70 Interesting & Fun Facts about Barbados | Why Famous for?

70 Interesting & Fun Facts about Barbados | Why Famous for?

Caribbean tourism leader region “Barbados” is one of the hot places to enjoy you on the planet. Worlds beautiful beaches, authentic Caribbean culture, exiting colonial history, friendliest people and awesome restaurants make the “Barbados” amazing.

British sun-seekers love mostly this paradise of island. Barbados is primarily famous for Rihanna, Cou Cou & Crop over & Flying Fish.

But probably these things you already have an idea about Barbados. Here are some interesting & surprising facts about researched & chosen especially for kids.

Quick Facts About Niger

Official Name: Barbados
Population: 287,371 (2020)
Area: 439 sq km
Capital City: Bridgetown
Languages: English
Gross Domestic Product: 5.398 billion USD (2020) (World Bank)
Currency: Barbados Dollar
Time Zone: UTC−4 (AST)
– Source: Wikipedia

Interesting facts about Barbados to touch you:

What is Barbados Known for?

Name origination:

A Portuguese explorer called Pedro a Campos named the island “Los Barbados”.

British colony:

In 1627, the British first occupied Barbados.


The island got independent in 1966.


The nickname of the island is “Bim”.


The island is generally level, and there are some moving slopes in the focal point of the island.

First inhabitants:

Amerindians from Venezuela were the main native inhabitants on this island.

Capital city:

With 110,000 inhabitants (2021), Bridgetown is Barbados capital.


“The Barbados dollar” is the currency name of Barbados.


Most Barbadians are of Afro-Caribbean or blended plunge.

Literacy rate:

Around 99% of its Literacy rate over the age of 15 years all the Barbadians can read also write.


Barbados follows Parliamentary Democracy Government.


Almost 73% are Christians, although the majority being Protestants.


English is the official language, but locals use an English Creole language named Bajan to communicate.

National colors:

  • yellow
  • blue
  • black


All kids should go to school until the age of 16 years.

Tropical beaches:

The Caribbean is nothing without its lovely beaches the island is known for having the absolute most assorted seashores in the Caribbean.

why is barbados so popular


With the surfing crowd, The Caribbean is getting progressively popular, and islands like Barbados are at the cutting edge.

Rum birthplace:

Rum was originated in Barbados.

Highest point:

The country’s highest point is Mount Hillary.

Favorite’s game:

Barbados national game is cricket; this is beloved of all. Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes, including Sir Garfield Sobers, are all famous cricketers born in Barbados.

facts about barbados food

Favorite foods:

  • Fish;
  • Fish Cakes;
  • Flying Chicken Curry;
  • Pepperpot;
  • Jug Jug
  • Mahi Mahi/Dolphin
  • Pudding and Souse;
  • Brown Stew Chicken;
  • Roti;
  • Barbecued Pig Tails;

National food:

Flying fish & Cou-Cou is the national dish.

Flying fish land:

A popular get in Barbados is flying fish.

Oldest rum:

The world’s oldest rum is produced by the Mount Gay Distilleries in Barbados.

Rum shops:

If you are a lover of rum, then you should visit Barbados. This island has 1500 rum shops.

Rihanna the megastar:

On the island of Barbados the megastar Rihanna created a humble beginning.

History of pirate:

The Caribbean’s privateer history is charming oceans around here. Stede Bonnet & Sam Lord were Barbados two famous privateers.

Crop over festival:

An epic Caribbean celebration, presently Crop Over is Barbados’ biggest party.

Oldest parliament:

The world’s third oldest parliament is the parliament of Barbados.

Living cricket legend:

One of the greatest living cricket legends, Sir Garfield St. Auburn Sobers, is a Barbadian.


The inhabitants of Barbados prefer to introduce them as “Bajan”.

Cattle house:

A small, moveable wooden house is called a cattle house, and it has a close attachment to the heritage of Barbados.

Green monkey:

Though monkey is rare in the small island of Caribbean, a natural sight on this island is the green monkey.

