Interesting Facts About Ghana

50 Interesting Facts About Ghana | What is Ghana Known for?

Ghana is a country of 50 nations on the African continent. It is an independent country in West Africa. More than a hundred ethnic groups live here.

It is a country with rich culture, diverse environment and beautiful natural landscape which is enough to impress any tourist. And just by adding the historical monuments of Ghana, one can understand why Ghana is a unique country in the world.

So friends, let’s find out more about Ghana, the unknown and the interesting facts.

Quick Fact | All about Ghana

Official Name: Republic of Ghana
Capital City: Accra
Population: 29,340,248
Area: 238,533 sq km
Languages: English, Asante, Ewe, Fante
Time Zone: UTC 0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Interesting & Fun Facts About Ghana that Nobody Knows

What is Ghana Known for?

No#1: Meaning of Ghana

The meaning of Ghana is ‘Warrior King.

No#2: Official name

Ghana’s official name is “Republic of Ghana”

No#3: Lowland hill area

Ghana is arranged on the west coast of Africa and is also known as the lowland hill area.

Important Facts about Ghana

No#4: Border sharing

The nation imparts boundaries to Côte Ivoire toward the west, Burkina Faso toward the north, and Togo toward the east. The Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean are in South.

No#5: Artificial lake.

The largest manmade lake in the world is Ghana’s Lake Volta which can be seen from space.

No#6: Accra the capital

Accra is the capital city of Ghana. It is the port city and commercial hub with the most population and seat of its government.

No#7: Currency of Ghana

The official currency of Ghana is Ghana cedi named from seashells.

No#8: Climate of Ghana

Being near to the equator, Ghana has a hot climate.

No#9: Home to more than 100 tribes

There are more than 100 ethnic groups live here, six of them are main.  They are the Akan (Ashanti and Fanti), the Mole-Dagbani the Ewe, the Guan, the Ga-Adangbe, and the Gurma. The largest tribe in Ghana is the Ashanti.

Fun Facts about Ghana

No#10: Gaps between Ancient Ghana and present days Ghana

Old Ghana has found many miles toward the north of present-day Ghana between the Senegal and Niger waterways.

No#11: Part of the Wagadugu Empire

Ghana is known as the Empire of Wagadugu.

No#12: ‘Ghana’ The title

The ruler of the Wagadugu kingdom was given the title name Ghana.

No#13: First European

Portuguese were the first European who came to Ghana in 1470 to trade ivory, gold and slaves with other countries.

Ghana History Facts

No#14: Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle was made by the Portuguese in 1482.

No#15: “Ghana” the gold coast

Ghana got known as the gold coast because of the gold creation in the country.

No#16: Christianborg Castle

The Danish built a fort named Christianborg Castle in 1661, which turned into the center of slave trading.

No#17: Restriction of slave trading

The slave exchange was restricted in Ghana in the mid-nineteenth century.

Ghana West Africa Facts

No#18: The first independent country of Africa

In 1957 Ghana was the first of the sub-Saharan states to turn into a free country and the nation got known as the Republic of Ghana.

No#19: War for 77 years

The Anglo Ashanti war was the longest war from 1823 to 1900, against European last 77 years.

No#20: First president

The first president of Ghana after independence in 1957 was Kwame Nkrumah.

What is Ghana Famous for

No#21: Biggest gold producer

Ghana is the second-biggest gold maker in Africa.

No#22: The Largest producer of coffee bean

Ghana is the second biggest coffee bean producer in the world.

No#23: Education in Ghana

Here, the level of literacy is 76.6%. Most people can read and write.

No#24: Kente for national costume

Kente is a handwoven material of Ghana’s colorful national dress.

No#25: Fantasy coffins

The producer of ‘fantasy coffins’for world inside is Ghana.

Things to know about Ghana

No#26: Ghana’s food

Ghanaian food is a mixture of native flavors and outside impacts. Traditionally it is represented by the distribution of food crops. Jollof rice, Banku and Tilapia, Kenkey and fried fish, Tuo Zaafi etc are famous food in Ghana.

Peanuts, taro leaves, okra are used in many dishes. Serving of traditional salad in Ghana frequently consists of lettuce, tomato, onion, bubbled eggs, fish and a maybe startling fixing, heated beans!

