Fun Facts about Tennessee

49 Amazing Fun Facts about Tennessee that Didn’t Know Before

Tennessee is a no coastal state on the south side familiar with its part in the nation and the history of rock ‘n roll, additionally, as its stunning beauty of nature, as well as the Great Smoky Mountains.

The state is additionally home to significant warfare battlefields and monuments, a range of historical and ethnic museums, and also a life-size reproduction of Greece’s Parthenon.

Though Tennessee facts are known to all here we have collected some exciting and cool facts that you possibly skipped over.

Some unknown Interesting and Fun facts about Tennessee

what is tennessee known for?

You are going to make an enjoyable journey with the following facts about Tennesse


The name of the capital city of the state is Nashville also the largest city of the state which was built in1779 on Christmas Eve. Historically, it was called its nickname “Athens of the South.”


There are about 6.7 million people who make their livelihoods in the state.


“The Volunteer State” is the nickname of Tennessee.

Major cities:

Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville are the major cities of the state.


The economy of the state is standing on the major industries like agriculture, health care, production of the film, energy, automotive manufacturing, etc.

Name origination:

Some sources said that Tennessee got its name from the Tennessee River which name was originated from a Cherokee village named “Tanasie.

An explorer from Spain named Captain Juan Pardo first recorded the first version of the state’s name in 1567.

Joining the Union:

On the 1st of June of 1796, Tennessee was declared the joining of the Union.

State symbol:

  • Motto- The motto of the state is “Volunteer state.”
  • Slogan- “America at its best” is the slogan of the state.
  • Bird- The name of the state bird is Mockingbird.
  • Flower- Iris is known as the state flower.
  • Tree- Tulip Poplar is the state flower.
  • Animal- The state animal is Raccoon.

Highest point:

The top level of the state is Clingmans Dome at 6643ft.

Lowest point:

The lowest level of the state is the Mississippi River at 178ft.


There are 95 counties in the state.


82% of inhabitants are Christian, 9% have No Religion, & 3% have Other Religions.

thing to know about Tennessee

The most visited place:

“The Great Smokey Mountains National Park” is the most traveled place in the U.S. & the second most visited place is “The Grand Canyon.”

Musical festival:

The world’s largest festival of music in Manchester’s the Bonnaroo music festival.

Border with:

The state shares its border with Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Most neighborly state:

Tennessee binds with Missouri because of the “most neighborly” state within the nation.

Elvis Presley’s home:

The second most explored home after the White House in Washington D.C is Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland which is situated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Replica building:

There are two famous replicas building in the state. They are the ancient Greek Parthenon and the Eiffel Tower

Underground lake:

The Lost Ocean in Sweetwater, Tennessee is a vast cave system that includes the biggest underground lake within the United States.

Water diversion tunnel:

The first prosperous water diversion underpass inside of the U.S is situated in Kingston Springs, Tennessee named “The Montgomery Bell Tunnel” which was constructed in the nineteenth century with the assist of slave exertions and black powder.

Tallest treehouse:

The longest treehouse in the world, made of recycled material, is located in Crossville, Tennessee & Minister Horace Burgess built it.

Largest tow truck factory:

In 1916, the tow truck was invented by Chattanooga’s Ernest Holmes. The biggest factory of tow truck is located in this town.

A four-legged woman:

In 1868, a woman was born in Tennessee with four legs with two pelvises together. She led a happy life with kids after her marriage but unfortunately, she died from a leg infection.

Longest show on Radio:

The title of the United State’s longest show on radio is held by “The Grand Ole Opry.”

Tennessee horse:

The walking horse of Tennessee is a type of gaited horse that is familiar for its special four-beat running-walk and fancy movement.

Bottling Coca-cola:

In 1886, there were two counselors of Chattanooga, who set up a company storing Coca-Cola in the bottle and earned the license for the similar for $1. It was the beginning try to store the beverage in a bottle which was before then exchanged by fountains in a glass for 5 cents.

One day capital:

Kingstone was the capital of Tennessee only for one day.

Most state song:

Tennessee is the state which has more state songs than any other state of the U.S.

Wilma Rudolph:

Wilma Rudolph, a sprinter of African-American was a Tennessean who was a gold medalist in the 1960s Olympic Games.

The building of batman:

The 33-story AT&T building, familiar as “the Batman Building” around the world, is Tennessee’s highest skyscraper.

Songwriter’s festival:

The world’s biggest festival for songwriters is Tin Pan South which is hosted by Nashville.

A battleground:

During the Civil war, Tennessee’s soil had faced around 38 battles.

Slavery system:

By approximately 1860, one in 4 humans in Tennessee had been slaves. Slavery turned into a completely harsh process in society and they had few lawful rights.

Old inhabitants:

Before the appearance of the Europeans withinside the state, the land became organized by the Native American tribes named Cherokee and Chickasaw.

Music City:

In the 1920s, Nashville, Tennessee, nicknamed “Music City,” became famous for the music country. Since then, the city has been familiar as the world’s country music capital.

Grave of the president:

The grave of the eleventh president of the U.S (James K. Polk) isn’t in a few countrywide monuments or a graveyard. However, it lies on the soil of the state’s capital. Not only the president but also his spouse have been concealed at Polk Palace however their stays have been finally moved to Tennessee’s ground in 1893.

A cave state:

Tennessee has more caves than any other state in the U.S. According to the source, there are above 10000 caves are situated in the state.

Highest temperature:

The highest temperature (113 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded on 29th August 1930.


The nation is split into 3 grand divisions: East, Middle, and West Tennessee. The east side of the nation is ruled by the Cumberland Plateau and the Great Smoky Mountains. The middle part of Tennessee has fertile level land that is interrupted by lightly rolling hills. And the part of the west is specifically flat with fertile soil.

Volunteer state:

Tennessee is additionally referred to as the Volunteer country due to its participation of Volunteers through the War of 1812.

Reelfoot Lake:

Earthquakes in the winter of 1811-12 lead to the formation of. Reelfoot Lake was formatted by the 1811-12th earthquakes. The name of the lake originates from a 19th legend named Chickasaw, an Indian chief, who referred to Reelfoot due to his damaged foot.

Providing soldier:

Entire states of southern, Tennessee supplied more soldiers to the Union than any other state.


Although the sport was not discovered in the state, Tennessee inhabitant Garnet Carter earned the earliest mini-golf right in 1927 for his Tom Thumb golfing courses.

Weird limits of speed:

As per Google Maps, a road in Collierville has a pace restriction of nineteen mph, even as Trenton has a couple of symptoms and symptoms which might be 31 mph.


Bristol is called the country music’s birthplace.

Artificial surface:

The biggest artificial surface of skiing is positioned on Gatlinburg’s Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort.

Famous place:

There are some famous places –

  • Dollywood
  • Graceland
  • Lookout Mountain
  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • Grand Ole Opry
  • The Lost Sea Adventure

Famous person:

Here is some famous Tennessean-

  • Aretha Franklin- singer
  • Justin Timberlake- singer
  • Miley Cyrus- singer/actress
  • Morgan Freeman- actor
  • Tina Turner- singer

Tennessee is the most populous and most extensive state in the United State. Hope you have gathered all facts about Tennessee that you want to know. If you have more information about the state, don’t forget to share it with us via the comment below.

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