Interesting Facts About Mississippi | What is Famous for?

42 Interesting Facts About Mississippi | What is Famous for?

“Mississippi,” the state name comes first if you imagine of the Deep South.

An eminent state like Mississippi is familiar for its southern charm, magnolias, bluegrass music, catfish, & rich history, and beautiful views.

Mississippi had a profound impact on forming our modern world, but almost all of us don’t understand the fact. From minuscule to life-changing innovations, the state gained bragging rights.

Let’s check out our list following 42 interesting facts about Mississippi, which you likely didn’t sense!

Fast Facts about Mississippi

Name: Mississippi (A State of USA)
Capital City: Jackson
Population: 2,976,149 (2019)
Area: 48,430 sq mi (125,443 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

42 Interesting Facts about Mississippi

What is Mississippi Famous for?

As 20th state Mississippi admitted into the U.S., its history and people shaped America from the early stage. Continue our write up to make you a sense of 30 fascinating facts concerning the Mississippi State.

No#1: How the state name comes from?

The Indian word Ojibwa (Chippewa) signify “gathering of waters or Great River” The name “Mississippi.” According to the Mississippi River, the state was called.

No#2: Lovely teddy bear

In 1902, as a straight result of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt’s denial to shoot a catch bear, the teddy bear was created. It happened on a hunting mission in Sharkey County, Mississippi.

No#3: International Ballet Competition

Officially only four cities in the world were declared as places to arrange the International Ballet Competition: Varna (Bulgaria), Moscow (Russia), Helsinki (Finland), and Jackson, Mississippi.

Facts about Jackson Mississippi

No#4: Famous magazine

Famous magazine “National Geographic” is dumped in Corinth, Mississippi.

No#5: Shoe inbox

In Vicksburg, Mississippi, Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlor was the first to trade its shoes in boxed pairs (1884).

No#6: Oldest book ever

At Ole Miss, an earlier biblical manuscript is stored. It’s recognized as the oldest book ever in the United States.

No#7: University for Women

“Mississippi University for Women “was established in 1884; the first public college for women’s in America.

Mississippi facts for students

No#8: Coca-Cola bottling

While Coca-Cola was introduced in Atlanta, first bottling system was invented in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

No#9: Celebration of Nation’s Memorial Day

In Columbus, Mississippi, the first nation’s Memorial Day was celebrated because of heavy losses in the Civil War.

What is Mississippi Known for

No#10: Airplane record

From Meridian, Mississippi, Fred and Al Key made a record for holding a plane in the air for the longest time ever, almost 654 hours. Refueling in the air, the brothers put their plane up; it happened in 1935.

No#11: Lung & heart transplant

The first successful lung & heart transplant occurred to place in Mississippi.

No#12: State flower & bird

According to nickname suggestion, Mississippi’s magnolia is the state flower; the mockingbird is the state bird.

No#13: The craft of hat making

John B., the hat creator of Stetson, mastered the craft of hat making in Mississippi’s Dunn’s fall.

Funny Facts about Mississippi

No#14: Cactus plantation

In Edwards, Mississippi, there is the world’s largest may be only one cactus plantation.

No#15: Confederate monument

In 1871 confederate monument was erected for the first time in Liberty, Mississippi.

No#16: Pine-Sol invention

Jackson native Harry Cole, Sr. invented Pine-Sol in 1929.

No#17: Root beer – lovely drink

Edward Adolf Barq invented Root beer – the lovely drink in 1898. Atlanta based Coca-Cola owned The Barq’s Root Beer Company presently.

No#18: Numerous churches

You will find more churches per capita in Mississippi than any other state; don’t think only buildings are taking up space; state people go to church more frequently than residents of any other state.

No#19: Forestry area

Mississippi Forestry Commission report says that almost 63 % of the state’s land is filled with forest, nearly 19.5 million acres.

No#20: Cell phone towers

Cell phone towers are in Ridgeland, Mississippi, the country’s home country of most picturesque (not patriotic), structured like the Washington Monument.

