Funny & Interesting Fact About Utah State

50+ Funny & Interesting Fact About Utah State (Weird & Historical)

When the stunning state “Utah’s” name hears you what do you think then? Visualize images of Mormons? The world’s best skiing?  Or the red rocks Moab?

Truly Utah State is a fascinating state with unique histories, incredible natural beauty, peculiar customs, and a backdrop that should be popular with anyone who’s a lover of Westerns.

Here is a couple of the most interesting fact about Utah‘s 45th state of our nation. Check out what Utah is popular for and more.

Fast Facts | Utah Facts and Information

State Name: Utah
Capital City: Salt Lake City
Population: 3,205,958 (2019)
Area: 84,899 sq mi (219,887 km2)
Official Languages: English
Time zone: UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
(Source: Wikipedia)

What is Utah Known for?

Utah is one of the most popular states of mountain states which contains Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho. The state consists of lots of “Mormons”. That’s made it the Nickname ” The Mormons State”.

Utah is not famous for one thing. There are several historical, popular, and celestial things that make it famous to tourists.  Mormons, Great Salt Lake, Beehives, The National parks, Skiing Bonneville salt flats, and speedways are as pretty in natural beauty as abound with national history. Now it became one of the most popular tourist spots for world tourists.

Not only the attractive places but there are also lots of interesting facts about Utah including its name. Let’s discover the most interesting and fun facts about Utah.

36 Interesting Fact about Utah You Should Know

Utah is viewed as one of the most significant outdoor states in the nation. This western nation has superb ski resorts, national parks, incredible conditions, and unique natural wonders.

No#1: How do the names come?

There are two theories about the state’s name. The team of historians is confused about the origin of this state name.

One group cannot agree with another group about the exact name origin. So both theories are accustomed to Utahans.

One group says that the name “Utah” came from the “Ute” Native American tribe name. That means “people of the mountains”.

Another group says the Apache word “yuttahih” meaning “one/those that is/are higher up”.

No#2: Join the union

After the Mexican War in the 1848 treaty, Utah first acquired statehood by joining the United States.

No#3: Mormon faith

Originally in 1847, Utah was fixed by Mormon pioneers, but until 1896 was not a state. Presently, much of Utah’s citizens (around 60%) hold the Mormon faith.

No#4: “Life Elevated”- state slogan

Utah followed a branding campaign to funding tourist dollars with a slogan. The most famous saying is “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which is also used for the Ringling Brothers Circus. Present motto is “Life Elevated.”

Fun Facts about Utah State

No#5: State sign

  • State flower: Sego lily.
  • State bird: California Gull.
  • State fish: Bonneville cutthroat trout.
  • State tree: Blue Spruce
  • State mammal: Rocky Mountain elk.
  • State foods: Sugar Beet, Jell-O.

No#6: Famous Utahans

  • Roseanne Barr – actress & comedian.
  • Philo Farnsworth – television inventor.
  • Julianne Hough – actress, dancer.
  • J. Willard Marriott – Marriott hotels founder.
  • Jewel – Singer and songwriter.
  • Byron Scott – coach, professional basketball player.

Historical Facts about Utah

No#7: First transcontinental railroad

At Promontory, Utah, the world’s first transcontinental railroad was made. The Central Pacific railroads & Union Pacific met on May 10, 1869. This railroad is called as Golden Spike National Historic Site.

No#8 Utah is Nicknamed Beehives State

Utah is known to someone as a “Beehive state”. Gradually, Utah is nicknamed the “Beehive State” because the early trailblazers of this state considered themselves so hardworking as Bees.

Most Utah Funny Facts

No#9: Most populated states

Sparsely Utah is one of the most populated states. Utah has only 32 natives per square mile.

No#10: The youngest population

In the U.S., only Utah has the youngest population, with about 31% of people under 18.

No#11: Percentage of married women

Surprisingly 57% of Utah’s women are married; this is the highest percentage in the country.

