Interesting Facts about Arkansas State

20 Most Funny & Interesting Facts about Arkansas State

Arkansas is the 25th state of united nation. This state is embodied with lots of interesting & fun facts in Historical, Legal and Geographical information. If you are an enthusiastic to invent the Arkansas State Facts this is for you.

With a brief history and lots of facts like interesting, funny & crazy. Arkansas state is famous for its Capital. This Arkansas state is well-known as “The Natural State”. Though it seems one of the most interesting fun facts about Arkansas it is the nickname of State. With a plenty of information and facts we made a short article about “The Land of opportunity”. Let’s check the information.

Fast Facts | Arkansas State Information

Name: Arkansas (A State of USA)
Capital City: Little Rock
Population: 3,017,804[2019]
Area: 53,179 sq mi (137,732 km2)
Official Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Top 20 Interesting Facts about Arkansas

What is Arkansas Known for

With 29th largest area, there is a lot of interesting facts of Arkansas state. We gather several interesting information about the state. Some of them funny and some of them are pungent. Let’s try to discover these.

No#1: Floods are common ancient and it happen here sometimes

Although Arkansas is a notoriously dry state, flood are real. It happens sometimes in this state. There are plenty of bodies of water and often it became higher from level. In 2015, Fort Smith had 73.39 inches of rain falls. On the back records, 44.83 inches is the highest rainfall in this nation. Now, it’s became the highest rainfall in United States.

No#2: Arkansas is “The Natural State”

Arkansas is well-known as The Natural state while there is no famous natural scene in this state. But it takes the name as the Nickname of Arkansas State. ‘The Land of opportunity’ is also the nickname of this state.

No#3: Dirty roads are beautiful

Dirty road means a road with the dried leaves, weeds, and other. These roads are passed away into the forests or scenic area. It looks beautiful while you are passing the place.

No#4: Arkansas is the tenth Worst state to live in

According to a survey in 2014, CNBC named “Arkansas is the tenth Worst state to live in” cause of its dirt. Though it is called “The Natural State” there is lots of dirt here in there of this state. Apart from it, air is brimful with the factory smoke. That is very unhealthy for resident.

Facts about Arkansas History

No#5: It is the home to the fifth worst Airport in the nation

In 2015, according to the features and facilities, XNA airport, Arkansas ranked as the fifth worst airport in America.

No#6: It is home to the three largest Diamonds ever found U.S

In 1990, there was found three diamonds in Arkansas, U.S. These are the largest Diamonds ever found in the Nation. Even these are the largest three Diamonds in the World. Now, it became permanent display at “Crater of Diamonds Visitor Center”.

No#7: Arkansas produces more Rice than any other state

With 1,143 square miles area, Arkansas produces almost 6 billion industry rice every year. This is the largest amount of rice produces in the nation. It is true that, Rice means a lots revenue amount for the State.

Fun Facts about Arkansas

No#8: It is home to the Largest Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Magnolia, Arkansas boasted the World’s largest Charcoal Barbecue grill which is approximately 70 feet in length and 90 feet in long.  This is one of the best world records for Arkansas.

What is Arkansas Famous for

No#9: This is the tenth most dangerous state in United States

Crime rates in Arkansas are increasing day by day. The state is ranked as the 10th most Dangerous state in the union. There are lots of crimes held in everyday.

Good things about Arkansas

No#10: A third of Arkansans need to fight with Fat

Arkansans love to eat fried food. Probably they didn’t interest to collect and cook vegetable in normally. Consequently, they became Fat. Over a third of Arkansans need to fight regular with Fat.

No#11: One third of Arkansans children live in poverty

As a census of Arkansas, One third of total Arkansans children live in poverty. They can’t enjoy their childhood with their family cause poverty. Apart of this, someone of them isn’t able to eat a full meal in a day.

No#12: This is the Third Least Physically healthy state of the union.

Arkansas State is 3rd least healthy state in the nation cause of its population habit. Cigarettes are a part of this problem. More than one quarter of Adult Arkansans take drug and smoke.

No#13: It’s illegal to keep an Alligator in a bathtub of your home.

There are some troubling parts of Arkansas legal. It is one of them. Whether someone wants to keep an alligator in a bathtub, they must make it legal.

No#14: It’s legal to beat your wife once in a month

There is a law to technically beat your wife in Arkansas. But it mustn’t be over than once in a month. Otherwise you will be faced the law of Arkansas.

Arkansas Facts for Kids

No#15: An Arkansas can get marriage at any age

In 2008, Arkansas passed a law for the resident of this state. “It’s legal to marry at any age as long as they had parental permission letter.” Now it became one of the most interesting law’s for the teen age.

No#16: It’s illegal to mispronounce “Arkansas”

It’s technically illegal to mispronounce the name “Arkansas” while you are on the state.

Arkansas Facts for Students

No#17: Arkansas has the 4th highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation

As of the 2013, the records of the nationwide pregnancy, Arkansans hold ranking as the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in U.S. As the record, 1,000 of Arkansans girls in 15-19 age who births 39.5 baby in a year.  But there is good news, the teen age pregnancy rate in decline day by day. According to the last statistics, its decrease down of 0.05%.

Cool Facts about Arkansas

No#18: This is the 29th state in the nation

Arkansas is consists with total 53,179 square mile area. It is a state in the south central region of United States. According to the area, this is the 29th largest state in the nation.

No#19: Arkansas is the 25th state in the United States

The territory of Arkansas joined the United States at 15th June, 1836. It became the 25th state of this union. During the Civil War in 1861, Arkansas retreat from the United States and joined the Confederate states of America.

No#20: It is the 33rd populous state in the nation

There is total of 3,017,804 people live in the state. As the population, this is the 33rd populous state in United States. But it seems a normal density in this Natural state. 21.8 people per square mile live in this state.

Arkansas Weird Facts

No#20: Arkansas is the second poor state in the Union

Although Arkansas has aplenty of population and land It is the 2nd poorest state in United States. There is total of $45,869 income for a Median household. It is one of the least incomes among the50 state of the union.

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