Interesting & Fun Fact About Louisiana

30 Most Interesting & Fun Fact About Louisiana Nobody Known

Life in Louisiana is a point of enjoying the good times, from funeral cortege to breakfast tempura.

Heartfelt thanks go to its warm climate, entertainment, high quality of life, and a strong economy; Louisiana will constantly grow in high popularity as the years fly by. But, with such popularity, many interesting & fun facts about Louisiana might remain unknown to many.

Truly, Louisiana is an excellent state with a great history. If you are Globetrotter, you may already know much about Louisiana; we enlisted a shortlist of Interesting fact about Louisiana; to excite your friends; inspires you to make Louisiana your next trivia.

Fast Facts | Major Things about Louisiana

Official Name: Louisiana
Capital City: Baton Rouge
Population: 4,648,794 (2019)
Area: 52,069.13 sq mi (135,382 km2)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central) (Source: Wikipedia)

30 Interesting Fun Fact About Louisiana to Explore

What is Louisiana Known for?

You will find Louisiana’s lovely state on the southeastern coast of the U.S. Louisiana also borders three other states, Arkansas from the north, Mississippi from the east, Texas from the west. Louisiana became union part as the 18th official state, On April 30, 1812.

No#1: Nicknames

After so many nicknames, Louisiana is called mostly well-known as the Pelican State, Creole State & Bayou State.

No#2: The tallest state dome

Louisiana has the highest state dome in the United States; around 450 feet tall, having 34 floors.

No#3: The oldest city

In Louisiana, Natchitoches is the oldest city, established in 1714.

Cool Facts about Louisiana

No#4: Division of Louisiana

Once, Louisiana State was divided into counties. With 19 parishes in 1807, these units of native government were put back, previously administered by local churches. Now Louisiana has a total of 64 parishes.

No#5: North-south faces cemetery

Traditionally, Cemeteries faces east-west as a sign of the starting of life with the morning sun; and the last of life with the dusk. Surprisingly, Louisiana has the only cemetery that faces north-south instead of east-west. It happened maybe the mortician didn’t have a compass.

Too many people buried there before realizing the mistake. In Rayne, Louisiana, This graveyard is called St. Joseph’s Cemetery, particularly one of a kind.

No#6: Color representation

You may know colour represents different virtue like purple: justice, gold: power, green: faith.

Important Facts about Louisiana

No#7: The official state drink

Louisiana’s official state drink must surprise you. Who knew? Milk!

No#8: Use the Napoleonic code

Whereas all the states of the U.S. follow English common law, only Louisiana still runs under the Napoleonic Code.

No#9: The oldest streetcar line

Louisiana operates the oldest streetcar line ever named St. Charles Streetcar sequence.  This streetcar line is continuously running since 1835.

No#10: Opera performance

In the United States, the first opera was performed in Louisiana. That was an act of Ernest Grétry’s Sylvain; it was performed in New Orleans in 1796.

Amazing Facts Louisiana

No#11: Huge heliport

The world’s exhaustive heliport is in Morgan City. Primarily it’s used to maintain offshore oil platforms, with 46 helipads in the Gulf of Mexico.

No#12: Fishing tournament

The early fishing tournament in the U.S. was held here in Louisiana. In 1928

“The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo” was founded and is still running strong.

No#13: Longest causeway

The causeway of Lake Pontchartrain linked New Orleans to Mandeville; this is the longest causeway over water in the world, about 24 miles long.

Historical Facts about Louisiana

No#14: Louisiana Purchase history

In 1803, for $15 million, the U.S. purchased Louisiana from Napoleon Bonaparte, with 828,000 square feet of land. At that point in time, the size of the nation was nearly doubled, with 13 new states which were carved from the Louisiana territory. Only three cents per acre!

Weird Facts about Louisiana

No#15: Treme

In New Orleans, the historic Treme neighbourhood was the first place where free people of color were got the right to have their property in the US.

