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48 Facts About Algeria (Interesting, Funny, Cool, Cultural, Weird)

Inshore with Sahara desert “Algeria” is the largest Arab country having North African Latin seaside.

From a mighty desert overwhelming four-fifths of the country to the tiny fox globally, Algeria is enriched with fascinating realities.

Many kingdoms have left heritage here, namely the prehistoric Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza. With the preset freedom after years of war, “Algeria” has much to attract visitors here.

With 48 interesting facts about Algeria, let dig with us about its culture, history, economy, people, and more…

Fast Facts | All Information about Algeria

Official Name: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeriaa (A State of USA)
Capital City: Algiers
Population: 42,972,878
Area: 2,381,740 sq km
Major Languages: Arabic, Berber, French
Time Zone: UTC+1 (Central European Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Interesting Facts about Algeria

48 Astonishing Algeria with Entrancing Realities:  

No#1: City name origination

“People’s Democratic of Algeria” is the formal name of Algeria. This name derives from the Arabic Al Jazain in turn.

No#2: Country area

Algeria is the biggest country by area in all of Africa also the world’s tenth-largest country.

No#3:The country motto

 “From the people and for the people” is the country motto.

What is Algeria Known for

No#4: World largest hot desert

“Sahara,” the world’s largest hot desert, makes up almost four-fifths of the country’s zone (excluding Antarctica & Arctic).

No#5: Part of the autonomous kingdom

From the 16th century, Algeria was a part of the Ottoman Empire’s autonomous kingdom before France grasped Algiers in 1830.

No#6: Independence

In 1962 Algeria finally got full independence after the brutal Algerian War from 1954 to 1962.

No#7: The world’s tiny fox

“The fennec fox” is Algeria’s national animal also the world’s tiny fox with large ears up to 6 inches (15.24cm).

What is Algeria Famous for?

No#8: World Heritage Sites

Algeria is the birthplace of seven World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Among them, the most famous one is Timgad, a Roman city (around AD 100).

No#9: Camels supply

Until the 1870s, The US army continuously imported camels from Algeria. With a sailing ship named the USS Supply US army to bring camels from the modern-day countries of Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Turkey.

No#10: Currency

The Algerian Dinar is applied as Algeria currency.

No#11: Deep snowfall

In recent years 2018, for the third time, Algeria has seen snowfall on the Sahara Desert. Almost 40cm deep layer snow fell in 40 years.

Fun Facts about Algeria

No#12: Malaria-free nation

In 2019, officially, Algeria was recognized as the second African country to be malaria-free, after Mauritius in 1973.

No#13: Sheep fighting- illegal sport

Sheep fighting- is an illegal sport in Algeria known as ‘Combat taa lkbech’ in the native Algerian dialect. Here sheep are trained to fight each other.

No#14: World’s tallest minaret

The world’s tallest minaret is in the Algerian mosque; name “The Djamaa El Djazair. The mosque was built in 2019 with a 265m-high minaret.

No#15: Saharan cheetah

Almost endangered Saharan cheetah may find in Algeria. Only 250 Saharan cheetahs left here as recorded in 2008, the largest number being in Algeria.

No#16: Religion

Almost 99% of Algerian people are Muslim – predominantly Sunni.

No#17: Government unprecedented step

To stop cheating in school exams, the Algerian government placed an unprecedented step in 2018. He ordered to block the internet connections for more than two hours all over the country when children sat their tests.This step is praiseworthy.

No#18: Meal invitation

Traditionally while having a meal at an Algerian house, it will be best to keep a little portion of your food on the plate after taking a meal to show your host feed you amply.

No#19: Tea invitation

Frequently Algerians invite friends or relatives to have tea with them. You have only one cup with a host; if you visit someone’s house, a maximum of three cups is concerned customary.

No#20: Capital city

Algeria’s capital city, Algiers, is called ‘Alger la Blanche’ for its whitewashed buildings.

No#21: Natural recourses

Algeria is a vast exporter of fossil fuels. The nation’s shipping of natural gas, ammonia, and petroleum accounts for more than 95% of its total exports.

No#22: World’s best dates ever

Most Algerian love date fruit as their snack. Algerian dates are the world’s best dates ever, they say. A common criterion of desert oasis towns is large palm groves.

These fruits are so sweet and tasty, also quite nutritional. Traditionally visitors are greeted by offered dates and milk.

No#23: A debt-free country

Surprisingly, Algeria is one of the counties in the world that owes no debt to other countries. In 1995, the country’s external debt was raised by 75%.

No#24: Museums visit

You can’t go to Algeria museums on Saturday as all remain close.

No#25: Top-level domain

The countries top-level domain is .dz. almost over 4,640 websites with this add-on.

No#26: Women participation

In total, Women contribute a significant amount to household revenue than men. In Algeria, almost 60% of judges & 70% of lawyers are women.

No#27: Highest temperature

50.6 degrees Celsius was recorded as the highest temperature.

No#28: Roads mark

In Algeria Roads marked in French & Arabi.

No#29: Smoking law

During Ramadan day time people cannot smoke in open places. In this country, you can’t buy cigarettes before16 years.

No#30: Average IQ level

 “83”is the average IQ level.

No#31: Sign of Algeria

  • Desert fennec- national animal.
  • Football- National football.
  • Couscous-The national dish.

No#32: Women voting right

Since 1962 this country gave women voting right.

Algerian Culture Facts

No#33: Highest peak

“Tahat” is the highest peak in Algeria (3003 m up of sea level).

No#34: The largest lake

Chott Melghir is the largest lake in Algeria.

No#35: The largest river

Wadi Asz-Szalif, almost 700 km, is the Algeria’s largest river.

No#36: Minimum wage rage

18,000 Algerian dinars p/month is Minimum wage rage (data from 2012).

No#37: National colors

Green, red & white-these three is the national color of Algeria.

No#38: Tassilli National Park

In Algeria, Tassilli National Park has the earliest Neolithic archaeological & rock drawings sites.

No#39: Highest living cost

Through African countries, Algeria spends the highest living cost.

No#40: Nobel Prize winner

“Albert Camus, “The Nobel Prize winner (Literature), was born here.

In 1997, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji also gained the Nobel Prize (Physics). He split the prize with William Daniel Philips & Steven Chu.

No#41: French Wine

In the French colonization period of Algiers, it was one of the largest exporters of French Wine!

No#42: Tarzan film

In Algeria, the Botanical Garden of Hamma, the Tarzan film scene, was picked for the main 1932 Black and White Film.

No#43: Cable cars popularity

Here, Cable car transport popularity is growing for the countries hilly nature. So the government department covers the planning and financing of them.

Facts about Algeria Africa

No#44: Post office wonder

In Algiers, the huge post office is quite a wonder, seems more than a palace. This is a fantastic example of Moorish/ French colonial architecture.

No#45: Kefrida Waterfalls

Near the city of Bejaia, Kefrida waterfalls create a lovely scene to look and swim in, particularly in the summer months.

No#46: Olympics participation

Since 1964Algeria has participated in all summer Olympics, winning 17 medals & five gold medals overall. In 2016 they gained two silver medals games in Brazil.

No#47: Wild boars and sweet jackals

Algeria’s hilly and fertile northern areas have olive & cork trees. Also, there are some evergreen forests and home to wild boars and sweet jackals.

No#48: Pointing outlaw

You don’t dare to point at objects or people; it is considered a stupid sign. While handing something to anyone, use your right hand or both hands, never only the left hand.

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