Interesting & Crazy Fun Facts about Minnesota | What is Known for?

15 Interesting & Crazy Fun Facts about Minnesota | What is Known for?

With a brief history and culture, there is something special to learn about Minnesota. This is the 32nd state of the union. The state is full with natural resources and a plenty of interesting & funny things.

There are many crazy facts consist in the state which is enough to wonder one person. Today we are going to appears some interesting facts about Minnesota State. All of them are ready to astound you.

The Article also clear your confusion about “How did Minnesota get its name?” and “What is Minnesota State known for?”. So let’s start the discovers.

Fast Facts | Cool Things about Minnesota

Name: Minnesota (A State of USA)
Capital City: Saint Paul
Population: 5,639,632[2019]
Area: 86,935.83 sq mi (225,163 km2)
Languages: English 88.9%, Spanish, Hmong, Danish, Norwegian, Sami, Swedish
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Funny & Interesting Facts about Minnesota

What is Minnesota Known for?

There is lots of information like interesting & fun fact about Minnesota state history, Famous location and famous person. Let’s check a little bit facts of the state.

No#1: Minnesota is a river name

Minnesota is one of the most populous rivers in the nation. Minnesota state gets its name from Minnesota river. The word “Minnesota” is an alternative form of Indian word “Minnesota”. The word means “sky tinted” or “cloudy water”. This name “Minnesota” is really consistent with the state nature.

Fun Facts about Minnesota

No#2: Minnesota is famous for Dense forests and water

Minnesota is consists of plentiful bodies of water and dense forests. It seems a tree cloud from the outside. With lots of forests, the state holds a beautiful view in the nature. There is a large amount of river in this state that contain plenty bodies of water. For its attractive scenic view people love to visit the state and it became a safe place to live.

No#3: Twin Cities is proud of Minnesota

Minnesota Facts for Kids

Twin cities, Minnesota are one of the most populous cities in the world. The city consists of total 500 fortune companies including Best Buy, Target, Land O’ lakes, and General Mills. This is the highest concentration in the nation.

No#4: Minnesota has three times more white tail deer than college student

There are almost 1.5 million of White tailed deer live in the state. That is over three times of 433, 952 students. According to the “Minnesota office of Higher education” record there is total 433,592 students read on College. 

No#5: In 2015, Minnesota state Fair receives 20 times more visitors than Vikings stadium

Vikings stadium capable to receives total 65,400 people at a time. In 2015, MN state fair logged total of 1,779,738 visitors which is enough to fill up the new Vikings stadium for 20 times. This is the on time record of this MN state.

What is Minnesota Famous for

No#6: It is home to the biggest mall in the Country

Mall of America is situated in Bloomington, Minnesota. It contains total of 9.5 million square feet area which is the 78 Football fields. With 4.3 miles of total store font footage, this is the biggest mall in the nation. In every year, The Mall of America receives a large amount of visitors and customer throughout the world.

No#7: This is the 12th largest state of the nation

With 86,950 square miles area, Minnesota is the 12th largest state in United States. There is total 79,610 square miles area with land which is fulfilled with green trees.

No#8: Minnesota is the 22nd most populous state in united states

There is total of 5,639,632 people live in the state. With these population its became 22nd populous state among the 50 state of US.

Funny Facts about Minnesota

No#9: It is the 32nd state of the union

Minnesota joined the United States union at 11 May 1858. On this Tuesday, its became 32nd state of this union.

No#10: Minnesota throws “Twine Ball Day” in every year

In every August, there is held “Twin Ball Day” in Darwin, Minnesota. They throw the Day to celebrate the 17,400-pound creation. This is a small effort to memorize the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine which is made by one person in Darwin. In this day, there is play the song of 1989 “The Biggest Ball of twine in Minnesota”.

No#11: Its River length can circle the equator 3 or 4 times

There is total of 69,200 miles rivers and stream in Minnesota. This is enough to circle the Minnesota equator for three or 4 times. This is the most fun facts of Minnesota state. It is only state with this incredible fact.  

What is Minnesota Best Known for

No#12: It is home to the “50 Species of Mosquito”

There is total of 50 different species of Mosquito in this state and “Mosquito” is the State Birds of Minnesota. This is one of the dangerous and interesting facts of Minnesota. Whether, you want to visit the Minnesota state ever, you must take plenty of bug spray in your luggage bag. Otherwise you have to face the largest issue with different species of Mosquito. So be careful.

No#13: Minnesota is “The Gopher State”

The Minnesota state is well-known as the Gopher state. This is a nickname of this state. There is plenty of nicknames for Minnesota state including, “The North Star State”, “The land of 10,000 Lakes”. But this state is popular as the Gopher State.

Minnesota Facts and Information

No#14: Minnesota is “The land of 10,000 Lakes”

Minnesota is well-known as “The land of 10,000 Lakes”. You may shock to know the facts of Minnesota. Though it is unbelievable facts about Minnesota State it is true. There is total of 10,000 lakes with large areas. If you will count lakes with small areas, you can get the amount of lakes are around 11,842 or more.

They contain total 10 acres area.

No#15: It’s surface water is more than Hawaii and New Jersey Combined Land

MN has around 13,136,357 acres of total surface area. That’s over than all the Land of New Jersey and Hawaii combined.

Minnesota History Facts


With 12th largest area Minnesota is fulfilled with lots of scenic view. That makes a plenty of interesting facts about Minnesota. This is our small efforts to apparent the Minnesota state fun facts. Some of them are bad facts and some of them are funny. So take of easy and normal.

Hopefully, you’ve got simple information about the 32nd state of the united state. Let me know your opinion about “What’s the most interesting fun facts of Minnesota?”

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