No#21: Catfish capital

Fun Fact about Mississippi

In the United States, Mississippi is known as farm-raised catfish capital, with almost over 100,000 acres of catfish pool they have.

No#22: Total Mississippi river swimming

Surprisingly Martin Strel, a 48-year-old marathon swimmer, swam the Mississippi River’s whole length in 2002. He took a total of 68 days around a 2,414-mile swim to complete.

No#23: Human-made longest beach

Biloxi to Henderson Point, almost a 26-mile section Mississippi Gulf Coast is the world longest human-made beach.

No#24: The Nina Simone song

“Mississippi Goddamn” The Nina Simone song was written and serene in an hour. Roughness against Blacks in the South this song was a response, inspired by the killing of Medgar Evers in Jackson, 1963 June 12, and the exploding of a church in Birmingham. This song took place among the top 20 protest songs.

No#25: State beverage

State Beverage is Milk.

10 Facts about Mississippi

No#26: “Cotton Capital of the World.”​

Greenwood, Mississippi, is popularly called the “Cotton Capital of the World.”​

No#27: Football hall

Famer Walter Peyton created a football hall from Columbia, Mississippi. On the Wheaties box, he was the main football player.​

No#28: Canned condensed milk

Borden’s canned condensed milk was first introduced in Lib1262erty, MS.​

No#29: Sweet potato capital

Vardaman produces a massive amount of sweet potato, so this state is called the World’s Sweet Potato Capital.

Cool Facts about Mississippi

No#30: The dollar sign ($)

Oliver Pollock introduces the dollar sign ($). Near Pinckneyville, Mississippi, he is buried.

No#31: Married women property rights

The Mississippi Legislature proceeds one of the first laws to protect married women’s property rights in 1839.​

No#32: Female mail carrier

The first female mail carrier was Mrs. Mamie Thomas in the United States. Rural. In 1914 she supplied mail in the rural area southeast of Vicksburg.

No#33: Game on

Although the “stickball” game is mostly associated with northern cities, originally by the Choctaw Indians, the game was created in Mississippi.

Mississippi Facts for Kids

No#34: King me

Just about every growing up, the kid loved to play checkers. The state loved the game because Mississippi, Petal to be a command, was the International Checker Hall of Fame’s birthplace.

No#35: Proud Americans

D’Lo town may be unknown to a lot of people but definitely has a proud full history also featured in “Life” magazine. In World War II, this town had sent soldiers more than its size to serve.

Mississippi Facts a to z

No#36: Changing capital

It is commonly recognized the state’s capital is “Jackson.”

But until 1822, they didn’t find the title; at that time, Natchez was completing the capital city’s role.

No#37: Little things

Sometimes the little inventions allow our lives much more manageable; David Harrison’s produced the soft toilet seat cover. And precisely, the Columbus patent holder sells the product about 1,000,000 a year.

What is Mississippi Famous for

No#38: Famous locations

Biloxi Lighthouse, Elvis Presley Birthplace, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Old Capitol Museum, Windsor Ruins, Vicksburg National Cemetery.

No#39: Famous Mississippians

  • Singer/actor- Elvis Presley.
  • Rapper- Rick Ross.
  • Talk show host- Oprah Winfrey.
  • Singer- Britney Spears.
  • Football player- Jerry Rice.
  • Singer- Ray J.

No#40: The world’s largest shrimp

If you want to be wondered to see the world’s largest shrimp, you can find it at the Old Spanish Fort Museum in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Important Facts about Mississippi

No#41: Towboat Capital

Greenville is known as the world’s Towboat Capital.

No#42: Hydraulic research laboratory

Army Corps of Engineers Watercourse Test Station in Vicksburg, t U.S. is the world’s highest hydraulic research laboratory.

Hence there are so many more exciting fun facts about the state; our list is just the iceberg tip. Please share your beloved interesting fun facts about Mississippi with commenting below!

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