31 Unique Interesting Facts About Liberia: What is Known for?

31 Unique Interesting Facts About Liberia: What is Known for?

The country Liberia is located on the coast of West Africa. The ground of Liberia’s starts from very low and sandy maritime plains to revolving hills; also dismember plateau inland.

Liberia is a vibrant & exciting country with an enriched traditions & culture shaped by its complicated history. Liberia’s most interesting facts are Africa’s ancient republic to pygmy hippos called “water cows.”

Liberia Facts and Information

Official Name: Republic of Liberia
Capital City: Monrovia
Population: 5,073,296
Area: 111,369 sq km
Languages: English, various regional languages
Time Zone: UTC 0 (GMT)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

Hence, here we show you an exhaustive list of Interesting and funny facts about Liberia to make you thrill continue reading.

Interesting Facts About Liberia to Make You a Sense:

What is Liberia Known For?

No#1: Earliest black republic:

In the world, Liberia is the second earliest black republic; the first one is Haiti; in Africa, but It is the earliest republic.

No#2: Rice lover:

Liberian rice is the staple food and almost 99% of Liberians eat rice at the minimum once a day. Surprisingly, if a Liberian Miss Rice one day, they will say they are hungry that day.

Although having fruit, bread, or even spaghetti, they eat rice to meet their thirst.

No#3: Famous food:

The Liberian people love to eat spicy meat sauces with rice and stews fish. Liberian two favorite’s dishes are potato greens and fish with palm butter.

Other favorite dishes palava sauce includes Plato leaf, with dried fish, meat, and palm oil; meat and fish love to eat with rice or vegetables.

No#4: Clothing details:

Generally, village people love to wear West African traditional attire. In rural areas, men love to wear long pants, shirts with loose circle-neck.

Urban Liberians like to wear different from the rural population; Liberians like Western-style wearing jeans with t-shirts.

Liberia History Facts

No#5: Diverse languages:

Usually, English 20% are used officially. A few 20 traditional group languages, some that can be penned or correspondence used.

These groups contain-

  • The Kpelle,
  • Gio,
  • Kru,
  • Bassa,
  • Mano,
  • Krahn,
  • Gola,
  • Grebo,
  • Mandingo,
  • Gbandi,
  • Loma Kissi,
  • Belleh,
  • Mende,
  • Vai,
  • And Day people.

The diverse languages came from various slaves staying together to make a country.

No#6: Religions:

Liberia is a multi racial society; there are Muslim 12.2%, Christian 85.6%, Traditional 0.6%, none 1.4% and other 0.2%,(Census of 2008)

No#7: Rate of Literacy:

60.8% rate (2010 EST.)

No#8: ‘Land of the Free’:

Actually ‘Liberia’ was created for freed slaves in 1821 by the Society of the American Colonization.

Until Liberia get independence, over 10,000 made the visit across the Atlantic, helped by the society, in 1847. A freed slave Joseph Jenkins Roberts, from Virginia, was the first president.

No#9: The capital city:

Liberia’s capital city Monrovia was called after U.S. President James Monroe; a prominent promoter of the American Colonization Society’s to colonize Liberia.

No#10: Communications:

Telephones: 3,200m (2011)-main lines in use;

 Mobile cellular: 2.394 million (2012).

No#11: National reserve:

Moreover, the Sapo National Park gives the country’s biggest protected reserve. You can enjoy 125 types of mammals also 700 types of birds.

The country is called a bird-haven include a bird slightly bigger than a honey bee. The threatened species like the African golden cat & the pygmy hippopotamus also exit there.

In the African forest, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, seven types of monkeys, and three types of pangolin exits.

No#12: President love to football:

In 2018, George Weah was Liberia’s president. His love for football makes him more popular; he used to play for Monaco, AC Milan, PSG, Chelsea, Marseilles, & Manchester City.

No#13: Vetoed airlines from Europe:

Lack of safety or regulatory standards few airlines have been vetoed from Europe.

Furthermore, in 2006 Liberia Airways winded up operations without registering any airlines.

No#14: Average settlers under 18 years:

Presently Liberia is almost 171 years old but one of the youngest countries in the world. CIA World Fact book says Average settlers are less than 18 years.

In comparison, typical settlers of Monaco, the world’s oldest country, is 51.1.