No#12: 4th Highest Literacy Rate

According to the national surveys of the Literacy rate in Utah, 93 percent of the population is literate. The Utahans have continued the rate for the past years.

Moreover, Minnesota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire carry the highest literacy rates. They have considered only a 6% illiteracy rate whereas the US considered a 6-23 percent illiteracy rate.

Utah Fun Facts for Kids

No#13: Four corner states

Utah is encountered as the four corner states that are coving Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona. In the country, this is the only place where four states jointly meet in such a way.

No#14: 13th Largest State

With an 84,899 mi², (219,887 km²) area it became the 13th largest state among the 50 states of the US.

NO#15: Landlocked state

Utah is one of the landlocked 27 states in the US. This state is locked by Wyoming to northeast Idaho to the north, Colorado to the east, Nevada to the west, and Arizona to the south.

No#16: 30th largest populous state

In terms of population, Utah is the 30th largest populous state. It is considered proximately 3.42 million people. By considering the population serial it stands between Connecticut and Iowa.

No#17: Peoples are called Utahans

People of the state are called “Utahans” or “Utahns”. Mostly they are known as Utahans in the US.

No#18: UT is the official abbreviation of Utah state

UT is the short form of this state. It is the official abbreviation of Utah State.

What Utah is Famous For?

No#19: First department store

In the 1800s in Utah, the U.S. first department store was built. It was named Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution and is still going on under the name ZCMI.

No#20: Saltier lake ever

Utahan salty lake includes almost 2,100 square miles roughly, 34 feet deep, and holds around 4.9 billion tons of salt, which is saltier than the ocean.

No#21: Lake evaporates

Lake Evaporation: A Model Study is completed by the Biological and irrigation engineering for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) which is awarded on 5-1995.

In this study, they made research evaporation from Bear Lake in the states of Utah and Idaho by using advanced research instruments (Bowen Ratio and Eddy Correlation).

No#22: Kentucky fried chicken

Ridiculously, the first Kentucky Fried Chicken was introduced in a cafe of Colonel Sanders’s friend in Salt Lake City instead of Kentucky.

No#23: A piece of the national forest

Interestingly in the U.S. Utah is the only state where every county carries a piece of national forest.

No#24: Iconic national parks

Utah is the birthplace of a few of the most iconic national parks, including Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce, Zion, and Capitol Reef National Park.

Cool Things in Utah

No#25: A suitable place for winter recreation

As Utah is inland, snow is roughly dry, so it is a suitable place for winter recreation.

No#26: Strange Fcoloutdated laws

Utah states have outdated & strange laws which going on for decades or even centuries. Here, legally birds are valid of the way on all highways.

No#27: Fantastic climates

Utah’s climates vary greatly, from Logan, snow-covered in the north, to St. George-fully sunny on the Utah-Arizona enclosed in the south. King’s Peak is Utah’s highest point standing around 13,528 feet. Beaver Dam Wash is the state’s lowest point, approximately 2,350 feet.

Interesting Fact about Utah

No#28: Second-coldest temperature

Peter sinks a deserted part of Logan Canyon in Utah’s northern side. Here, on February 1, 1985, records the second-coldest temperature (69 degrees below zero) in the continental U.S.

No#29: Best skiing days

Following historical data, January 13 is considered the golden winter day, which is best for skiing in Utah. There is the highest possibility of receiving snowfall here.

No#30: Some impressive ban act

In Utah, it is illegal to take trombone players to act on street auction advertisements. Also, hunting whales & horses also illegal. In Salt Lake City, you can walk on the road carrying a paper bag of a violin; taking it is unlawful.

No#31: Franchised KFC restaurant

Salt Lake became the birthplace of the first franchised KFC restaurant in 1952.

Franchised KFC restaurant

Weird Facts About Utah

No32# Utah Allows death by firing squad for inmates on death row.

Utah is one of those states that allow death by firing squads for inmates on death row. Besides the state Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina also allows the capital punishment system.

No33# Second Driest State in the U.S

Utah considered around 300 sunny days in a year which makes it the 2nd driest state in the U.S. The state receives 11 inches of rainfall throughout the year.

