49 Interesting Fun facts about Indiana | What is Known for?

49 Interesting Fun facts about Indiana | What is Known for?

Love for basketball & car racing Indiana is well known for it; corn &, inspirational games stories also famous things.

Snuggled between Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, & Kentucky is Indiana, a state of Midwestern. Indiana has the nation’s second-largest automotive industry and is pattern the U.S manufacturing job growth.

A lot of surprises talk about Indiana we are going to tell you to wonder. There lie lots of rivers, birds, Lakes, a children’s Zoo, a rainbow beach, and many natural, exciting things.

So, let’s dig out some interesting facts about Indiana’s untidy.

Important facts about Indiana

Official Name: State of Indiana
Population: 6,785,528 (2020)
Area: 94,321 sq km
Capital City: Indianapolis
Official Languages: English
Median Household Income: $54,181 (2017)
Density: 70.7/km2
Income Rank: 37th
Time Zone: UTC+1 (West Africa Time)
– Source: Wikipedia

Interesting Facts about Indiana to touch you:

what is indiana known for

How Indiana got its name:

Indiana’s name means to the original Native Americans, which means “Land Of Indians” or “Land Of The Indiana.”

Indiana Nickname:

Indiana adopted the nickname “The Hooiser State,” and Indiana has been called Hoosier, the Classical state nickname.


“Indianapolis” is the Capital of Indiana, the 38th – largest city.


This country is the 17th most populous city with a population of 6,691,878.

The Geography of Indiana:

  • Highest Point: in the subdivision/county of Wayne, Hoosier hill is situated at 1,257 feet high.
  • Lowest Point: in the subdivision/county of Posey, the Ohio River is situated at 320 feet low.


The English language is adopted as the formal language in Indiana State.

Indiana Famous person:

  • Basketball players – Larry Bird
  • Actor – James Dean
  • Author – Kurt Vonnegut
  • Infamous Criminal – John Dillinger
  • Singer and Songwriter – Michael Jackson
  • News anchor and talk show host – John paisley
  • Astronaut – Gus Grisson

Major City:

The major cities in this country are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Carmel.


Indiana’s primary industries are-

  • agriculture,
  • manufacturing,
  • grain,
  • mining,
  • pharmacist,
  • automobiles,
  • dairy products,
  • chemical products
  • And machinery.

National Flag:

There are just two colors in Indiana’s state flag. Blue-the background color is with 19 stars, a flaming torch in gold. Paul Hadley designed the flag.

Historical facts about Indiana

Basketball History:

In 1930 basketball game begins its journey, then it was played for the first time. The country became the first National championship in men’s basketball.

Tourist Spots:

To see the beauty of natural scenery, This country is one of the most wonderful places, such as the white river, zoo, Indianapolis museum, lakes, Ohio river, and more exciting spots.

White River:

Up The white river state park is also a great starting point for an Indianapolis adventure. It is surrounded by countless other famous.


Downtown Indianapolis is pack up with various hot places to sure stop you, and the Indianapolis zoo is most favorite of them. It is a zoo with over 3800 different animals from over 320 species.

Popular Food in Indiana:

These are the famous foods of Indiana; beef or chicken noodles, persimmon pudding, pork tenderloin sandwiches, sugar cream pie, chili, sweet corn, county fried steak, fried chicken, and ribs.

 State Flower:

“Peony” (Paeonia) is the state flower of Indiana. It has red, pink, or white color spices that evolve in late May.

State Bird:

JiIndiana’s is the state Bird name of “Northern Cardinal.”

State Tree:

The “Tulip” tree is designated as the formal tree of Indiana, also called the “Yellow Poplar.”

State Fish:

Indiana doesn’t have a state fish.

State Song:

“On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away,” is the official song written by Tere Haute native Paul Dresser. In July 1897, this song was issued first & sang out in Indiana General Assembly on March 14, 1913.

National Museum:

In South Bend, Indiana, U. S, “the Studebaker national museum” is situated. This museum offers an accumulation of automobiles, Wagons & different features of American history.

Traditional Dress:

Women’s fashion clothing, tops, shirts, jeans, and sherpa jackets. Men’s fashion clothing is T-shirt, jeans, shirt, coat & jacket, trousers blazer, and sport jackets.