Vantage point:

You can get amazing & photo-worthy views from some vantage point.

The root of Garrison Savannah:

Since the colonial era, Garrison Savannah has been established firmly in the Barbadian scene.

Horse racing:

Since 1982, a pure breed horse race has been on the Barbados Gold Cup schedule, and savannah plays host.

The mongoose:

Little, usually brown coloured/dark-hued hairy animal, were acquainted with Barbados from India for a specific explanation: to execute rats. In any case, there are still a significant number of mongooses on the island.

Dress code:

Being a fun holiday island, there has a dress code in Barbados. Also, because of the moderate British legacy, formal clothing is as yet seen now and again other than weddings and burial services.


A shirt and tie and sometimes a jacket are attire for business people. Ladies wear smart dresses.

The economy:

The travel industry, the international business area, and foreign direct-venture are the three main economic drivers of the country.

Growth rate:

The growth rate of the population is meager.

Why barbados famous for?

Jokes fact:

Barbados is famous in the jokes and meme world.

Underground lakes:

Barbados has many underground lakes

Surface without lake:

There are no lakes on the island’s surface.

Densely populated:

The Caribbean’s most densely populated country in Barbados.


  • Crane beach
  • Bridgetown
  • St. Nicholas Abbey
  • Morgan Lewis Mill
  • Harrison’s cave

Flight with Concord:

Barbados was the solitary occasion objective on the planet to be sufficiently favored to have a booked trip with Concord.

Marriage of celebrity:

In 2004, Tiger Woods got married, including many celebrity guests on this excellent island.

The Hurricane:

The last time a storm made landfall in Barbados was more than 40 years prior, making it perhaps the best island in the Caribbean to travel in the off-season.

Hotel and restaurants:

The hotel and restaurants are always opened in Barbados.

British influence:

Though Barbados is an independent island, the still British influences them.

Tie with British Monarch:

A British Governor-General is a representative of the ties between Barbados and the British Monarch.

The climate:

Barbados has more than 3000 hours of daylight every year. The warmest month recorded was in April and the coolest in January. The wettest month is November.

Bird species:

You can found 270 bird species in Barbados. Among them, 178 are uncommon.

Luxurious villa:

Probably World’s loveliest and Luxurious manors and get-away rentals are in Barbados.

Bajan dance:

Bajan dancing is quite hot! Local people have known it as Rockin up and tushing back.

Sugar producer:

With 491 active sugar plantations, the island was the huge producer of sugar.

Agricultural land:

There is 32% land for agriculture.


The country was a dense rainforest are where the wild pig ruled before the settlers were populated.

Surface geology:

Most of the surface geography is comprised of coral limestone of the country.

Export item:

Sugar, rum, manufactured goods and molasses are the main export items.


There were at first 400 standpipes introduced across the island; a lot of point of convergence in Barbadian town life traditionally.

First slave:

White people were the first slave in Barbados who had been considered as the enemy for many reasons.

The constructor of Bridgetown:

The capital city of Barbados was initially named “Indian Bridge” for the impolite extension, which had been developed ridiculously by the Indians.

The Lord Nelson Statue:

The statue of Bridgetown’s Trafalgar Square is older than the statue of London. Though, both are sharing the same name and fame.

First settler:

Barbadians was the first settler of South Carolina in the USA, also the first Governor.

Harrison’s Cave:

Harrison’s Cave, close to the focal point of the island, is a huge underground cavern with tapered rocks and stalagmites.

Most developed country:

Barbados now’s the foremost developed island country within the Caribbean.


It is accepted that the grapefruit was made in Barbados at some point in the 1700s

Queen Elizabeth II:

The island of Barbados intends to eliminate Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state in November 2016.

Barbados is the most beautiful country and tourist spot in the world. You can travel to Barbados without a visa. So make a plan to get a trip there. Now, you can enjoy it spontaneously, as you know many facts about Barbados. Don’t forget to mention your experience with this island.

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