Interesting Facts about Kyrgyzstan | What is Known for?

38 Interesting Facts about Kyrgyzstan | What is Known for?

Ex-Soviet country Kyrgyzstan possesses a proud inheritance of Central Asian soldiers once who dominated a vast empire.

Today, you can explore Kyrgyzstan from its epic poem, an enriched nomadic culture, history & famous Nomad Games & many more interesting facts.

Basically, Kyrgyzstan attracts tourists with its authentic cuisine, unique nature, & hospitable people. To celebrate, Kyrgyzstan here is a few interesting facts about this nation which are concise on vowels but lengthy on poetry.

Fast Fact | Information about Kyrgyzstan

Official Name: Kyrgyz Republic
Capital City: Bishkek
Population: 5,964,897
Area: 199,951 sq km
Languages: Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Russian
Time Zone: UTC+6 (Kyrgyzstan Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Interesting Facts About Kyrgyzstan to Know You

What is Kyrgyzstan Known for?

No#1: Kyrgyz:

The name Kyrgyz is originated from “forty” – a Kyrgyz word. Maybe natives of Kyrgyzstan arise from forty clans or families.

No#2: Official languages:

Russian and Kyrgyz are two official languages in Kyrgyzstan.

No#3: Currency:

The som is the currency of Kyrgyzstan.

No#4: Sparsely populated:

In Kyrgyzstan, only 29.5 residents can be found per square km. which makes Kyrgyzstan most of the world’s least populated countries.

Kyrgyzstan People and Mountains Fact

No#5: Mountainous:

The Tian Shan mountainous region covers almost 80 percent of Kyrgyzstan. This country has been considered as the “Switzerland of Central Asia.”

Jengish Chokusu is its highest point, around 7,439 m (24,406 ft).

No#6: Landlocked –with a lovely lake:

Among 45 landlocked countries in the world, Kyrgyzstan is one but has the pity of Issyk-Kul, the second biggest high-altitude lake in the world. It is almost 37 miles wide, 113 miles long, and depth of 668 meters.

During the Soviet era, The Lake was a famous holiday resort. Nearly 2,000 lakes are in this country.

Fun Facts about Kyrgyzstan

No#7: A big glacier:

The South Inylchek Glacier in Kyrgyzstan is the world’s sixth-largest, without those existing in polar regions; it is around 37.6 miles long.

No#8: Mare’s milk lover:

Kumyz, boiled mare’s milk, is taken with great gusto in Kyrgyzstan’s steppes. Traditionally Horse meat is so popular.

No#9: Manas:

Undoubtedly, Manas was a soldier, the most famous folk hero who united Kyrgyzstan. Everywhere you find this name in the statues, streets, universities, national parks, radio stations, and many more are called after him.

Manas International Airport is Kyrgyzstan’s main airport. Manas Ordo, a historical museum & park built in his honor.

No#10: The epic poem of manas:

Actually, Epic of Manas is almost 20 times bigger than Homer’s Odyssey. About Kyrgyz, the formation the poem was written.

UNESCO inscribed the poem on a List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Chingiz Aitmatov:

Kyrgyzstan’s most famous person is a writer named Chingiz Aitmatov. Actually, he is more world-famous than any politician, sportsmen, and musician.

No#11: Tea lover:

Kyrgyzstan’s natives love Tea; like a substitution for water, you take Tea after every meal here. In small bowls, Tea is served instead of cups, and with the Tea, you will love to have traditional Kyrgyz bread.

No#12: Holy bread:

In Kyrgyzstan, Bread is considered holy, and no one can waste, throw away or keep it upside below on the table.

No#13: Tipping:

However, Tipping is not common in Kyrgyzstan, but many restaurants take a 10% service charge automatically to the bill.

No#14: Handshakes:

It is a very crucial part of Kyrgyz culture; used to shaking hands with others like every morning my male colleagues shake hands.

 They take some time to shake hands. However, shaking hands is a big deal among men but women.

Weird facts for Kyrgyz

No#15: Islamic Influence:

The majority of Kyrgyzstanis are Sunni Muslims. However, if you don’t observe signs of Islam here may be partly caused by its Soviet history.

After the ruin of communism, Kyrgyz society gets back its Islamic Influence slowly. Kyrgyz people don’t eat pork or drink alcohol, and even a few skip Friday lunch to join prayers in the mosque.

