Interesting Facts about Michigan State | What is Known for?

28 Funny & Interesting Facts about Michigan State | What is Known for?

With lots of funny facts and a brief history, the Michigan is 26th state of America. You may think what are fun & interesting facts about Michigan? Today you are going to know 30 interesting and fun facts about Michigan that will shock you.

Before visiting there as a traveler you should know the interesting information this state which help you to more enjoyable specially for kids if you go with family.

Michigan is the only one state in the world that contains a floating post office. And the J.W. Westcott 2 is only a boat in the world that delivers mail to ships while there are still underway from 125 years earlier.

Can you imagine how funny and ridiculous the Michigan State? Let’s try to know more interesting and funny facts about Michigan.

Fast Facts | Cool Facts about Michigan

Name: Michigan (A State of USA)
Capital City: Lansing
Population: 9,883,635[2010]
Area: 96,716 sq mi (250,493 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−05:00 (Eastern)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Fun & Interesting Facts about Michigan State

What is Michigan Known for?

If I want to told about the fact of our Michigan State, it’s not possible to cover all. There are lots of face has about this amazing state specially for kids. So let’s know about some interesting History, People, Place, City & more facts about your State.


Michigan is known as Great Lake State cause of its surrounded with 5 great lakes including.


You can’t go further than 85 miles from one of the great lakes. Have you got shocked? Yep. Wherever you stand it is not longer than 85 miles from its lakes. Because there are 5 great lakes surrounded the state. Really this is an Interesting Fact about Michigan.


Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the country.

What is Michigan Famous for?


You can’t go to Michigan Mackinac Island with a car. You have to travel by horse, bike or vessel. Because Cars aren’t allowed on this Island.


After melting the winter ice Lake Michigan became so clear and you can see under 300 feet below the water.


On the last Sunday of every June, We celebrate “Log Cabin Day” in Michigan. This is a dedicated date to celebrate and preserve the log cabins. This is a holiday in our Michigan state. This holiday has started on June 25, 1986.


Michigan became the 26th state of America at 26 January 1837.

Important Facts about Michigan


Michigan People are called “Michigander”, MICHIGANITE” or MICHIGANIAN”.


There is a floating post office in our Michigan state. This is the only place with a floating post office in the world.


Though people called it Wolverine State There is no Wolverine in this state.


This Michigan is the only state that is divided into two parts/ peninsulas (A peninsula is a piece of land that’s almost surrounded with water).


Things Michigan is Known for

The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridge in the world thats connect the two peninsulas of Michigan.


The JW Westcott 2 is the only boat that delivers mail to ships while there are underway available earlier from 125 years.


Muskegon, Michigan is home to “Surfing” which has an early version named of snowboarding.


According to the 2011 survey, there is 1.1 Million fisherman lives on the Michigan state which is the seventh-largest population of the fisherman in the country.


Michigan is the only state which touches 5 great lakes with four sites.

Weird Facts about Michigan


Funny Nicknames for Michigan

The name of Michigan consists of the Ojibwe from “Mishigamaa,” which means “large lake” or “large water.” That was originally given to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula before being applied for the entire state.


Crazy Facts about Michigan

Four flags have flown over the Michigan state – French, English, Spanish, and United States.


Caro is the largest village in Michigan. The land area of this village 7.61 sq. kilometres and around 4 thousand people living there.


It is illegal to buy or sell a car on Sundays. This is exception law and fun facts in Michigan.


Plymouth, Michigan held an annual ice festival each year. The event is decorating with lots of winter shows and features with ice sculptures and lots of winter foods.


The beverage SODA named “ VERNORS” was invented in the Michigan state.


It is a matter of pride that, the very first air condition car is invented in our Michigan state.


Michigan has a Magic Capital of the world. Yep!!! Colon, Michigan is well-known as “Magic Capital of the World” which is interesting information of Michigan.


The Siphon Bridge Deck is four feet below from the water level.

Michigan Facts for Kids


Like the Bermuda Triangle, there is a Michigan triangle on our state. Which is mysterious for disappearances many ships and planes. It is stretched over the Michigan lakes and consists of Ludington and Benton Harbor.


Michigan Facts for Students

There are more than 360 career schools including DORSEY SCHOOL situated in the Michigan state.


It has over 11,000 inland lakes and more than 36,000 miles of streams.


Hope you got some knowledge about Michigan State with Interesting Facts. If you thing the given facts just for fun then you are wrong. We want everybody know about this beautiful states as a residential or a travellers.

Thank you for belong here & wait for the next Fact about Michigan.

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