nteresting & Funny Facts About Maine | What is Known for?

Most 31 Interesting & Funny Facts About Maine | What is Known for?

Pick your quality of life singular and unique place like “Maine”, precisely an individual world.

Ideal New England state Maine is snuggled in the northeast section of America, adjoined by the Atlantic Ocean, Canada, and New Hampshire. This magnificent state is enriched with a jagged coast, lighthouses, fishing harbors, and tall pine trees.

With a tiny citizen, Maine’s history is vibrant & huge. Most call “Maine” the Pine Tree State- home to fascinating facts. Continue reading to know fun & interesting facts regarding the dream state, “Maine.”

Fast Facts | Facts about Maine State

Name: Maine (A State of USA)
Capital City: Augusta
Population: 1,344,212[2019]
Area: 35,385 sq mi (91,646 km2)
Languages: English 92%, French 5%, Others 3%
Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (Eastern)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Explore the wonders “Maine” – Human-Made & Natural:

Interesting Facts about Maine

Here is a list of 31 fascinating facts you should sense about Maine-

No#1: The largest beachfront!!

Past your lovely time, in the largest beachfront, around 3,478 miles that is longer than California (3,427 miles). This beachfront is the third-longest after Louisiana (including bayou) & Florida.

No#2: Only one open border state- great!

New Hampshire snuggles Maine to the west and the New Brunswick (Canadian provinces) to the northeast, and Quebec to the northwest. Maine is the only one state which keeps opening its borders with other US state.

No#3: Vast lobster supply

Approximately 90% of the country’s lobster supply, around 40 million pounds, is captured from Maine’s coast.

No#4: Morning sunshine- looks awesome!

In the United States Eastport, Maine is the most eastern state. You can enjoy the awesome look of morning sunshine from here as it’s the first place in the US to receive sunshine.

So, what you make delay to enjoy the morning sunshine!

No#5: Testy blueberries

Probably lobster matter will come to your mind while you imagine Maine. Surprisingly, in the United States, Maine is the individual largest grower of blueberries. Nearly 99% of blueberries in the US pick from this Pine Tree State.

No#6: Donut holes- first invented in Maine

In a prior time in America, donuts had no hole. The American Dutch introduced donuts, which were only fried dough in hot oil; for this, most of the donuts often cooked unevenly, having to stay raw in the middle.

Capt. Hansen Gregory comes from Rockport, Maine, gave up a simple solution(in 1847) of making a hole in the middle of the donuts at the time of working as a crewman on a lime-trading schooner.

No#7: The Bean Boot an iconic tourist interest

Outside of L.L. Bean in Freeport, a big rubber-bottomed boot stands as a source of iconic tourist interest. Its actual size is 16-foot.

Surprisingly, the company has actually set on the foot’s size, which could put on such a boot – it’s 410! How surprising!

No#8: Maine is the second oldest state in spring

Following CurrentResults.com, Alaska exceeds all other US states when it near to cold, but during the spring, Maine comes in the top 10 coldest states. Maine is recorded as the country’s second coldest state, especially in spring.

In winter and falls, North Dakota is coldest, while during the summer months, Wyoming is the chilliest state.

Cool Facts about Maine

No#9: Maine’s coldest day

In Big Black River of Maine’s the temperatures came -50°F in January of 2009

No#10: High point of moose population

Moose is acclaimed as Maine’s official state animal. You can enjoy the high point of the moose population in Maine, with almost 76,000 moose roaming the state.

No#11: Unique museums

Although you may know several well-known art museums in Maine, you can enjoy a few more unique museums: the Maine Coast Sardine History Museum, the International Cryptozoology Museum, the Umbrella Cover Museum, Portland Museum of Art & Maine Maritime Museum.

What is Maine Known for

No#12: Mysterious animals

You can dedicate your valuable time to studying different mysterious animals like Yetis, Bigfoot, and Lake Monsters.

No#13: Name fact

Nobody can surely say how Maine gains its name; it seems something mysterious. Some believe that this Maine state was named for the French province, but others say it was a little piece for the “mainland,” sailors used it, differentiating from islands off the state’s beachfront.

Funny Facts about Maine

No#14: Mount Katahdin

Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine that stands at 5,268 feet. Also, Mount Katahdin is the last of the Appalachian Trail.

No#15: Bigger than your imagination

Geographically, Maine’s landmass is bigger than another five Latest England states combined.

Fun Facts about Maine

No#16: Horror master

Almost all of the horror master Stephen King’s books, are written in Maine. Stephen King was famed as a horror author. King- the native Mainer wrote novels like It, Pet Sematary, and Salem’s Lot in small Maine towns.

Carrie, his first novel, was written at the time of doing as a teacher in Bangor, Maine.

Weird Facts about Maine

No#17: Hot spot for Moviemaking

Different scenes from movies or full movies have been filmed in Maine over the years. “Forrest Gump,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Jumanji,” and “The Cider House Rules.” have appeared by Maine.

No#18: Alcohol banned

It’s maybe the shocking news to you that Maine declared the first state to ban the manufacture & sale of alcohol (In 1851), becoming “The Birthplace of Prohibition.”

No#19: Deserts in New England

Outside the city of Freeport, Maine has its personal desert, which length is almost 40 acres. Because of over-farming in the area, the desert was developed.

No#20: The Pine Tree State

Maine calls as “The Pine Tree State” this nickname was given because this state has acres and acres of forestland. Following the 2012 record, 83 percent of Maine’s area is forested.

No#21: State birds & flower

The black-capped chickadee is Maine’s state bird. The white pine cone is the state flower of Maine.

No#22: Lighthouse

“Pocahontas Light” is the nickname of the country’s smallest lighthouse situated on an island off the beachfront of Maine. Its height is only six feet.

No#23: Over 9 years will take to explore ALL of Maine’s islands

More than 3,166 islands here! So surprising you need over 9 years to enjoy ALL of Maine’s islands. Just 1,200 Maine islands have an acre or a few more, but 600 of them contain 95% of the island acreage.

No#24: Expensive car insurance premium

Insure.com says the average premium of Maine’s is about $800. You feel more fortunate that $1,300 is the national average is about.

Important Facts about Maine

No#25: A lot of fishing!

Maine has rivers and streams of over 32,000 miles. You can a lot of fishing!

No#26: Closest point to Africa

Maine’sQuoddy Head State Park is the nearest point in the US to Africa.

What is Maine Famous for

No#27: First legalization of same-sex marriage

Maine was one of the first states who gave legality to same-sex marriage by mass vote. In 2012, it happened along with Washington & Maryland.

No#28: Ignore Craigslist

Mainer’s have Henry’s Sell or Swap It Guide to assist them in finding everything they want. So they don’t need Craigslist & they’re pretty proud of that.

No#29: The world’s largest Indian statue in Maine

The world’s largest Indian statue was erected in 1969, Maine’s 150th anniversary, and dedicated in honor of the Abenaki Indians the inhabited the land, 62 feet tall, with a 20-foot base, was included by Skowhegan’s Indians.

No#30: Heir of Ice Age hunters

Maine’s fast communities were the heir of Ice Age hunters.

Fun Facts about Maine for Kids

No#31: Coon Cat

The Maine Coon Cat is the official state cat also the largest national cat breed—they’re suitably adjusted for Maine’s snowy winters.


If you plan to visit “Maine” the most eccentric & classic New England state, go fast & take your adventures.

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