Most Interesting & Fun Facts about Chad | What is Known for?

56 Most Interesting & Fun Facts about Chad | What is Known for?

Very few people have knowledge about Chad. Are you also in that group? If yes, then congratulation since you has already landed in the correct place. This central African country has many amazing things to know that will tackle or blow your mind after learning about it.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Chad so that we can gain a better understanding of the country.

Quick Fact | Information about Chad

Official Name: Republic of Chad
Population: 16,877,357
Area: 1.284 million sq km
Capital City: N’Djamena
Languages: French, Arabic, Sara
Major Religions: Muslim, Christian
Time Zone: UTC+1 (West Africa Time)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

Interesting Facts about Chad to Touch You

What is Chad Known for?

No#1: Named after Lake Chad

Chad’s name is inspired by Lake Chad, which is the second-biggest lake in Africa after Victoria Nyanza.

No#2: The Sahara Desert and Chad

One-third area of Chad is covered by the Sahara Desert, located in the Northern area of this country.

No#3: No FIFA World Cup match

Though the country has never played the final round of the FIFA World Cup match, they have some popular football players.

No#4: World’s best camel racers

In the Tibesti Mountains, there is an ethnic group named Toubou, the champion of camel racers. Every year, different completions are arranged.

No#5: Shortage of Physicians

 For every 100,000 citizens of Chad, there are only four physicians. They also have limited medical resources too.

No#6: 200 ethnic groups

 Around 200 ethnic groups live in Chad; that’s what makes them called “The Babel Tower of the World” due to such diversity.

Fun Facts about Chad Africa

No#7: Largest ethnic groups

Sara is the largest ethnic group in Chad, covering 28% of the country’s population. However, other ethnic groups also cover a significant percentage like Arab (12%), Daza (11%), Mayo-Kebbi (10%), etc.

No#8: A poor and corrupted country

In 2008, unfortunately, Chad stood 7th position as the poorest country by —also, in 2020, Chad ranked 160th position as one of the world’s most corrupt countries.

No#9: 80% are poor

According to WFP, around 80% population lives on the poverty line; they also face one of the highest levels of hunger globally.

No#10: Natural resources

Though Chad is a poor country, it has many natural resources, including petroleum, gold, oil, sand, salt, natron, limestone, kaolin, gravel, uranium, etc.

No#11: Only one television station

Only one television station is available in Chad, which the government owns.

No#12: 120 indigenous languages

There are around 120 indigenous languages in Chad, but Modern Standard Arabic and French are their two official languages.

No#13: Largest landlocked country in Africa

In Africa, Chad is the largest landlocked country out of the 16 landlocked countries; it is also the 21st biggest country globally.

No#14: Independency

On November 28, 1958, Chad got the title of a freedom country from France.

No#15: A dangerous country

Chad is one of the world’s dangerous countries, as kidnapping, terrorism, and many other violent crimes are common in this state.

No#16: Inhabitation

The inhabitation of Chad has started since a minimum of 500 B.C.

No#17: Traditional ceremonial music

In traditional ceremonial music, Chad men use a long metal trumpet named Kakaki, which portrays power.

No#18: Staple foods of Chad

Rice, sorghum, and millet are the primary foods of the country.

No#19: 22.31% literacy rate

In 2016, Chad’s literacy rate was 22.31%; the nation has one of the lowest literacy rates globally.

Chad Culture Facts

No#20: Religion

In Chad, 50% of people are Muslims; around one-third is Christian, and the rest adhere to indigenous religious traditions or have no faith.

No#21: Conflict between Muslims and Christians

There has been a long-running conflict between Muslims and Christians for several decades.

No#22: A high maternal mortality rate

Around 1,100 mothers die per 100,000 births in Chad that makes the country one of the highest maternal mortality rates globally.

No#23: Flag of Chad

Both Chad and Romania have the same flag with three vertical stripes of nearly the same color.

No#24: National symbols of Chad

Chad’s national symbols are the lion and the goat, which shows the reflection of their community.

Cool Things to do in Chad

No#25: 3 Decades civil war

Three decades of civil war have also taken place in Chad.