No#15: Heaven for surfers:

Around Monrovia, you can meet your surfing thrust meeting several surfing beaches. It’s called just the heaven for the surfer.

But the Robert sport coastal city, almost 50 miles far from the capital, has been considered as the largest unexplored surf spot in Africa, giving huge stretches of deserted shores.

No#16: Exciting cycling holiday:

For cycle tourism, Liberia is an unlikely choice. The Cycle Challenge of West Africa pikes riders from Bo, in closest Sierra Leone, to Monrovia, collecting money for the trust Street Child on the way.

Truly Liberia is a marvelous country to visit,

Liberian Culture Facts

No#17: No world heritage place:

Though Enesco has recognized 1,073 World Heritage Sites all over the world, not a single one presents to Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Guyana, Bhutan, South Sudan, – or Liberia.

No#18: Eerie dumped hotel:

Once Decor Palace in Monrovia is one of the lavish hotels in West Africa’s, was familiar with moneyed tourists, visiting VIP and business people, due to political uncertainty in 1989 this led to its closure.

Then the ex-five-star resort become home to native squatters.

No#19: Africa’s cleanest towns:

The WHO (World Health Organization) tracks air stander at 1,622 city locations in 92 nations. Pakistan’s city areas are the world’s most polluted, on average, after Qatar and Afghanistan. Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria are Europe’s most polluted towns.

Of the 92 countries, Liberia comes 10th to feature, ahead of Japan, Spain, the US, and the UK.

No#20: A number of smokers:

Among the 20 countries, Liberians smoke the littlest cigarettes per capita – only 104 per adult in a year. In Montenegro, just 4,124.53 cigarettes are taken per adult per year, report 2014 from the WHO, top of the list.

While Belarus, Russia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Slovenia also exits in the top 10.

No#21: Equatorial climate:

With an average temperature of 80 degrees year-round, Liberia offers an equatorial climate.

Essentially there are two seasons-

  • (April 15–October 15)-rainy season.
  • (October 16–April 14)- Dry season.

No#22: Flag feelings:

The Liberian flag is similar to the United States.

  • Eleven stripes present the 11 signatories of the Liberian announcement of independence.
  • The red and white represent moral excellence & courage.
  • The white star symbolizes the first independent,
  • The blue square symbolizes the African continent.

Important Facts about Liberia

No#23: African first female president:

“Ellen Johnson Sirleaf” is famous as Africa’s Iron Lady, the African first female president from Liberia.

In 2006, she attended office as Liberia’s 24th president, also in 2011 won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fun Facts About Liberia

No#24: “Smell No Taste”- town:

Liberia has a town named “Smell No Taste”; a little dark origin relates with this funny name. In the time of the Second World War, the U. S. centered thousands of soldiers on guarding the rubber plantations & military flights.

The soldiers’ food cooking smell often drift into the town, unfortunately the citizens weren’t permitted to come the soldiers’ base. They only took the smell of food but taste it; that’s why the town was called.

No#25: The skin of a Liberian citizen:

According to the Liberian constitution, dark skin is a must to be a Liberian citizen. The traumatic history of the enslavement of the Liberian people is the leading cause of that.

The country is scared of being controlled by foreigners; that’s why presently only allowing dark skin people to become citizens.

Weird Facts about Liberia

No#26: Fun handshake:

Liberian people enjoy a fun handshake call as the finger snap. Liberians like to do a fun finger snap game, touching their hands, two people make a regular handshake, and then snap their fingers mutually. But the interesting fact is that while release, they create a snapping sound.

It also has a dark origin; independent slaves made this handshake instead of the sign of slave owners creaking workers’ fingers.

No#27: Medical resources:

The country Liberia is short of medical resources. A recent survey says that there is just one doctor for each 15,000 patients, overall a total of 298 doctors.

No#28: Ebola virus:

From 2013-2016, the Ebola virus was a deadly outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea. Mainly in Liberia, almost 11,300 people died.

No#29: Rubber plantation:

In Liberia, the world’s most extensive rubber plantation is situated. As a part of Bridgestone, “the Firestone Rubber Plantation” has run in Liberia since 1926.

No#30: Compulsory education:

In this country, six years is regarded as compulsory education.

No#31: IQ level:

67 is the average IQ level of Liberians.

Hence, if you are done, congratulation! I hope you enjoy our Interesting facts about Liberia. Feel free to leave your comment if you sense more about Liberia’s facts.

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