Interesting Fact about Angola Africa

50 Interesting Fact about Angola Africa which Unknown

What’s the most expensive city in the entire world? May be you are thinking about New York, Hong kong or Zurich, in Switzerland. Well, you are all wrong.

The world’s most expensive city is Lunada, the capital of Angola. How did they get here? How could possibly a country go to such a bizarre economy?

You will get all the answer because today we are going to know all the interesting facts about Angola.

Angola Fast Facts and Information

Official Name: Republic of Angola
Capital City: Luanda
Population: 32,522,339
Area: 1,246,700 sq km
Major Languages: Portuguese, Umbundu, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Chokwe
Time Zone: UTC+1 (West Africa Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Fun & Interesting Facts about Angola which Nobody Know

What is Angola Known for?

No#1:A huge country

Angola is the 7th largest country of Africa and the 22nd in the world.

No#2: Two official name

There are two official name in Angola which are ‘The Undemocratic Anti-Photographic Monarchy of  Angola’ and Angolish Empire of Flying Snake’

No#3: Name Origination

The name Angola is came from the word ngola, a title for kings used in the state of Ndongo during the early centuries.

No#4: The earliest inhabitants

The nomadic Khoi and San ethnic groups were the earliest inhabitants of Angola. Mostly they practiced hunting and gathering.

No#5: Portuguese Colony

In 1975 Angola achieved its independence from the Portuguese Colony.

No#6: Official language

 The official language of Angola is Portuguese. Other communicating language include kimbundu ,Umbundu, Tchokwe and Kikongo.

Fun Facts about Angola

No#7: Deadlock Hair style

Angola is the origin of the Deadlock Hair style which has been worn by the early tribes of the country, namely the Mwila and Mucubal women.

No#8: Stable antelope

Angola also is the home for the gaint antelope. It can’t be found anywhere else and was thought to be extinct until they discovered it a few years ago.

No#9: Very rich in natural resourse

The country is the second biggest oil and diamond maker in sub-Saharan Africa.

No#10: Cabinda Province

 With 2,812 square miles area Cabinda Province is in between the Republic of Congo & Democratic Republic of Congo.

No#11: Cuban connection

Cuban revolution leader Ernesto Che Guevara was dispatched by Cuban President Fidel Castro to offer technical support to the Angola rebel troops.

No#12: Fastest Economics

Angola is rich in both Oil and Diamond. Due to the increasing of oil production, Angola has one of the fastest growing economics.

No#13: Currency

Unlike other countries, Angola’s kwanza can’t be taken outside the country. Attempting to bring it out is illegal.

No#14: Ruacana falls

 “The Ruacana falls “is one of the Africa’s beautiful natural wonders located in Angola.

Angola Waterfall

No#15: Luanda the Expensive city

 The largest city also the country’s capital city in Angolan is Luanda. Recently, for expatriates it was voted as the most expensive city in Africa. The city has a sophisticated culture, causing to it being dubbed the “Paris of Africa.”

Angola Africa Facts

No#16: Funerals are mandatory

Just like most African countries, Angolans don’t like to play with their funerals. They use funerals as an source to bond with Family members also friends.

No#17: Link with brazil

Brazilian samba is similar to Angolan dance samba. It is believed that samba is originated in Angola.

No#18: National symbol

Angolan national tree “Imbondeiro” is special to them .It also knows as “Boabob”

No#19: Has a very young population

Angola has a huge young people as almost 70% of population below 24 years of age.

No#20: The highest death rate

Angola has the highest death rate in the world. There are 23.4 deaths for 1000 people in every year.

No#21: Miss Universe title

Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes, simply known as “Leila Lopes” , an Miss Universe is an Angolan.

No#22: Shortage of men

There’s a deficiency of men in the country because of 27 years of civil war. So it’s not irregular for a man to have a few “non-official” spouses

No#23: Heritage site

The town of Mbanza Kongo is only one UNESCO heritage site in Angola.

No#24: The music of the sea

Semba is the main dance in Angola and it is known as the music of the sea.

No#25: Taking picture is illegal

Clicking pictures of any Government buildings or looking at them through binocular is illegal in Angola, GPS and map is also included in that.

No#26: Has some of the most beautiful person

Angola is not only a beautiful country; it has some of the best good looking people on the continent. Angola always makes the list of the Top 10 African countries with the best looking people.

Angola Culture Facts & Traditions

No#27: Angolan culture

The Angolan culture is generally local Bantu, which was blended in with Portuguese culture.

No#28: Cuisine of Angola

Angolan food is influenced from the Portuguese food. Funge, which is made from cassava or corn flour is one of the most popular food. Mukua sorbet is also the extremely popular.

No#29: Sports of Angola

The most popular sport in Angola is Basketball and they are 11 times the AfroBasket winner.

No#30: Production

Angola produces banana, coffee, sugarcane and fish. Angolan Government make money by exporting these.

Unknown Facts about Africa Angola

No#31: Mentality of Angolan

Without thinking too much about future or past, Angolan people live in their present. They are happy with what they have.

No#32: Women contribution

Angolan women are harder working then men. In rural area, women perform in every sector.

No#33: Black magic believer

Most of the people of Angola have strong faith in black magic. Everyone wants to be rich by using black magic.

No#34: Strange ritual in marriage

One month before in marriage, brides get locked alone in a room and their mom pray with smoke so that they can fit with their husband and get pregnant soon.

No#35: Indigenous odd game

There is a race in Angola who gets involved in a odd game once a year. The young man with the most white teeth is considered the most beautiful. He has to impress another’s wife and persuade her to run away with him.

If her husband sees her fleeing, a fight breaks out between the two, which could lead to someone’s death.

No#36: Cigarette use as tips

Tipping in Angola is not wide spread. However as a tourist if you want to give tips, it will no always be cash, cigarette as example.

No#37: Launching satellite

Using for telecommunication, Angola was expected to launching its inaugural satellite into space in 2017.

No#38: The most different fact

If one has to convey here that he is fit for marriage, he has to walk on seven cows so that he can live with the girl of his choice. This time the girls dance in front of him like cheerleader.

No#39: A man’s masculinity

Having children in Angola determines a man’s masculinity. Number of children define social status and his masculinity is measured by the number of he has.

No#40: Only in Angola

  • Angolans call the elderly big mother “Mae grande”.
  • Breakfast is literally the most important meal of the day.
  • Angolan believes that God planted the Boabob.
  • The kalandula falls is considered the largest waterfall by volume in Africa.
  • In general dress code is not strict.
  • In many communities people do not look each other in the eye while speaking.
  • The ability to speak well is highly admired strict in both men and women.
  • In some community men do not eat with women and children.

Angola was the last scenario of the cold war. After thirty years of terrible civil war, its people is working hard to forget these decades. The effort of many experts to deactivate thousand of mines spread all over the country is an example of human strength. This is positive picture that presents the current Angola, its extraordinary landscapes, rich cultures and artistic expression.

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