66 Interesting Facts about Florida What's Famous for?

66 Interesting Facts about Florida What’s Famous for?

“The sunshine state” Florida is a dwelling state to Disney World. That’s pretty amazing! Florida is one of the world’s capitals for boating and fishing. With 20 million citizens, Florida is the 3rd most packed country in the U.S.

Florida is especially famous for its national forest, theme park, numerous beaches, natural scenery, Orange orchards, monuments & a few worlds’ best beaches. However, there are vast, interesting facts that turn Florida a most wanted destination for transplants & vacationers.

There are more interesting facts about Florida that will tackle your mind. Just scroll down to know the facts.

Important Facts about Florida

Official Name: State of Florida
Population: 21,538,187 (2020)
Area: 170,312 sq km
Capital: Tallahassee
Official Languages: English
Density: 155 sq km
Currency: USD
Income rank: 34th
Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (Eastern)
– Source: WikiPedia

Interesting facts about Florida to touch you:

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Name origination:

Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first sees the Florida on April 2, 1513 – he titled this state the “Pascua de Florida,” that refers “Feast of Flowers.”

State Capital

“Tallahassee ” is the state capital of Florida.

Bordering states

Florida is two bordering states Georgia and Alabama.


Florida has a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides, and the other is related to land.

Love Trees

St. Augustine in Florida has many love trees.

NASA First Communication Satellite

NASA’s First Communication Echo-1 was launched in Florida on August 12, 1960.

The Largest Tortoise

The Life Fellowship Bird Sanctuary has a large tortoise weighing 417 kg. It is 4 feet 5 inches long.

State Motto

The state motto “In God We Trust.”

Becoming a State

On 3 March 1845, Florida joined the Union as the 27th state.


Florida State covers 67 counties.

Income Tax

Settlers of Florida don’t need to pay any personal income tax.

The world’s most threatening tree

Florida has a world mostly poisonous tree “Manchineel.” This plant is very toxic and acidic. The tree is also known as the “little apple of death or the apple of the beach.”

State Nickname

“The Sunshine State, Orange State and Everglade State ” is the state nickname of Florida.

Popular sport

“American Football” is the most popular sport in the state.

Largest City

Jacksonville city is the largest city in Florida in the United States.

The Longest River

St. Johns is the longest river in Florida. It is 310 miles long.

The most significant Lake

With700 square miles of area, Okeechobee is the most significant lake in the state.

Fast Growing

Florida ranked 2nd position among the fastest-growing state in the U.S.

Official Language

“English” is the state official language of Florida.

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Famous People in Florida

There are so many famous people.

  • William H.Macy
  • Derrick Brooks
  • Tim Raines
  • Mitch Richmond
  • Pat Boone Singer
  • Ferando Bujones ballet dancer
  • Howie Dorough singer
  • Steve Carlton baseball player.

The Birds

Surprisingly, Florida has 516 species of birds; this may be exceptional in the world.

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The climate of this country is hot round the year, and the average temperature here is 65- 70 degrees in the north and 74 to 77 degrees in the South.

Largest Cities

The state’s largest cities are Jacksonville city, Miami city, Hialeah, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Port St., Lucie.

State Butterfly

“Zebra longwing” is the state butterfly.

State Flower

The state flower is Orange blossom.

State Bird

“Mockingbird” is the state bird of Florida.

State Tree

“Sabal Palm” is the state tree.

State Gem

Moonstone is the state gem.

State Marine

The state marine is “Florida manatee.”


Old Folks at Home is the state song.

Flag Details

The state flag structure in a white field with the state seal and added red cross.

Move to Florida

About 1000 people move to Florida on average every day.

Golf Course

Florida has more than 1250 golf courses than any other king. That is why this state is called paradise on the golf course.

Orange products

Florida ranks second in terms of orange production. About 75% of oranges are produced.

