Interesting Facts about Kentucky State | What is Known for?

25 Fun, Cool & Interesting Facts about Kentucky State | What is Known for?

Interesting Facts about Kentucky: With 4,467,673 of the population in 40,408 sq miles area, Kentucky is full of fun and interesting facts. You may think what is top fun fact about Kentucky? There are numerous fan facts in Kentucky including its nickname and rich history. Here are several interesting and fun facts about Kentucky states that will shock you.

After spent a long time in the investigation, our team members able to gather vast funny information and facts of Kentucky. We are pleased to present the information in the short article. This article also consists How did Kentucky get its name? and What Kentucky is famous for?

If you are also enthusiastic to know the interesting information about this bluegrass state, keep reading the whole article. That will provide vast knowledge about this 15th state of the USA.

Fast Facts | All about Kentucky State

Name: Kentucky (A State of USA)
Capital City: Frankfort
Population: 4,467,673[2019]
Area: 40,407 sq mi (104,656 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (Eastern)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Fun & Interesting Facts about Kentucky

What is Kentucky Known for?

Some People find three Facts about Kentucky, Somehow ask here what is the top fact about this sate, also some people want five or ten fact about this cool state.

Today here we will share top 25 funny & interesting facts about Kentucky which make you more interest about this state. In this list including basketball, state, people, location, famous place also for kids. So Let’s begin…

No#:1 Kentucky got its Nickname literally

How did Kentucky get its Name?

As you know, Kentucky is well known as Bluegrass. This is a nickname for this state. Its gots the nickname since its covered with a type of grass named bluegrass. During Spring season, it looks blue with all of the buds and grass growing day by day. Basically, Kentucky contains fertile land which is compatible for all kind of grass.

No#:2 Kentucky is a Country before it became a State 

This is one of the funniest facts about Kentucky. Actually Kentucky used to be a country before it becomes a state of the US. After the revolutionary war, it became a part of the Virginia state. Kentuckians applied for statehood of the US to get a better government. At the 1st June of 1972 Kentucky became the 15th state of the US.

Funny Facts about Kentucky

No#:3 There is 5 Pronunciation of Louisville, Kentucky

There are several pronunciation includes on this Louisville spelling. Most people even the senators convinced about Louisville’s pronunciation. These are; Louie-Ville, Loo-a-Vull, Luis-Ville, Loo-A-Ville, and Luhvul, etc.

No#:4 Louisville is named after King Louis XVI

With a long history, Louisville is named after King Louis XVI. Since the help of revolutionary war, Kentuckians please king Louis. Thus, they make their own place after the king name. And finally, it becomes Louisville and its correct pronunciation is close to the King of France’s name. 

No#:5 The Woodland people are the first people of Kentucky

In the course of time, different types of people live in Kentucky. Back of the Hundred years, there are several people lived in this state. At the very first, the Woodland people (the indigenous people of North America) lives in this Kentucky.

Fun Facts about Kentucky

No#:6 It has no border issues with neighbors

Kentucky common-wealth is the official name of this state. This is a populous common-wealth state in US. They always try to maintain good relationships with their neighbors. As there is no significant border issues with its borders state.

No#:7 Kentucky is home to diversified sports

Apart from horse racing sport, Kentuckians love to play and support football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer. And other parts, Kentucky has the largest fan club of diehard basketball.

Historical Facts about Kentucky

No#:8 There are more barrels of Bourbon than citizen of Kentucky

There are over 7.5 million barrels of bourbon and other spirits available in Kentucky. That is the largest amount of World.

On the other hand, there is almost4.5 million people live in Kentucky. That makes a fun fact about Kentucky State.  

Kentucky Weird Facts

No#:9 Kentucky is a storehouse of Gold

There is the largest amount of gold stored in Fort Knox, Kentucky. More than $6 billion worth of gold is held in the underground of this state which is the largest amount of the world.

No#:10 The Meaning of Kentucky state flag

Kentucky flags consist of navy blue and a state seal in the middle. The seal shows two men which present the politician and pioneer that are working together.

There is also a written quote on this flag. That says, “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

No#:11 Who are the two men on Kentucky State flag?

Did you know about two men on the Kentucky state flag? Most people are convinced about the issue. One of them is Daniel Boone who is a pioneer, frontiersman, woodsman, and explorer. Another one is US Senator, Henry Clay who is a politician.

No#:12 The bourbon industry is the big Industry in Kentucky

Kentucky is the origin of Bourbon or the birthplace of Bourbon. The bourbon industry became one of the largest companies in Kentucky. It generates more than 20,000 jobs with an annual pay of $1 billion.

