Interesting & Fun Facts About Illinois | What is Illinois Famous for?

38 Most Interesting & Fun Facts About Illinois | What is Illinois Famous for?

What do you love to know about Illinois? What is Illinois Famous for? Its rich history & different world-changing events make many people think about it!

Illinois is the place to many astonishing places, and boasts few of the more stunning landscapes, outstanding mountain ranges, and has surprising 309 state parks. Illinois has an offer too much that you won’t get bored.

Hence think once more! & check out our Interesting & fun facts points about Illinois. If we lost any good ones, comments below to share with us!

Fast Facts | Things about Illinois

Name: Illinois (A State of USA)
Capital City: Springfield
Population: 12,671,821[2019]
Area: 57,915 sq mi (149,997 km2)
Official Languages: Spanish, Amerindian dialects
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

37 Interesting Facts You Don’t Sense About Illinois!

What is Illinois Known for?

There is an affluence of interesting facts about Illinois, start from its history, geography, culture, and economy of this famed state!  Let’s start that may surprise you.

Fun Facts about Illinois

No#1: Name origination

Illinois’ name comes from the local Illiniwek people; that means “ordinary speaker.”

There is an affluence of interesting facts about Illinois, start from its history, geography, culture, and economy of this famed state!  Let’s start that may surprise you.

No#2: Best for sweet lovers

For sweet treats, Illinois is a great place. In 1940 in the city of Joliet, The first Dairy Queen started.  The world’s biggest cookie factory is in Chicago.

No#3: Standing Catsup Bottle®

Next to Route 159, the World’s massive Catsup Bottle® stands lordly, exactly south of inner-city Collinsville, Illinois. This unique water tower was made in 1949 (170 ft. tall) by the W.E. Caldwell Company.

Interesting Facts about Ilinois

No#4: Dyed green river!

The Chicago River is specific in the world which flows backward. Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, this river becomes dyed green!

No#5: The Willis Tower

In Chicago, the Willis Tower (1,451 feet) is the third leggy building in North America.

No#6: Modern skyscraper Building

In Chicago in 1885, the modern skyscraper was made for the first time; it was called the “Home Insurance Building.”

No#7: Ice cream controversy

Regarding ice cream invention, there is a lot of controversies, but “sundae” claims to originate from Garwood’s Drugstore in Evanston, Illinois.

Cool Facts about Illinois

No#8: Individualize license plates

Illinois is in the third position regarding Individualize license plates.

No#9: Snowballs-only boy

Have you heard about Mount Pulaski, Illinois; only boys have illegality to throw snowballs at trees!

No#10: The world’s tallest man

The world’s tallest man “Robert Pershing Wadlow, was born in Alton, Illinois. He was 8’11” (last recorded in 1940), 491 pounds weighing, and 37 shoes.

Weird Facts about Illinois

No#11: Largest popcorn producer city

In Illinois, more than 333 farms harvest popcorn on 47,000 acres, becoming the third-highest popcorn producer. That’s why popcorn is Illinois’ state snack.

No#12: Tasty Twinkies!

Tasty Twinkies were originated by James Alexander Dewar On 1930, April 6, in Schiller Park, Illinois.

No#13: “Pumpkin capital of the world”

Almost 85% of packaged pumpkin is grown & processed here in Morton, Illinois; that’s why the city is called the “pumpkin capital of the world,” During September, the second week an annual Pumpkin Festival celebrate here.

No#14: Square Dance

The Square Dance was announced as the official dance of Illinois in 1990.

Interesting things about illinois

No#15: “Candy Capital of the World.”

Chicago was titled the “Candy Capital of the World” as this country stands for dozens of candy companies since the 1900s.

No#16: Lovely McDonald’s!

In 1955, in Des Plaines, Illinois, the first McDonald’s opened.

No#17: The monotonous states in the U.S.

In the U.S., Illinois is one of the monotonous states—so flat that the Charles Mound-top natural point is only 1,235 feet up from sea level. They permit visitors only a few weekends a year to sit in lawn chairs to enjoy the view.

No#18: Lincoln Park Zoo

In 1868 Lincoln Park Zoo was established, and a pair of swans was offered as a gift from New York’s Central Park Board of Commissioners. A bear cub, the first official animal, was brought for $10 in 1874.

No#19: White oak

White oak is the Illinois state tree.

Interesting Fact about Chicago

No#20: The fire burned in Great Chicago

The fire burned in Great Chicago was happened On October 8, 1871, about 3.3 square miles. Some buildings endured in the fire zone are Saint Michael’s Church, Chicago Avenue Pumping Station, Chicago Water Tower, and the Holy Family Church & Saint Ignatius College.

No#21: Farmland

Almost 80% of Illinois is powdered of farmland.

No#22: Slavery abolishment

As the first state in the U.S., Illinois ratify the Constitution’s 13th amendment that eliminated slavery.

No#23: Famous Lincoln-Douglas debates

Famous Lincoln-Douglas debates (in the slavery issue) were hosted in Ottawa, Jonesboro, Freeport Charleston, Quincy, Galesburg, and Alton that grasped interest all over the country.

What is Illinois Famous for

No#24: Aquarium

The country first Aquarium started in Chicago, 1893.

No#25: Mormon Temple

You can enjoy the Mormon Temple in Illinois was built in Nauvoo.

Chicago History Facts

No#26: Abraham Lincoln’s history:

Before becoming President, Abraham Lincoln served in the Illinois legislature and also exercised law in Springfield. Just outside Springfield at Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, Abraham Lincoln is buried.

No#27: Capital cities

Before Springfield, Kaskaskia and Vandalia were Illinois capital cities. It has 102 counties.

No#28: First nuclear fission reactor

On December 2, 1942, with a small band of scientists, Enrico Fermi demonstrated that an easy built of graphite cube and uranium lumps might originate controlled heat.

A squash court downward the football stadium at the University of Chicago was selected for the first nuclear fission reactor.

No#29: Worst prison camp

Rock Island is considered the worst prison camp, counting percentages of death during the Civil War.

No#30: Birth on record

Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable’s daughters & his Potawatomi Indian wife’s birthdates were recorded in Chicago in 1796.

No#31: Weather variation

Weather variation makes Illinois well known; major winter storms, spectacular heat, deadly tornadoes, and cold waves.

No#32: Name love

For boys, Illinois’s love Michael mostly & for girls, Emily is chosen mostly.

No#33: Charges against a bird

President of the Chicago Cubs charged a file against a bird in the bleachers for holding a fly ball and keeping it. It happened in 1905.

Fun Facts about Chicago

No#34: Jibarito a testy sandwich

Being a home of a lot of great things, Chicago’s native invented jibarito; it is a sandwich originated by the city’s Puerto Rican community. First, make traditional bread fried plantains and then make it fill with tomato, sliced steak, Lettuce, and cheese & mayonnaise. Truly this sandwich is exceptional.

Important Facts about Illinois

No#35: Underground construction:

Underground construction in Chicago began in 1899, intending to make a telephone system. As erection continued, it found a narrow-gauge freight railroad and used as a gate for the goods moving.

No#36: Hometown of superman fiction:

Metropolis, the Hometown of superman fiction, divided its name with a native city 360 miles south of Chicago. You can enjoy a Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois, outright with an outer phone booth, and throw an annual Superman Celebration.

No#37: Making the city building higher

Engineers applied hydraulic jacks; every city building of Chicago was made high up to six feet to save the city from serious flooding and disease in the 19th century.

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