Fun Facts about Spring that Nobody Know

38 Interesting & Fun Facts about Spring that Nobody Know

Magical spring! A celebrating season of rebirth & rejuvenation; Nature enjoys the miracle of life.

With perfect weather, this season is the most beautiful time on our planets. Trees become blooming; tulips start to sprout, the fresh breeze just wait to hug you- all the things surly make you love!

 However, how much you actually know about the lovely spring? Let’s walk with us on more fun facts about the dearest season — spring!

Fun facts about spring to touch you

No#1: Vernal equinox:

Spring’s first day is termed the vernal equinox. Latin word vernal express “spring and equinox express “equal night.”

No#2: Sunrise & sunshine:

The spring & fall equinoxes are the two surprising periods of the year while the sun arises, moving eastward due and sets westward.

No#3: Popular married time!

Though December is the hot time to be engaged, June (late spring) and September (fall) are popular times to get married.  

No#4: Couples break up:

Face book study says most couples break up their link in spring or two weeks prior to Christmas. From August –October & from August through October is the minimum breakup time.

No#5: Arriving time of spring:

Almost spring always starts on March 20 or 21. Sometimes starts on the 19th. As the globe doesn’t round the sun in totally 365 days, that’s why the solstices & equinoxes vary.

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No#6: Spring effect on baby:

Although the spring period brings warmer weather & flowers, unfortunately, it is the worst time for newborn babies.

 A large-scale census says that in the spring, newborn babies may find bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depression, or anorexia.

No#7: Spring effect on children growth:

For the kids, spring offers excellent. Many reports say kids are vulnerable to grow faster in this season comparing with others.

No#8: Hemisphere secretes:

The Southern Hemisphere’s spring starting day is also the starting day of drop in the Northern Hemisphere.

No#9: Springs holidays:

Springs holidays include-

  • Passover,
  • Easter,
  • April Fool’s Day,
  • Arbor Day,
  • Earth Day,
  • Father’s Day,
  • Mother’s Day,
  • Cinco De Mayo,
  • And Holi (in India).

No#10: Pring on Mountain of Colorado Rocky:

One long-term census says that in the region of Mountain Colorado, Rocky spring seasons start almost three weeks pro than it happened in the 1970s.

No#12: Easter time:

On the first Sunday, Easter falls following the initial full moon later the spring equinox.

No#13: North & South Pole facts:

Spring’s first day, you would face the sun skimming across the North Pole horizon, starting uninterrupted daylight for six months. At the same time, uninterrupted darkness starts for six months across the South Pole horizon.

No#14: Spring flowers:

Typically, the spring flowers are-

  • irises,
  • lilacs,
  • lilies,
  • daffodils,
  • tulips,
  • And dandelions.

No#15: Expect rain!

With amazingly wet spring may come. ‘April showers ‘You may hear about this phenomenon in the U.K.

Survey says that was the wettest spring in the U.K. happened in 1947; almost 332mm of rainfall occurred.

No#16: Tornado Season!

In spring, Mostly over North America, but elsewhere, may you will overlook more tornadoes than in any other season.

what happens in the spring season

No#17: Thunderstorms in spring:

As the spring season is the high time to develop moist air, warm, & many more moving wind currents, thunderstorms are most likely to happen.

No#18: ‘Bee’! Be Careful:

Of course, many animals pop up from hibernation in springtime, and while latest litters will be born. At that time of honeybees begin swarming & moving. Be careful of a bee.

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No#19: Eggs best food!

The surprising idea is that you may quickly level an egg on its head while the spring equinox? We don’t try it – it’s a myth!

No#20: What Greek myth says?

Greek myth says the comeback of spring clashes with the recovery of Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, called the fertility & plants goddess.

fun facts about spring flowers

No#21: Stronger smells:

You have noticed or not that springtime offers a heavy smell than winter. You can feel different scents in the air such as cut grass, new flowers, a high smell of earth & so on.

But what’s the reason for it? Do you know? Spring comes with More moisture in the air; this extra moisture assists scents to stay in the air longer, also easy for you to smell.

scientific facts about spring

No#22: Butterflies & migrating bird’s attention:

Exposing the back of butterflies & migrating birds are the fast signs of spring. Do you have any idea about weather touch on migration? Presently Scientists have noticed that many migrating beasts are coming north.

In springtime, Butterflies & migrating birds get their beauty of life back.

No#23: Cherry in Japan:

The outset of cherry blossom- the national flower of Japan in March or April says the spring is twitching.

No#24: Winter farewell:

Poland’s people make a get-together & fire an effigy then throw it in the river. Doing this, they make to winter farewell, on spring first day, every year.

No#25: Spring in China

Chinese people defined spring as the first season officially; they welcome spring with the festivity of the “Chinese New Year,”; also called the ‘Chinese lunar new year.’ Lunar 1st day is a precious holiday in China.

No#26: Spring in Sicily:

In Sicily, at the first of each spring, women visit the Adonis garden, plant seeds, and garnish the garden with crimson & blue ribbon.

No#27: Spring in Ireland:

Actually, in Ireland, seasons are officially not considered. Yet, most Irishman welcome celebrates spring on February first. On the same day, they also welcome the ‘St. Brigid’s Day.

On the contrary, some Irish welcome spring arrives on the March first day.

No#28: Spring in Ecuador:

With cozy sunny weather Ecuador is a lovely country all over the year. But natives say ‘Loja’ city in Ecuador, situated in the Sothern part, enjoys spring-like weather all around the year.

No#29: Spring in Bangladesh:

People of lovely Bangladesh welcome the king of season spring heart fully. They arrange different cultural programs; wear Special dress, ladies wear saris’, & take colorful flower garland in their head; Jens wears colorful Panjabi.

No#30: Spring in Italy:

Though various countries sold chocolate eggs on spring’s first day as an Easter treat, Italy sold the biggest chocolate Easter egg ever.

 The Guinness Book of Records says it was more than 34 feet high; the weight was equal to three cars.

No#31: Spring in the U.S.:

Following a day of the President’s Day, the U.S.U.S. people culturally interpret the spring season that is in February’s Tuesday following the third Monday and lasts on Friday.

No#32: Snowfall in U.K.:

If spring brings warm part all over the world, in the U. K. you will face common snow to fall in March-April (in April sometimes).

No#33: Passover day:

In Jewish spring follower enjoys Passover, call it, as The Spring Holiday.

No#34: Spring Fever:

This word is a common phrase around the world. Interestingly, both psychological & physiological symptoms are connected with the spring season.

Some common symptoms are restlessness, daydreaming, appetite loss, and high heart rate, & so on. Hence, if you are going to any of these in the spring, ‘Spring Fever’ welcomes you.

No#35: Spring effect Literature:

With vast influence in literature, the ‘spring’ season has come. Springs an effect has many artists, poets, & writers. Usually, ‘spring’ is a symbol of love, joy, hope, spirituality, growth, the starting ing of a new life, etc.     

No#36: Buy or sell the house:

The National Association of Realtors says spring is the best also a most popular time to buy or sell the house. As the winter weather is so cold, it usually creates problems to move.

In the springtime, property prices are also reaching the highest then.

No#37: Suicide rates:

Studies say suicide rates grow high in the late spring and not in the off days; it is commonly believed.

No#38: April Fools’ Day:

This is not sure, but I thought that the starting of April Fools’ Day happened in the 16th century in France.

After the change of New Year’s Day from April first to January first, this day started; people who celebrated New Year’s on April first considered as an April fool.

Hence, which Fun facts about spring touch you most? Let us know. Leave your comment below.

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