Interesting & Fun Facts about South Dakota | What is Known for?

15 Interesting & Fun Facts about South Dakota | What is Known for?

 If you are enthusiastic to know the what are the top Interesting facts of the World, you may think about the fun facts about South Dakota. This is an expansive and sparsely populated state in the Nation.

South Dakota is fulfilled with lots of interesting facts and a rich history. There are lots of funny and interesting facts about South Dakota state including Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Corn palace, and also it’s rank.

Fast Facts | South Dakota Information

Name: South Dakota (A State of USA)
Capital City: Pierre
Population: 884,659[2019]
Area: 77,116 sq mi (199,729 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting & Fun Fact about South Dakota

What is South Dakota Known for

In deep research with a long time effort, our team affords to gather some interesting & funny key facts of South Dakota. Most of them are funny and attractive. We are pleased to present a little bit information of this Mount Rushmore state. This content also contains the information about “What is the Fun facts about South Dakota” and “What is South Dakota Famous for”? That will help you to know the state properly.

No#:1 South Dakota is the Mount Rushmore State

South Dakota contains a historical spot named Mount Rushmore National memorial. That is an attractive tourist spot in the US nation. South Dakota is famous for this attractive and historical spot.

Finally, South Dakota is called Mount Rushmore. It’s become the nickname of this state. South Dakota is Also called Sunshine state and the Coyote state.

Funny Facts about South Dakota

No#:2 There is a confusion about the state rank

Is South Dakota 39th or 40th state? You may hear the puzzle and fell confused about it. This puzzle is one of the funniest facts about South Dakota. Although this state admitted to the union on 2 November 1889 it can’t be ascertained about its rank. There is confusion in rank between South Dakota and North Dakota. Because of the North Dakota also admitted on this 2 November 1889.

No#:3 South Dakota celebrate the humble potato day

Every year, the tiny town of clerk, South Dakota cast a giant party to celebrate their chief crop of the year. They celebrate the day as the humble potato Day. It features with best-decorated potato contest, Potato Dish cooking, and mashed a Potato Wrestling Contest. They celebrate the day with lots of fun and adults grapple.

No#:4 There is a Corn Palace on this state

Corn Palace is one of the interesting facts of South Dakota. There is a corn palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. This is the only state which contains a corn palace. A large number of world visitors come here to the attractive palace.

No#:5 It is home to Black Hills National forest

Though the South Dakota state is embraced with plain land, it contains several forests. There are lots of hills and national forests for instance Black Hills National Forest. That is the largest tourist spot of this Mount Rushmore.

No#:6 It has the smallest population of the Nation

In terms of population, South Dakota is the 46th state of the United Nations. It has a total of 884,459 population. 11.44 people live in a mile of this state. Which is a normal density among the united nations.

No#:7 It is home to the largest stone sculpture in the World

South Dakota contains the largest stone sculpture in the world instead of it is rare to find the stone sculpture in a state. There is a stone sculpture named Mountain sculpture of Lakota warrior Chief crazy horse which is 563 feet high and 641 feet long.

South Dakota Facts for Kids

No#:8 This is the 17th largest state of united states

South Dakota is consists of 77,116 square mile area which is the 17th largest area of this nation.

No#:9 Mount Rushmore dwarfed by Mountain sculpture of Lakota warrior Chief crazy horse

In the days of modern technology, Mountain Sculpture of Lakota Warrior Chief crazy horse receives the largest amount of visitors while Mount Rushmore is the best tourist spot. The Sculpture works privately-financed since 1948. Finally, it has ever finished. It is 563 feet tall and 641 feet long which is the largest stone sculpture in the world.

What is South Dakota Famous for

No#:10 South Dakota is the best place to taking up residency

If you are a loner and you want to take residency in a state of the Nations, South Dakota is the best place for you. There is the smallest population in this state. With 884,459 population, South Dakota is the fifth least populous county among the 50 states of the US.

No#:11 The largest city isn’t capital on South Dakota

Pierre is the capital of South Dakota while Sioux Falls is the largest city of this state. With 183,793 population in 79.63 square miles, the Sioux Falls is the largest city of Mount Rushmore state. Beside the Pierre is a small city with 13.05 square mile area. 

Weird Facts about South Dakota

No#:12 South Dakota earns $1Billion per year from the visitors

As you know, South Dakota is inbound with national parks, family camping resorts and the Sioux Falls campgrounds. These are very charming and attractive tourist spot in the nation. Every year a large number of visitors came here to visit the attractive and historical spot.

As a calculation, the South Dakota state earns $1.059 billion in a year. This is really amazing facts about South Dakota State.

No#:13 Its capital name made with the uncommon word

Pierre is the capital of the South Dakota state. This is the only capital that doesn’t share at least one alphabet with its state name. This is interesting and Incredible facts for the US nation.

No#:14 South Dakota is home to the famous Dinosaurs

The famous dinosaur named Sue the T. Rex discovered near the Badlands, South Dakota in 1990. This is the very first dinosaurs discovered history in the united nation. Not only the US, this Sue the T. Rex is popular all over the world.

No#:15 South Dakota got its name from Dakota Sioux Native American Tribes

It is conventional to South Dakotans that, South Dakota get its name from Dakota Sioux Native American Tribes. In Sioux language, Dakota means “Friends” or “ally”.

Besides it, in the very first it seems to get South Dakota name from Lakota. 

Interesting Facts about South Dakota History


With the smallest population, South Dakota is a midwestern state of this Union. This is a safe place to taking up residency for its low density of population.

On the above, we picked up some interesting facts of this Mount Rushmore state. May some of them funny. Please take it easy. This is our small effort to know South Dakota’s interesting information. Hopefully, you’ve got a little bit information of this state.

Let me know your opinion about this Sunshine state of the united nation.

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