Funny & Interesting Facts about Claude Monet

11 Funny & Interesting Facts about Claude Monet

Claude Monet is one of the famous artists in the world. He has painted lots of painting in his life. Not only a model, he captures the whole nature in different season with different look. He was really a creative man. Instead of his art history, his life is replete with lots of sad and interesting facts.

Today we are going to apparent some interesting facts about Claude Monet. There are a plenty of facts of his life including his life crisis, Monet’s first wife, and his later age. With the full information of his life, we made a short article about Claude Monet facts. If you are interested to know about Claude Monet family and Influences of his life. This Article is for you.

Fast Facts | Cool Claude Monet Information

Full Name: Oscar-Claude Monet
Title: French painter
Born: November 14, 1840
Died: December 5, 1926
Country: French
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting Facts about Claude Monet

What is Claude Monet Famous for

Despite of Monet’s Art history, there is a lot of history and interesting information about Claude Monet life. You may think “What’s the interesting Fun fact of O. Claude Monet?” Then you will shock to know some facts of this artist life that is funny and interesting. In fact, his full name will shock you.

No more description, let’s check the Interesting and fun facts about Oskar Claude Monet.

No#:1 His full name is Oskar Claude Monet

Beforebecame an artist, Claude Monet is well-known as Oskar Claude Monet. This is the full name of this popular artist. Then he was became O. Claude Monet. May “O” is the short form of Oskar.

No#:2 In 1868, Monet “Attempt to Suicide”

After birth of his first son, Monet’s family was living in poverty. Because of his father didn’t support his carrier of Art and his relationship with Camille. Consequently, he cut off the financial relationship with Monet.

Monet became frustrate to struggling to support his family and continue his art. Finally he attempt to suicide by jumping from a bridge into Seine River. While he thinks about the life of popular artist, he decide to live and continue his struggle. That ancient brings a change in his life.

What was Claude Monet Famous for

No#:3 Before Becoming a painter, He was a popular Caricaturist

At the age of 15, Claude Monet had made something with his charcoal caricatures. He made this structure of a name of himself and he signed it as “O. Monet”. He sold the pieces for 10-20 francs each. With the caricatures design, Claude Monet became a popular caricaturist.

No#:4 Monet’s favorite Model was his first wife: Camille Doncieux

Monet loves a lot to his first wife instead of She was a pretty cool and simple women. Monet makes around 32 painting of his wife: Camille Doncieux. Most of these are popular including the critical one named “Camille”. This is acclaimed a “Woman in green dress”. Monet makes the painting about his first seen in the saloon.  

No#5: He was a military and served one year in Algeria

In 1861, by the age of 20, Monet had admitted into the first regiment of African light cavalry. When Monet refused to give up painting, his father declined to purchase the 2,500 franc exemption. Monet served for one year in Algiers until he affected with typhoid. Then his aunt stepped in to remove him for army force while he would complete a formal Art course.

No#6: Monet imported water Lillie from around the world

From 1883 until his last breath, Monet lived in Giverny, a village of France. Over the years, he collected a plenty of trees and plant them in his garden. Furthermore, he hired gardeners to plant the tress to create a beautiful and tranquil place in his home. He has invested a healthy amount in his garden by selling his paintings.

Monet imported the water Lillie from Egypt and South America. Though his local city council commands to stop it, he continues his collection. Finally he imported a large amount of Lillie from the different corners of the world. That makes an excellent view on his pond which he appeared in a series of water Lillie painting.

No#7: Monet’s step son and daughter became Husband-Wife

This is an interesting fun fact of Claude Monet life. After his died, Camille’s son and Hochode’s daughter got married. Both of them are Monet’s son and daughter. One of the Hochede’s six children and Camille’s son got married after their parents died. Although they are step-siblings they started a nuclear family as a couple.

Claude Monet Facts for Kids

No#8: Monet’s Second Wife feel Jealous of his First wife

Monet continues an affair with a business woman named Hochede while his first wife was alive. Hochede also a married women and she had a family.

In August 1879, Camille has died cause of launch cancer or it was uterine cancer. Then Monet got married again with Hochede after her husband death.

But when and then Monet feel very sad for his first wife who was the favorite women and model of Monet.  That’s why Monet’s second wife Hochede feels jealous of his first wife Camille and destroyed all letters and painting.

No#:9 He suffered from Cataracts for a long time

Despite his failing vision, he spent a long time of 30 years. He suffered from cataracts for the last 30 years of his life. Cataracts are an issue of eyes which makes unable to perceive the ultraviolet light. During time of his later age, he creates around 250 oil painting with his Cataracts issue.

No#10: Monet paint a color that’s typically unseen by human eyes

In 1923, Monet underwent cataract surgery on his right eye while his left eye operated on. Although he refused to get surgery, finally he caught it.

After that, he could see blues and violets through his right eye not the left one. It happens due to removal of lens. Instead of the color combination issue, Monet began to perceive and paint with a spectrum of color that typically unseen by human eye. This is one of the most interesting Facts of Monet lives.

No#11: Outdoor painting are more critical in his painting style

“Plein Air” is the first outdoor painting in his life where he captures the play of light on natural forms. His mentor was the first landscape to adopt this outdoor painting. He creates a plenty of outdoor painting in his lives. He creates a series of outdoor painting about Rain, mist, smoke, steam and so on. These all are most critical than any other painting in his life.


On the whole, Oskar Claude Monet has spent his life for painting. Consequently, he became one of the famous and popular artist in the world.

Although his life is brimful with sad there are some interesting facts of Monet. We’ve tried to appear these. Hopefully, you will got a little info of this favorite artist. Let me know your opinion of Claude Monet life.

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