interesting & Fun Facts About Nicaragua that Might Not Know

40+ Interesting & Fun Facts About Nicaragua that Might Not Know

Nicaragua is a nation of Central America. It is known for its unbridled nature, intriguing untamed life, staggering scenes, and novel native societies. Do you know any fascinating reality about Nicaragua?

 From an American who has been Nicaraguan-sized and a local Nicaraguan, we share some Nicaragua fun realities. Some entertaining some cool some plain weird. Like ketchup on pizza.

Quick Information about Nicaragua

Official Name: Republic of Nicaragua
Capital City: Managua
Population: 6,203,441
Area: 130,370 sq km
Major Languages: Spanish, Miskito
Time Zone: UTC-6 (Central Time Zone)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Nicaragua is loaded with fun and intriguing history. The following is only a simple negligible detail with regards to the plenty of intriguing things about this lovely country.

Cool Fact About Nicaragua

  • The official name is the Republic of Nicaragua.
  • Managua is the capital city which is the country’s third-largest city.
  • In 1821 the country became independence from Spain and became a part of the Mexican empire.
  • There are two types of weather. Warm in lowlands, more moderate in highlands.
  • The official language is Spanish.
  • Cordoba is the national currency of Nicaragua.

Interesting Facts about Nicaragua that Might Know

What is Nicaragua Famous for?

No#1: Where is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is situated in the Western half of the globe and lined by Honduras toward the north and Costa Rica toward the south. The Pacific Ocean gives the line toward the west, and the eastern line of the nation is on the Caribbean Sea.

No#2: Founder of Nicaragua

Before the Spanish conquest, the Nicaro tribe inhabited the lands of today’s Nicaragua. According to legend, they found Ometepe Island which has two volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

No#3: The country’s name comes from

The nation’s name comes from Nicarao, head of the native clan that lived around present-day Lake Nicaragua during the late fifteenth and mid-sixteenth hundreds of years.

No#4: A land of incredible natural beauty

Changed and excellent scenes including volcanic highlights, freshwater and marine environments, tropical rainforests, cloud woodlands, and mangroves, makes Nicaragua heaven for nature darlings.

No#5: World’s poorest country

After Haiti, Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Americas.

No#6: The oldest city

The oldest city in Central America is León Viejo’s ruin, which is over 1500 years old, and it’s another large draw for the traveller.

No#7: A safe country

This country is considered by many to be one of the safest countries in Central America to visit.

No#8: Renewable energy

Nicaragua has recently become a paradise of renewable energies. Today 58% of the country’s energy is currently produced by renewable sources.

No#9: Colossal travel industry

 Nicaragua isn’t on a similar level as numerous commonly recognized name travel objections; however, it’s been developing consistently.

No#10: America’s first female president

Violeta Chamorro was elected as president in 1990 as the first female president in Nicaragua, also Central America.

No#11: Constellation

Out of 88 constellations found in the night sky, 86 of them can be seen in Nicaragua.

No#12: A Mosquito Coast

There has Mosquito Coast on the eastern coast of Nicaragua .it is named after the indigenous Miskito Amerindians who lived in the area, not named after Mosquitos.

Fun Facts about Nicaragua

No#13: Granada, Nicaragua

Although Nicaragua’s capital is Managua, other cities like Leon and Granada are more popular amongst tourists. Throughout history, both Granada and Leon were viciously bickering for supremacy.

No#14: Matagalpa- ex-pat haven

Matagalpa is one of the undiscovered gems of Nicaragua. The cool weather mountain city of Matagalpa is affordable ex-pat haven.

No#15: Corn Island

Famous Landmarks in Nicaragua

Corn Islands is with peaceful beach, white sands and multi-hued blue seas. These island s have become this central American nation’s best-kept secret.

No#16: Sun Juan Del Sur

If you love the beach life and want a great place to retire, San Juan del Sur is perfect. It is like a funky, colourful beach town with many “characters,” gorgeous beaches, and unbelievable sunsets.

No#17: The Panama Canal

The First Location for the Panama Canal was through Nicaragua. We think that it is more interesting facts about Nicaragua is that if history had been different, there would be a Nicaragua Canal instead of the Panama Canal.