What is Kentucky Famous for?

No#:13 Largest Cave in Kentucky

There is a large Cave in Kentucky. Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest Cave System. This Cave is explored over 400 miles. With this length, its became one of the longest Cave systems in the world. That’s really interesting fact about Kentucky.

No#:14 Kentucky is home to Largest Toyota Manufacturing Plant

There is a Toyota Manufacturing plant consist of Georgetown, Kentucky. This is the largest Toyota manufacturing plant in the world. This plant first completely American owned Toyota plant  and home to Lexus ES 350, Camry, and Avalon. Each year, a large number of visitors come here to see how these cars are made from start to finish. Moreover, they got an offer to ride a tram.

No#:15 Mother’s Day originated in Kentucky

World’s Mother’s day was invented in Kentucky. Particularly, Mary towels Sasssen celebrated mother’s day in 1887 to honors her mother. From this time, it becomes the world’s mother day and the recognition goes to her as a founder of World’s Mother’s Day.

Cool Things about Kentucky

No#:16 Thomas Edison Worked at Louisville, Kentucky

As a Telegraph operator, Thomas Edison passed two years in the Western Union office at Louisville, Kentucky. He worked here for two years. He has no plans to leave the job.  But once upon a day unconsciously he was fired sulfuric acid after his boss’s furniture. That makes him inspired.

The incident became a blessing in his career as an inventor after leaving the job.

No#:17 Louisville was the most electrified place on Earth

In 1893, Thomas Edison electrified the southern exposition, Louisville. That is the very first-time bulb lighting in the world. In detail, there is 4,600 incandescent lamps and 400 tubes in the art gallery of exhibit hall. Thomas Edison light them to make the experiment on this day.

No#:18 Kentucky has 2nd longest Running water

After Alaska, there is the 2nd largest running water platform is here.  Kentucky has more miles of Running water than other states of the USA. The Diverse river and water impoundments unfold  over 1,000 miles that is over 1,770 Kilometers.

No#:19 It has 4 distinct seasons

Although Kentucky is located in the center of the US, its climate is typically moderate and mild. However, there are 4 distinct seasons including warm summer season and cold winter. It has a great experience with all four distinct seasons that makes charming nature with significant weather.

No#:20 30 C is the Highest and -5 C is the lowest Temperature in Kentucky

The average temperature is around 30 C and the highest temperature of the summer season is 30C in this state. With the average temperature, Kentucky is a nice and cool place to live.

During Cold Winter Season, it makes -5C as the lowest temperature. On the other day, it contain 15 to 21C which brings a cool nature in bluegrass environment. 

No#:21 Kentucky is filled with natural resources

There are 48% of Kentucky areas consist of the forest. This is 3rd largest provider hardwoods. This largest area of forest is filled with natural resources such as hickory, beech, sugar maple, yellow poplar, red and white oak. Furthermore, the Walnut are grown here naturally.

Important Facts about Kentucky

No#:22 Kentucky is the motherland of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the US was born on Kentucky. As the civil war commander Jefferson Davis, Fairview, and Hodgenville were respect born in this state. That’s really an Interesting Facts of Kentucky.

Kentucky Facts for Kids

Essential Facts about Kentucky

Cool facts about Kentucky

  • Starters in the Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held horse race. They have taken names with every letter of the alphabet except for “X”.
  • Man o War is one of the most famous horses in Kentucky state.
  • Atypical Derby crowd makes a guzzle of 120,000 mint that juleps and drains 7,000 liters of bourbon.
  • Kentucky has over 121 counties in this extensive area.
  • Frankfort is the Capital of Kentucky.
  • The Tulip tree is the state tree of Kentucky
  • Kentucky Cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky.
  • Kentucky has a diverse faith
  • This scenic state is covered by forests, hills, Lakes, meadows, rivers, and swampland.
  • Louisville, Bowling Green, Lexington, Frankfort are the Key cities of this state.
  • Very First KFC owned and operated at Corbin, Kentucky which is operated by the real colonel sanders. This KFC is still running on this state.
  • In 1916, Mother’s Day became a national holiday.


We have picked up a state of US that is well-known as Bluegrass.  This is officially known as Kentucky Common-Wealth state In short, Kentucky State.

Kentucky is fulfilled with rich history, cool and nice nature and numerous Interesting Facts. Here we present few Interesting and Fun Facts of Kentucky. Hopefully, you’ve got a little information about its history, inhabit, and several funny information.

These all are collected from its official Website and Online blog.  We have tried to ignore its political and violent information of this state.  

So take it easy and normally. Let me know What’s is the funniest facts about Kentucky? Write that on your comment Box.

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