Interesting & Funny Facts about Kansas State

Top 20 Interesting & Funny Facts about Kansas State

With 82,278 square mile are, Kansas is the 34th state of United State. There is always something different to know about Kansas. This is really an Amazing State with lots of history and interesting information.

Kansas state contains lots of history in the flatter land. There is almost 88% farm land in this state which makes a plenty of interesting facts about Kansas. In our deep research, a number of interesting fun facts about Kansas apparent to us.

We are able to invent “What does Kansas mean?” and “What Kansas is famous for?” or Want to know What are top 20 Funny Fact About Kanas State? If you an enthusiastic to invent the new fun facts of Kansas. Let’s try to do this.

Fast Facts | Cool Facts about Kansas

Name: Kansas (A State of USA)
Capital City: Topeka
Population: 2,913,314[2019]
Area: 82,278 sq mi (213,100 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting and Fun Facts about Kansas State

What is Kansas Known for

With a brief history, The Sunflower state embodied some secret information. Most of them are funny and interesting. These are now apparent in this article.

No#1: Kansas is the Sunflower state

“The Sunflower State” is the Nickname of Kansas State. The State is well-known in this name cause of  Sunflower is the official state flower of Kansas.

Besides, the state is popular as “The Wheat state”. Because of the state major supply of wheat than any other state.

No#2: There is no Official fish in this State

Obviously a state has an official state fish, but there is no fish this state. This is one of the most interesting fun facts about Kansas and silly information of this state.

But Alas! It’s true for The Sunflower State.

Weird Facts about Kansas

No#3: It’s illegal to hunt whales in Kansas

In Kansas, there no rights to hunt a whales even though it is in the center of state. It’s completely illegal to hunt whales with no coastline in sight.

No#4: It is also illegal to shoot Rabbits from motorboats

It is completely restricted to shoot Rabbits from Motorbike. Whether anyone broke the rules he might face the legal issue of this state.

No#5: Kansas takes the same rank in admission number and population of the union

34th is the rank for both admitted number and the population of US union. This is only state with this fun fact.

Kansas admitted to the union at Tuesday, 29th January, 1861 and became 34th state of the union.

As of the 2013, with almost 3 million people it became 34th populous state in the nation.

Funny Facts about Kansas

No#6: No one can sing the alphabet in streets at night

It is illegal to sing the Alphabet in streets of Topeka While there is night. This is really interesting information of Kansas.

No#6: Kansas is the second state with active tornado

Kansas holds around 67 tornadoes in a single year. This the second number of this nation. Texas takes the first position.

Interesting Facts about Kansas

No#7: It supply more Wheat than any other state

Kansas plays the major role to supply Wheat in the nation. In a single year, It produces a large amount of wheat which is enough to bake almost 36 billion loaves of bread. All population of the world can eat the breads for two weeks! That’s really an amazing fact of Kansas.

No#8: It’s home to the tallest water slide

There is the World’s tallest waterslide in Schlitterbahn Water Park, Kansas. That’s taller than the Niagara waterfalls. Whether, you love to take adventure, it might be the best option for you.

No#9: Kansas is a store house of prairie

There is a plenty of prairies. Every kinds of prairie can be found here.  This is the only state with every kinds of prairie.

No#10: It is home to the World’s first pizza hut

In1958, World’s first pizza hut is opened in Wichita, Kansas. Dan and Frank Carney both are brothers and Students at Wichita State University. They borrowed $600 from their mother to start their pizza business. Now its became one of the largest business in the world.

What is Kansas most Famous for

No#11: First White castle hamburger restaurant opened in Kansas

As the pizza hut, first hamburger restaurant also opened in Wichita, Kansas. This was the very first of 1921.

No#11: Dodge, Kansas is the Windiest city in the Nation

It is all around 14 miles per hour speed air flows through the Dodge city. This is the highest speed in United States.

No#12: Kansas is the place of tornadoes

Kansas has on average 61 tornadoes in every year. As a record of 2007, a tornado destroyed almost 95% of Greenburg, Kansas State.

In 1928, there was held a tornado which rated as EF5 and it was very strong. That can be plucked the feathers off the chickens. Consequently, the state is popular as the “Tornado Alley”

Interesting Things about Kansas

No#13: It is flatter than a Pancake

Most often, people say Kansas is flatter than pancake for long since ago. It comes true in 2003. Geographic tested their theory with digital model of IHOP pancake.

It turns true that, “It is really flatter than a pancake”! But there many other state flatter than knasa including Illinois and Florida.

Important Facts about Kansas

No#14: Wichita, Kansas is a plane manufacturer city

Wichita is one of the top cities to manufacture Plane. This is the most plane manufacture city in the U.S nation.

No#15: It is the origin place of Dial telephone

In 1889, Almon Stowger of EI Dorado invented the Dial Telephone in Kansas State. This is really an Interesting facts and invention of Kansas.

No#16: Kansas is the 34th populous state in U.S

As of the 2013 survey, almost 2,893,957 people live in the Kansas state. That makes it 34th populous state in the union. The density of population utmost of normal limit. Total of 35 people live in a square mile of Kansas.

Fun Facts about Kansas

No#17: The state is embodied with farmland

Kansas is made with total of 231,100 square km area. Most of them are flat and plain. Almost 211,754 square miles can be used as the farmland. That’s all around 88% of total area.

Consequently, it produces lots of wheat from this land and play a major role to supply wheat in the nation. Furthermore, Agriculture became one of the major industries of this state.

No#18: Aircraft industry is the major industry of this state

As of the Wichita cities, there are a number of aircraft industry in this state. These are more famous to manufacture the plain. As a Result, it plays an important role on the state economy.

Apart from it, Agriculture, car manufacturing also plays a vital role in this.

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