Nicaragua Culture Facts

No#18: Arts, Tradition and culture

Nicaraguan culture has many impacts from their European, African and Caribbean roots. Poetry is one of the most beloved and practiced Arts in this country. Folk dance is famous in the country.

No#19: Central America’s the largest lake

Lake Nicaragua is the Central America’s largest lake. Today, it supplies water for many parts of the country, and it is a huge tourist attraction.

Weird Facts about Nicaragua

No#20: Natural disaster

The country is easily affected by earthquakes and volcanic activity as well as being extremely susceptible to hurricanes.

Unique Facts about Nicaragua

No#21: Lowest crime rate

The country is considered to be its safest country to travel to because it has the lowest crime rate of any Central American country.

No#22: Famous Dual Volcano

The famous Dual Volcano is the just one on the planet in Nicaragua. It is taken care of by two separate flows of magma. This makes it workable for it to eject from, two sorts of magma channels.

No#23: Home of some oldest churches

The La Merced Church is one of the oldest churches in the Americas, and it is situated in Nicaragua. The sound of church bells will remind tourists that they are in a country where religion is vital in most people’s lives.

No#24: Streets without name

There is no street name in Nicaragua. So you can quickly lose your way. They used known buildings, hotels, churches as a reference point for direction.

No#25: Major occupation

Agriculture is responsible for 17% of Nicaragua’s GDP, which is the highest percentage in Central America.

No#26: The Economy

The Nicaraguan economy generally depends on farming, the travel industry, mining, and assembling. Remittance is the country’s primary source of income, though pay from the travel industry has expanded.

No#27: Healthcare

In Nicaragua, there is no health insurance. But there has many highly specialized hospital and healthcare centre in Nicaragua and offers high-quality healthcare.

No#28: Cost of living

Living cost is lower than any other Central American country. You will get a standard and luxurious life with plenty of nature, endless beaches, waterfalls, rivers and volcanoes.

No#29: National dish

Gallo pinto is the national dish of the country. It is a combination of white rice and small cooked red beans.

No#30: Secured regions

Nicaragua has proclaimed 70 areas as secured regions of water and land to ensure their endangered species.

No#31: The legends

World’s renowned poet ‘Ruben Dario’ was extremely influential in the 1900s Latin America poetry community and Bianca Jagger, an environmental and social activist, and Amnesty International is a Nicaraguan native.

No#32: Island for sale

Most of the tiny islands in the Atlantic off the coast of the country are actually for sale.

No#33: Resource and power

Nicaragua is wealthy in natural resources, the vast majority of which have not been exploited on a massive scope because of the absence of financing.

No#34: An American president

In 1855, William Walker drove a military to catch the city of Granada. After catching it, he named himself the leader of Nicaragua. He was subsequently perceived by the United States as the real leader of Nicaragua!

No#35: National sport

Baseball is famous than football in Nicaragua. It is the national sport in the country.

No#36: Manzana’s interesting meaning

The Spanish word ‘Manzana’ means apple in English, but in Nicaragua, Manzana means a unit of measurement.

No#37: Live and let live

Nicaraguan’s don’t like to get in with themselves into the life of somebody else; having “live and let live” policy.

Important Facts about Nicaragua

No#38: Helpful attitude

Nicaraguan people are so helpful to others. They treat their guest as a special one. Here people feel joyful to be your friend.

No#39: Import and Export product

Yarn, oil, cars and medicine are included in Nicaraguan’s main imports products, and meat, sugarcane, coffee, cheese and textiles are their main exports product.

No#40: Freshwater shark

The known only freshwater sharks in the World can be seen in Lake Nicaragua.

No#41: Country of volcanoes

Nicaraguan is called the country of volcanoes almost 400 volcanoes are seen in Lake Nicaragua.

No#42: The Contra war

The country was destroyed more because of the 1980s Contra war, which was long for eleven years.

No#43: Managua’s sister

Los Angeles and Miami are considered international sister cities of Managua.

No#44: Secular Nation

There is no authority religion in Nicaragua but around one-portion of Nicaraguans is Roman Catholic.

Towards world, Nicaragua is a very near and dear country to the hearts of World travels. We hope you enjoyed all the interesting facts

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