Whereas Nevada state receives 10.2-inch rainfall throughout the years and it is the lowest rainfall in the U.S. For this reason, it became the 1st driest state among the 50 states of the U.S.

No#34: The State Flag Considered Cooking Pot and Dutch Oven

Utah is the only state in the US that considered a cooking pot, and a Dutch oven, as one of its state symbols.

No#35: Evaporate Rate

The state considered around 300 sunny days in a year. With the sun’s rays and temperature, Each year Utah state evaporates almost 41% of its water.

Important Facts about Utah

No#36: “Little Hollywood.”

The smallest town of Kanab in southern Utah got the nickname “Little Hollywood” as almost 100+ movies and television shows were filmed.

No#37: Temple square attraction for tourist

Temple Square, located in Salt Lake City, is the depot for the Church of Jesus. In 1847 it is, it was settled by the Mormon pioneers & Brigham Young.  Temple Square is a favorite spot for travelers, with almost three to five million people yearly drawing in its museums and libraries.

No#38: Boasts up different cultural attractions

Utah is home to the Red Rock Film Festival, Sundance film festival, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, & the DOCUTAH Film Festival.

No#39: Women’s suffrage

Before joining the United States, Utah allowed women to vote; women had voting rights. After Wyoming, Utah went with the suit in 1870 to give women’s suffrage; unfortunately, the U.S. authority banned these rights in 1887 because of so much Mormon input.

In 1920, finally the U.S. allowed women’s suffrage but not nods to the equal rights amendment for men and women.

Salt Lake City Fun Facts

No#40: Gave up polygamy

Before allowing statehood, the U. S. Congress needed Utah to ban polygamy, as this was viewed as taboo. In 1895 Utah’s constitution, polygamy, was banned. But still, there is one fringe Mormon sect practicing polygamy.

No#41: Rainbow Bridge in Utah

Rainbow Bridge is the world’s most significant natural bridge. The bridge is around 234 feet long & 290 feet up from the ground of Bridge Canyon. This wonder was formed in the early Jurassic period and saved as a national monument.

No#42: First Lady’s handmade dolls

The County Library of Utah houses an assemblage of handmade dolls made after every U.S. First Lady till Nancy Reagan.

No#43: Mountain name

According to the name of the Ute Indians, the Uinta mountain range is called.

The Wasatch Mountain range is also given a name according to Ute Indian; means “low place” or “mountain pass” or in high mountain.”

No#44: National monuments

Utah has seven famous national monuments: Natural Bridges, Cedar Breaks, Dinosaur, Rainbow Bridge, Timpanogos Cave, Grand Staircase-Escalante, & Hovenweep.

No#45: Forest area

There are six national forests in Utah: Ashley, Fishlake, Dixie, Uinta, Wasatch-Cache &Manti-LaSal.

No#46: Escalante -the major river

Generally, The Escalante River is pondered as the last major river “discovered” in the contiguous U.S.

Utah’s attractions start with numerous cultural, geographic, or historical features like Jazz and Real Salt Lake, Park City, Utah, Film Festival, Ski Team, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Mormon site, or Escalante National Monument, and so on. Left a comment below & tell us which Interesting facts about Utah touch you most.

No# 47: Home of 6 National Forests

Utah has considered six national forests in its land, this is the 3rd largest number of national forests in a state. Alaska and California hold the 1st and 2nd largest number of national forests.

Moreover, it considered nine national monuments and two national recreation areas. 

No#48: 13th January is the Golden Winder Day

According to a historical data sheet, Utah state considered the highest snowfall on 13th January. That’s why people called it the Golden winter day of the Year. Whereas the state considered snowfall from December to march the 13th of January is a special day for Utahns.

No#49: Home of 600 vertebrate animals

Utah is home to more than 600 vertebrate animals and numerous vertebrate and invertebrate insects.

NO#50: Utah shares National forests with another County

Utah is the only state that shares the National forests with another County.

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