuts shop:

As indicated by some examination, the doughnuts shops in the metro area of Providence are more than anywhere else.

Jazz festival:

In 1954, the earliest Jazz festival of America was arranged in Newport.

Biggest fake lake:

The Scituate Reservoir, additionally the wellspring of drinkable water for Providence and numerous different networks, is the biggest fake lake in New England

Streamlined State:

Rhode Island converted as the first streamlined State of America in the 1800s.

Original colony:

The State is more original than most other colonies in the U.S. It is also the ending colony to convert to the State.

 Abolish slavery:

It is the first State of the U.S. to put an end to slavery.

Oldest library:

The Redwood Library, Newport, is the oldest library that is continually used.

Oldest restaurant:

The most established working café in the United States is Newport’s White Horse Tavern and the tenth most seasoned in the world.

Prohibition of Alcohol:

Although the State of Rhode Island never approved the 18th amendment, there was a prohibition of buying Alcohol from their supermarket.

Famous food:

One food you must try while living in Rhode Island is stuffed Quahog, known as Stuffie. It is usually stuffed with Chourico, Portuguese sausage.

Largest fort:

The enormous fort on the east coast of the U.S. is in Newport, named Fort Adams.

thing to know for Rohde Island

Law of the Island:

  • Cap guns are not legal on the Island.
  • Racing a horse on a highway is forbidden.
  • After sunset, smoking a pipe in Newport is not legal.
  • It is a misdemeanour of having above 11 stable vehicles before the house.
  • You’ll get tagged in Scituate for driving with a lager in your vehicle, regardless of whether it’s close.

Italian State:

18.9% of Italian descent have made Rhode Island the most Italian State. Most are focused in Johnston, Cranston, and Providence in the northern part of the State.

A person named lighthouse:

The Ida Lewis Lighthouse in Newport is the only lighthouse in the United States which name was originated from a person.

Hasbro toys:

 It is not impossible to see Mr Potato Head on a few of their license plates cause the head office of Hasbro toys is situated in Providence.

Nuclear explosion:

Wood River is the only place in the U.S. where the nuclear explosion ever occurred outside of a supervised environment.

Fine on a company:

The territory of Rhode Island can fine technically an organization for making specific representatives work on Sunday.

A carnivorous tree;

It’s said a flesh-eating tree processed the decaying group of Rhode Island author Roger Williams. The tree wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing is as yet in plain view.

Zombie friendly:

Rhode Island isn’t zombie cordial. There’s really a statewide law against gnawing off someone else’s leg.

Artist of a dollar bill:

The artist of the portrait of George Washington on the dollar bill was a Rhode Islander named Gilbert Stuart.

Famous places:

  • Block Island
  • Cliff Walk
  • Marble House,
  • Narraganset Bay Beaches
  • RISD Museum of Art
  • The Breakers

Famous person:

  • Cormac McCarthy- author
  • Meredith Viera- correspondent
  • P. Lovecraft- author
  • Pauly D- disc jockey/ actor
  • Viola Davis- actress
  • Will Blackmon- football player

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