80 Interesting & Fun Facts about Ireland

80 Interesting & Fun Facts about Ireland | History, Culture, News

We usually boycott to protest any injustice. Do you know how or from where the word boycott originated? Yes, if thinking about Ireland, you are absolutely right.

Ireland is perhaps the greenest country on the planet; people live in other countries more than their own country. This country has done the work of submarines in the World. The beauty and charm of the girls of this country are beautiful as nature.

If you fear snakes and think about a snake less country, stay with us. Today we will talk about a snake less island which is also a country.

Let’s dig out some interesting facts about Ireland together.

Quick Information All about Ireland

Official Name: Republic of Ireland
Capital City: Dublin
Population: 6,572,728 (2016)
Area: 84,421 sq km
Languages: English, Irish
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)
(Source: Wiki)

Interesting Facts About Ireland to touch You

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No#1: Snake-free:

It is snake-free land. Moles, weasels, polecats or roe deer are also rare.

No#2: Highest cliff:

Europe’s second-highest cliffs are Croaghaun.

No#3: Walled City Park:

The third-biggest walled city park in Europe is Phoenix Park in Dublin.

No#4: Finest Japanese garden:

The Japanese garden of the Irish National Stud’s in Kildare is the best of their kind.

No#5: Largest zinc mine:

The World’s fifth largest zinc mine is the Tara Mine near Navan, County Meath, also the largest in Europe.

No#6: Longest place:

Muckanaghederdauhaulia is the name of the most extended spot in Ireland.

No#7: River:

The longest river is the River Shannon in Ireland.

Facts about Ireland Culture

No#8: Capital:

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. It is the country’s central port, a focal point of economic and business force, and seat of culture.

Ireland History Facts

No#9: Oldest boat:

Europe’s oldest surviving kind of boat is the Boyne coracle or curragh.

No#10: Adopting the feudal system:

The last country adopting the feudal system in Europe was Ireland.

Fun Facts about Ireland

No#11: Abolish slavery:

Europe’s last nation to abolish slavery of its own people was Ireland.

No#12: Last Catholic country

To adopt catholicism, the last country was Ireland in western Europe.

No#13: Hundreds of minor kings

Ireland was unified under hundreds of monarchies.

No#14: Two-chamber parliament house

The Irish Houses of Parliament was the first purpose-built two-chamber parliament house in the World.

No#15: Maternity hospital

The oldest continuously operating maternity hospital in the World is the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin.

Cool Fact about Ireland

No#16: Titanic

Belfast, Ireland, is the place where the Titanic was built.

No#17: Butter exporter

World’s largest butter exporter in the late 18th century was Cork.

No#18: The word Boycott

The word boycott originated from an Irish man named Captain Charles Boycott.

No#19: Commuter railway

The railway between Dublin and Dun Laoghaire was the first suburban commuter railway in the World.

No#20: Guillotine

Ireland was the user of guillotine before France.

Weird Facts about Ireland

No#21: Postcode

Ireland had no postcode before 2015.

No#22: Living in abroad

The Irish live abroad than their land.

No#23: Religion

There are around 88% of individuals  Roman Catholic.

No#24: St. Patrick’s Day

The parade of St. Patrick’s Day was held first in the United States, not in Ireland.

No#25: Emerald Isle

Because of being green, Ireland is called the Emerald Isle.

No#26: Not Irish

St. Patrick was not Irish; he was born in Wales.

No#27: Cloth

Irish garments are, for the most part, all around made and have a long history of importance appended to them. Aran jumpers, Irish Tweed, are the fabric of Ireland.

No#28: Halloween

Halloween was originated from Samhain, the Irish festive.

No#29: White House

An Irishman designed the White House.

No#30: Natural ginger

Just around nine per cent of Irish individuals are really characteristic gingers.

No#31: St. Valentine

The Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, where St. Valentine is really buried.

No#32: Surname

The surname that starts with “Macintosh” signifies ‘child of’ and starts with “O” signifies ‘grandson of’.

Important Facts about Ireland

No#33: Oscar

The award of Oscar was designed by an Irishman.

No#34: Birthrate

Because of the high birthrate, the population of Ireland is younger.

No#35: Wet summer

Ireland has probably the wettest environment in Europe. So the myth about wet summer is true.

No#36: Accents

There are hundreds of accents with their own unique flavour in Ireland’s every town.