Weird Facts about Ghana

No#27: Living wild ‘baboons’

At the savannah safeguarding, tourists visit Shai hills to see the living wild baboons who love to steal things food, individual things and surprisingly live chickens from the neighborhood.

No#28: Launching satellite

In 2017, Ghana has launched a satellite named GhanaSat-1 also has a space program.

No#29: Language

Mainly, the languages of Ghana were kept alive through oral practice. English is half of the country’s official language. Ashanti, Dagbani, Adinkra are also known as the Ghanaian language.

Ghana Culture Facts

No#30: Culture

Ghana’s cordial individuals and energetic environment have made it a well known objective. With dynamic celebrations, excellent workmanship and one of a kind culture, it is no big surprise that the nation is classified as “Africa’s capital of cool.” Let’s become familiar with somewhat more about this country.

No#31: Religion

Nowadays, most the Ghanaians are Christian. A sizable Muslim minority also exists with practice of traditional convictions.

No#32: Famous food

Fufu is the National food of Ghana. Ghana is famous for jollof rice.

Kingdom of Ghana Facts

No#33: Dressing style

The various styles of dress portrayed here are representative of the complex culture of Ghana. Current Ghanaians wear a blend of Western and customary apparel but remain supporters of brightly colored, intensely designed textures.

No#34: Children named

Ghanaian thinks, name influences on our spirit, personality and profession. Children’s first name of Akan tribes like the Fante and Ashanti – depend upon the arrival of the week on which they were conceived

No#35: Music origination

Traditionally, music had a social capacity in Ghanaian culture. Drumming was utilized as a type of correspondence, and stories advised utilizing music assisted with passing on the historical backdrop of Ghanaian individuals. Highlife is one popular genre

No#36: So good in soccer

Football is the national sport in Ghana. They also won the Africa cup of nations several times. The National football team of Ghana is known as black stars.

Important Facts about Ghana

No#37: Famous person

The seventh Secretary-General of the United Nation, Kofi Anan who received the Nobel peace prize was a Ghanaian, Edwin Gyasi and Jordan Ayew are famous for soccer. The international actors Boris Kodjoe and Idris Elba are also Ghanaian

No#38: Fastest man in the backward run

The fastest man in the backward run, Ferdie Adobe is a Ghanaian.

No#39: The economy

Farming records for about 20% of its GDP and utilizes the greater part of the labor force. Gold, cocoa and oil trades are significant sources of foreign trade.

No#40: Poverty in Ghana

Because of the high population rate, Ghana fights against poverty.

No#41: Legality of polygamy

Polygamy is permitted in Ghana and people have no problem with this.

No#42: Superstition about period

There is a superstition in ghana, Girls cannot go out with period, even school or church are also restricted.

No#43: Bosumtwi Lake

Many Ghanaian consider the Bosumtwi lake as a scared place. It has no deltas or outlets and is just renewed by precipitation.

No#44: The tradition of widow marriage

A Widow is expected to be married by a living brother of the late husband with all responsibilities of her and the children left behind.

No#45: Passing time by kid

After formal school hours, Ghana’s kids make themselves busy in play, games or dance.

No#46: The largest open-air market

West Africa’s biggest open-air market is situated at Kumasi in Ghana.

No#47: Protector of wild life

Ghana has six national park and also some nature reserves to protect wildlife. More than 650 butterfly species in the Kakum National Park, including the goliath swallowtails with almost 8 inches across.

Leopards, scarlet-tailed African gray parrots, Diana monkeys, hornbills, and flying squirrels are also found here. Elephants, warthogs, crocodiles, and hippos can be seen in the Mole National Park.

No#48: The fourth most peaceful country

Ghana is the fourth most peaceful country in Africa and 44 in the world.

No#49: Never won a gold medal at Olympic

Since 1952, Ghana never wins a gold medal at Olympic.

No#50: The oldest European building

The most established European structure in sub-Sahara Africa is found in Ghana.

Ghana known as the Gold Coast, Ghana flaunts extraordinary regular abundance and excellence, also monster markets, pioneer fortresses and enthusiastic culture. From Lake Volta — the biggest counterfeit repository on the planet — to unblemished coastlines, it is little marvel that Ghana is a well known vacationer location.

Yet, amidst excellence, kid dealing, fierce sex separation and outrageous neediness are common. While numerous Ghanaians face difficulties, there are motivations to trust and celebrate.

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