When people of color’s slavery were demolished; they could acquire their private land; this example starts from the 18th and 19th centuries.

In New Orleans, this era was only documented as this happening.

No#16: Under the sea-level

Most of the southern side of Louisiana is under the sea-level. The rock level in the state is New Orleans, almost eight feet under the sea level; on the contrary, the top point is at 535 feet Driskill Mountain.

No#17: Mardi gras

In 1875 a state holiday was declared; this time’s roots can be recovered to Europe in the 18th century. All the state people celebrate, and the school remains close. Before starving for the 40-day Catholic Lent, start this is a real state party.

Fun Facts about Louisiana for Kids

No#18: Atchafalaya basin

This is the largest (over one million acres) river basin in the nation of bottomland hardwood forest, black water lakes, swamps, and bayous. From Simmesport, Louisiana, the river stretches for 140 miles to bed down to Mexico‘s Gulf.

No#19: Brown Pelican- state bird

Brown Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana’s; you can find this bird sign the state seal also the state flag. Unfortunately, this species of bird was at risk for 20 years (1970-1990). Hence, conservationists’ efforts their best & now over 40,000 Brown Pelicans are living in Louisiana.

No#20: Alligators

You are right if you think with the number of marshlands & swamps and at Louisiana’s disposal where many Alligators live. You are right –almost 2 million Alligator’s residency in Louisiana.


Things Louisiana is Known for

No#21: Successful people

Louisiana has made many successful people over the years; let’s check out some of them:

  • Reese Witherspoon (New Orleans) – Actress.
  • Terry Bradshaw (Shreveport) – American Football Player.
  • Tim McGraw (Start) – Singer.
  • Louis Armstrong (New Orleans) – Jazz Musician.
  • Tyler Perry (New Orleans) – Actor/Filmmaker.
  • Ellen DeGeneres (Metairie) –Comedian/ Actress/Television Host.

No#22: Top salt producers

Louisiana produces top salt in the United States; it’s clear with an excess of salt mines at its allotment.

No#23: Early settlers

The Spanish and French were the state’s early settlers, with a heavy influence on the state’s food & culture.

No#24: Use of different languages

With the state’s rich history and several ownerships worldwide, different languages are used here by residents of the state. But the main languages are; English, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese.

No#25: Maximum speed limit

In Louisiana, 75 mph is the maximum speed limit. Hence, various speed limits rely on weather conditions, the road, and the site you are driving in.

What is Louisiana Famous for

No#26: Louisiana’s GDP

Over $260 billion in 2019, Louisiana’s recorded as GDP, which was slightly higher than the U.S. average. Over $51,000 is per capita in Louisiana’s GDP.

No#27: Shrimp & crayfish

Louisiana guides other U.S. states in the making of Shrimp & crayfish.

No#28: State shape

Surprisingly, the state shape presents the shape of a boot or the capital letter “L.”

No#29: Famous “Puppy Love.”

Dolly Parton recorded “Puppy Love” her first-ever single at age 13. She recorded the song at the Goldband Records studio.

Parton placed the Billboard #1 almost 26 times in the country charts.

No#30: Extinction of the ‘Pelican.’

Almost all the pelican was extinct in the ‘Pelican State’ because of pollution. After conservation efforts, it is back now.

Facts about New Orleans Louisiana

No#31: Famous locations

  • Atchafalaya Swamp.
  • New Orleans’ French Quarter.
  • Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo.
  • Melrose Plantation.
  • National WWII Museum- Louisiana’s famous location.

No#32: “Frog Capital of the World”

This is the nickname of the Rayne, Louisiana, and also has a yearly frog festival.

A play for high school students, frog races and jumping, lots of frog leg snacks, etc the festival includes.The frogs dress up by best tuxedos and hats on top.

No#33: Tabasco Sauce patent

This was one of the first patents in the Louisiana state; in 1870.

No#34: The first American army

Native Guards is the first American army (1862) who swear in African American officers.

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