Theme park

Florida is the theme park confluence of the world. The best theme parks in Florida are –

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Universal Studios
  • Busch Garden
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studio
  • Island Of Adventure
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Volcano Bay


Florida is the most populous country in the United States. The U.S Census Bureau says the total population of the state is 21,299,325.


The Florida anthem is “Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky.”

Alligators and Crocodiles

This state is the world’s only place where Alligators and crocodiles stay together.

Fern Capital in The World

The city of Florida Payson is called the capital of Fern. This is because ferns are sent from the farms here to all the countries of the world. 

The Highest Point

Sea level above 345 feet and Sugarloaf Mountain at 312 feet is the highest point of Florida.

The Lowest point

Sea level at the Atlantic Ocean is the lowest point in Florida.

Iconic Foods In Florida

  • Key lime pie
  • Florida orange juice
  • Conch Fritters
  • The Cuban Sandwich
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Florida Stone Crab
  • Apalachicola Oysters
  • Craft Beer
  • Kumquats
  • Gator Tail

Literacy Rate

80.30% is the literacy rate of Florida; According to the National Center Education Bureau.

Shortest Donkey In The World

With the World Guinness record, surprisingly, Florida has the shortest Donkey.  The Donkey may be the world’s tiny jack.

National parks

The state has three national parks. There are:

  • Biscayne National park
  • Everglades National park
  • Dry Tortugas National park

State Forest

Florida has 37 state forests.


Florida has 260 officially designated beautiful highways and also five-level National beautiful highways.

The world’s First Airlines passenger

In 1914, January 1, St.Petersburg was the world’s first-class list passenger airline flight.

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Similar River Name

Withlacoochee, Florida is one of the only states with a similar river name; they used it twice.

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The Oldest Tree

Florida has the world’s fifth oldest tree. The tree was 3500 years old and 125 feet tall.

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Festival In Florida

There are almost too many best festivals in Florida. Such as:

  • Pensacola Seafood Festival
  • Electric Daisy Carnival
  • Fantasy Fest
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Daytona Bike Week
  • Venice Shark Tooth Festival
  • Waterlily Celebration
  • River O’Green Festival
  • Homestead Rodeo
  • Lantern Light Festival

State Drink

Orange Juice is the official state drink.

Flattest State

With less number of a hill, Florida is the flattest state in the U.S.


Florida is Hawaii, not the South State of America.

Driving Test

There is no more parallel parking for driving tests. But the new drivers need some tasks on the road. Such as:

  • Follow the sign’s safety
  • Shift the gears smoothly
  • Stay in the right lane
  • Stop the car rapidly and Safety.

Major Industries

Florida’s major industries are-

  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation


Florida is the first rank in the United States for Agriculture. There are agricultural Tomatoes, Oranges, Snap beans, Sugar, cucumbers, Grapefruit.

 Education system

The Florida education system includes public and private schools, Colleges, University and other private Institutions. Moreover, there are secondary and primary school systems that provide education in Florida.

Unemployment Rate

In 2021, the Unemployment rate of Florida is 4.8%.

Economy Rank

Florida’s Economy Outlook ranks 7th position in the United States.

Gross Domestic Product

Florida Gross Domestic Product (GDP) about 935.67 billion U.$ dollars in 2020.

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High-Speed Internet

Almost 78.3 percent of people use High-Speed Internet in Florida.

Natural Resources

Florida’s top natural resources are sugarcane, fish, orange seed, petroleum, and Phosphate. 

Popular Tourists

The most popular tourist destinations are:

  • Orlando
  • Naples
  • Miami
  • St.Petersburg
  • Key west
  • Tampa
  • Fort Myers and Myers Beach
  • Sanibel Island
  • St. Augustine
  • Pensacola

Fishing area:

Florida has more than 900 fishing and more than 800 freshwater springs than any other state.

Beloved Florida is the flattest state in the United States. In Particular, Florida is a great state with many attractions and peaceful places. How many of these Florida facts did you know before reading this? We are optimistic that you have enjoyed all the facts. Please, share it and comment your opinion below!

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