No#16: Cleanliness:

Kyrgyz society values cleanliness a lot. Before walking outside or going to anyone’s house, you must always put on your shoes.

No#17: Street lights:

Generally, Kyrgyzstan is a safe country, but there lack street lights. Even in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, the streets are hardly lit at night.

No#18: Friendly environment:

Probably Bishkek is the greenest capital city in the late Soviet republics, or even in the world. Almost all of Bishkek’s streets are so wide and lined with bushes & trees, and actually, it looks pretty.

No#19: Walnut forests:

Walnut forests of Kyrgyzstan are the world’s biggest natural forests of this kind. The worker of Arslanbob town lives in the forest at harvesting time of walnuts for months.

No#20: Osh city:

In the 10th century, Osh city was an essential commercial center as part of the Silk Road. Between Europe & China, the trade route exists.

UNESCO declared Silk Road sites as one of the World Heritage Sites.

No#21: Kyrgyzstan’s flag:

Kyrgyzstan flag is mainly red – which partly presents the Red Banner of USSR’s Soviet. However, the yellow sun with 40 rays stems from the national hero, Manas 40 clans.

Also, there is a sun with two intersects sets of three lines, presenting a yurt – a late Kyrgyz home.

No#22: Way of life

Traditionally, the Kyrgyz way of life depends on nomadic livestock-herding. Still, shepherd shelters, yurts are vastly used in Kyrgyzstan.

Cool Facts about Kyrgyzstan Asia

No#23: ‘Olympics for nomads:’

Kyrgyzstan made and hosted the first Nomad Games in the world, called the ‘Olympics for nomads.’ to preserve & celebrate the tradition of nomadic civilization the games were originated.

In  Kyrgyzstan, Horses are very representative of the nomadic culture; so during summer, horse games occur mainly played by men, depict ‘manliness & spectacular.’

No#24: Animal market:

Karakul-The eastern town is a sight to enjoy on Sunday mornings. At dawn, there starts a vast animal market where cows, horses, and sheep are traded.

You can find this place a great source to experience the nomad culture here.

No#25: Contribution to Great Wall:

While constructing the Great Wall of China, one of the Kyrgyz groups raided the China borders and took part in the construction.

Important Fact on Kyrgyzstan

No#26: Alcohol:

You can find alcohol at a very low price here. A bottle of vodka is only 180 som (3.5 EUR); on the other side, beer prices 60 soum (1.2 EUR).

No#27: Negotiable fare:

Tourists can negotiate on the road with any car;– if the price is correct.

No#28: Cloth details:

After six, usually, males wear A kalpak; they also wear the “Chapan,” which means a long collar coat, leather trousers, or a suede. Kyrgyz women normally embroider conventional patterns on their costumes. “Beldemchi” is a common Kyrgyz skirt along with a slit in the toward over a dress.

Kyrgyzstan Culture Fact

No#29: Festival of Kyrgyz:

National Horse Festival is the Favorite event in Kyrgyz besides other Festivals are.

  • New Year.
  • Orthodox Easter.
  • Navroz Spring Festival.
  • Independence Day.
  • Birds of Prey Festival.
  • Ramadan.
  • Kyrgyz Kochu Festival.

No#30: Snow Leopards:

You can enjoy snow leopard in those epic mountains.

No#31: Camels exist too:

Not only outside of desert areas but some species of camels are also found in cold areas too.

No#32: Magnificent Beasts:

Magnificent beasts also available there called Ibex.

No#33: A Wedding Palace:

Bishkek has a wedding palace(non-religious)  created by the Soviets in the ’80s.

No#34: Eagle Whisperers:

The common semi-nomadic yurt-natives of Kyrgyzstan are the world best eagle hunters; can be seen easily by the tourist on the  Lake Issyk-Kul.

No#35: Inflation level:

In 2018 Inflation level is 1.1%.

No#36: Compulsory education:

 In this country, nine years is last for compulsory education while starts At the age of 7.

No#37: IQ level:

90 is the average IQ level.

No#38: Offer free Visa to Travel:

With a visa-free policy, Kyrgyzstan offers citizens of 44 countries to visit & stay in Kyrgyzstan for up to 60 days. Citizens New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Canada, some countries in South America, and Southeastern Asia & the Middle East can enjoy visa-free travel.

If you know any cool & interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan that we have missed, let us know in our comments part.

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