No#37: Speaking Irish

Generally, 2% of individuals in Ireland daily speak Irish.

Republic of Ireland Facts

No#38: Polish

At home, Polish is spoken more than Irish.

No#39: First language

Though English is used proudly but technically, the first language is Irish.

No#40: Harp

Irish National symbol is Harp.

No#41: Shamrock

Though shamrock is not a national symbol, it used in Irish passports as featured on the front.

Unique Things about Ireland

No#42: Flag

France inspired the national flag of Ireland.

No#43: Wearing green

As per this Time post, wearing green occurred after the 1798 Irish Rebellion when the clover turned into an image of Irish patriotism.

No44: Traditional food

Soda bread, Shellfish, Irish stew, Boxty etc., are the traditional food.

No#45: Guinness

Guinness is sold in Nigeria more than in Ireland.

No#46: Cost of beer

The position in the average utilization of beer per individual is 6th in the World.

Interesting Things about Ireland

No#47: Cost of tea

The third-biggest utilization of tea per capita has in Ireland.

No#48: Economy & production-Guinness

There are more than 10 million pints of Guinness are produced in Dublin daily.

Random Facts about Ireland

No#49: Software

The largest exporter of software in the World is Ireland.

No#50: GDP

Ireland had the 2nd highest GDP per capita in the EU in 2009.

No#51: Human Development Index

In 2009, World’s 4th highest Human Development Index had Ireland.

No#52: Economic freedom

Ireland’s economic freedom was the 9th worldwide in 2012.

No#53: Computer

Ireland makes 25% of Europe’s computer.

What is Ireland Famous for

No#54: Headquarter

Ireland has the customer service operations or European headquarters of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Motorola, Lotus, Dell, and Boeing Computer Services.

No#55: Argentina’s navy

An Irishman founded Argentina’s navy.

No#56: Yacht race

The first recorded race of open yacht race was held in Dublin Bay.

Amazing Facts about Ireland

No#57: Motorboat racing

The Harmsworth Cup was the main yearly worldwide honour for speedboat hustling.

No#58: Natural harbour

The second-biggest natural harbour by navigational area is claimed Cork Harbour in the World.

No#59: Games and winner -Olympic

Since the Bronze Age Ireland has had its own Olympics.

No#60: The Tailteann Games

In honour of the deceased goddess Tailtiu, was held Tailteann Games, athletic contests.

No#61: Stadium

Europe’s fourth-biggest stadium in Croke Park in Dublin

No#62: Hurling

A type of Irish game hurling is older than 3000 years.

No#63: Winner- Eurovision song:

Ireland is the seven times winner of the Eurovision song contest.

No#64: Science-Invention

John Philip Holland invented the submarine in Ireland.

No#65: Low power

Ireland’s president has very low power.

No#66: Female president

There are two female presidents in Ireland, more than most nations on the planet.

No#67: Gay marriage

Since 2015, Gay marriage is lawful.

No#68: Abortion

Abortion is legal since 2018.

No#69: Drunk

Being drunk in public is illegal since 2009.

No#70: Tax rate

Because of low tax rates, there are lots of multinational companies that set up offices in Ireland.

No#71: Heritage site-Longest costal

The longest beachfront drive route is the Wild Atlantic Way in the World.

No#72: The oldest-Yacht club

Ireland has the World’s oldest yacht club, the Royal Cork Yacht.

Famous Things from Ireland

No#73: Pub

Sean’s Bar is the oldest pub in Ireland.

No#74: Hotel

Ireland’s oldest hotel is in the Woodenbridge Hotel.

No#75: Anglo-Norman castle

The first Anglo-Norman castle was Trim Castle, built in Ireland; also the largest built.

Things Ireland is Known for

No#76: Inhabited castle

The most established inhabited castle is Kilbrittain Castle, County Cork, Ireland.

No#77: Lighthouse

The most seasoned beacon on the planet is Hook Lighthouse in Wexford.

No#78: Newgrange

Newgrange is an ancient temple that is older than the Giza’s pyramid and Stonehenge.

No#79: Irish ancestry

In the US Census of 2000, there are 34 million American has Irish ancestry.

No#80: Abroad living

More than 80 million people are living abroad in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and the states of the Caribbean, Mexico, New Zealand and continental Europe.

The writing is on the wall, The Irish fact you likely didn’t know! Let us know how many of these facts were yours known.

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