Christianity is the dominant religion in Indiana, and the country population other religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

fun facts about indianapolis

Motor Speedway:

In the U.S. Indianapolis Motor speedway makes the history of the first lengthy auto race ever. “The Indy 500,” an annual automobile race, occurs at the Indianapolis motor speedway.

 There lies a unique tradition that the race winner is given to have a bottle of chilled milk.

Popular Festival:

Some popular festivals in Indiana’s are:

  • Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
  • Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration
  • Circus City Festival
  • Indiana State Fair
  • Jasper Strassenfest
  • Indy Jazz Fest
  • Zoopolis 500
  • Pierogi Fest
  • Three Rivers Festival
  • Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival.

Professional Game & sports:

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey are played professionally played here; professional sports teams are also made. In Fort Wayne, the professional baseball game was taken place for the first time.


Soundly, you will find fourteen casinos in Indiana. With 3002 gaming machines, “Horseshoe Hammond” is the largest casino in Indiana.


The total Gross Domestic Product 372,6367 million dollars.


The US Dollar (USD) is the state currency that is split up 100 cents. Central Banks have the power to trade foreign currency. ATMs and credit cards are accepted broadly. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday is the Banking hours.


Corn, hogs, dairy products, soybean, and chicken eggs are the top five agricultural products in Indiana (according to 2017).

Farming State:

With 96% of family-owned farms, Indiana belongs to the tenth biggest farming State in the U.S.


There are 86 lakes in Indiana. “Lake wawasee” is a natural lake in Indiana. It is the largest natural lake.

Three National Parks:

There is national park Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, George Rogers Clark National History Park, and Indiana Dunes National Park in Indiana.


In the U.S. nation, Indiana is the following biggest producer of popcorn; it produces more popcorn than any other U.S state.

Natural Resources:

Coal, Gas, oil is the most valuable natural resources; they also have Gravel, mines, Sand, and Limestone.

International Airport:

“Indianapolis International Airport” is seven miles far from the Southwest of central Indianapolis in Marion.

Social Media:

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Gov Delivery are used as the social Media of Indiana.

Santa Claus- Mail Call:

Over a half-million “Dear Santa” letters are given to Santa Claus at Christmas time every year. Santa’s little assistance is to try to find them to the North Pole at Christmas time.

Odd Laws Ever:

If you are outing for fishing, look up your gear as it is totally unfair to catch a fish with a crossbow, firearms, dynamite, or your bare hands.

If you feel really thirsty, don’t seek liquor in the store, it’s bent for them to offer you water or any sort of cold soft drink.

Raising Goldfish:

In 1899 In Martinsville, a successful goldfish farm was opened for the first time.

Cartoon cat Garfield:

Jim Davis, the inventor of the renowned cartoon cat Garfield, comes from Marion, IN. also build his home in Indiana.

“Covered Bridge Capital of the World:”

Parke County has gained the name of “Covered Bridge Capital of the World” and 32 bridges.

weird things about indiana

Human brain sculpture:

The world’s most enormous artificial Human brain sculpture lies in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at Indiana University.

Almost 7 feet high from ground & 10,000 pounds weights built of Indiana limestone.

Dynamic torched town:

Wabash, Indiana, is the first Dynamic torched town in the world.  On March 31, 1880, the surprising event occurred while four 3,000 candle electric lamps were put up on the Courthouse dome of Wabash County at 8 p.m.

“The Mother of Vice Presidents.”

From Indiana, Six men have been appointed as the U.S vice president. That’s why “The Mother of Vice Presidents” was given as another nickname.

State’s motto:

 The “Crossroads of America” is the state motto as a huge number of transportation routes go across the state.

First train robbery:

The U. S First train robbery that happened in Indiana looted almost $13,000.

Biggest painted ball:

In Alexandria, Indiana lies the world’s most giant painted ball. At first, it was only a baseball enveloped with a painted layer. But now, the owner is adding a wide number of painted layers to it; that’s why the ball is becoming big. 

Which interesting Facts about Indiana surely tickle your brain, and tell us in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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