No#26: Lake Chad

Lake Chad is one of the primary sources of water for Chad’s people, along with the other three neighboring countries.

No#27: 250,000 Sudanese refugees

According to the UN, approximately 250,000 Sudanese refugees took shelter in Chad during 2003.

No#28: Crude Oil

Crude oil has a significant contribution to Chad’s economy since 2003.

No#29: Largest investor in Chad

The USA is one of Chad’s biggest investors; many famous American international oil companies invested their money here.

No#30: Traditional drinks

The traditional drinks of Chad are fruit juices and Bili bili (millet beer).

No#31: Increased transportation costs

The landlocked position of Chad leads to high shipping costs for products imported.

No#32: Supply of fuel

A single local refinery supplies the majority of Chad’s fuel.

Important Fact for Chad

No#33: More than one wife

According to Chad culture, it is not surprising to see a male having more than one wife.

No#34: Marriage of women

Before young women become 18, more than two-thirds of them would have been married.

No#35: Official Currency

Chad’s official currency is Central African Franc (XAF), which was first used in 1945.

No#36: Highest peak

The highest peak of Chad is located Emi Koussi; it is 3,415 meters away from sea level.

No#37: First national park 

The first national park of Chad is Zakouma National Park. It got international reorganization by nominating it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No#38: Boule

Boule is the national dish of Chad. Most Chadians eat this food almost every day.

What is Famous for Chad

No#39: Most popular places

  • N’Djamena
  • Sarh
  • Faya-Largeau
  • Am Timan
  • Bol
  • Ennedi

No#40: Awkward belief

Many Chadians of rural believe that they can see demons if they put some dirt in their eyes from the corner of a dog’s eye.

Weird Fact of Chad

No#41: Working in father-in-law’s fields

According to Chad culture, a male will work in the future father-in-law’s fields for three years.

No#42: Friendly people

Chad’s people are friendly and warm, but they want non-citizens to honor their traditions and values.

No#43: Traditional dress

Jalabiya is the traditional cloth of Chad for men, but Muslim males also wear boubous or complets. Like other African countries, Chadian women a special cloth named pagne. Women can wear any informal cloth, but they need to conservative and decent enough to cover most of the body parts.

No#44: Must shake hands

According to the Chad tradition, when a person meets other people, they will shake hands as part of the tradition.

No#45: No to left Hands

It is unacceptable to use left hands for receiving any food items or gifts from others.

No#46: Carrying ID card

Whether you are a citizen or non-citizen, you need to carry your ID card or other Identification stuff to prevent police detention.

No#47: Take permission for photography

Both citizens and non-citizens need to take the Ministry of Information’s permission before taking any photo of sensitive places or natural places.

No#48: Third-lowest life expectancy

The life expectancy of Chadian is the third-lowest globally, which was just 54.0 years in 2020.

Historical Fact about Chad

No#49: Festivals

Chad celebrates several festivals every year, including national day, labor day, independence day, Liberation of Africa, Proclamation of the Republic, Muslim events, and so forth.

No#50: 40% agriculture land

Major parts of Chad’s lands are not suitable for cultivating any foods; it has only 40% agricultural land.

No#51: N’Djamena 

N’Djamena is the capital of Chap, which covers a 1,600 km area in the country.

No#52: No tax on goods and services

Chadians don’t need to pay any tax for buying goods and services, but income tax for individuals and companies is applicable.  

No#53: 1.94% unemployment rate

Though Chad is one of the world’s poorest countries, it has only a 1.94% unemployment rate.

No#54: 1,527 people died in traffic accidents

In 2013, traffic accidents caused around 1527 inhabitants death.

No#55: Earning less than $3

Around 65% of Chadians earn only $3 every day.

No#56: Motto of the nation

“Unity, work, progress” is the motto of Chad, which means working together to build the country.


Which astonishing fact about Chad makes you short of words? The more you read about Chad, the more curious you are about the country. After reading all the interesting facts about Chad, you have surely enriched your knowledge of this country. Thanks for reading!

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