76 Interesting facts about Missouri that Make You Wonder

76 Interesting facts about Missouri that Make You Wonder

Missouri is the 21st largest and 17th most populous state in the Midwestern United States. The state joins the Union & became the 24th state of Union, regarded as the show me state.

Of the 114 counties in the state, Jefferson City is the state capital. MO is the abbreviation for Missouri.

Let’s know some interesting facts about its history, economy, people, geography, and more which will surprise you at least a little bit and force you to raise your eyebrows with a fantastic look.

Important facts about Missouri

Official Name: State of Missouri
Population: 6,160,281 (2020)
Area: 1,270,000 sq km
Capital: Jefferson City
Languages: English
Density: 88.2/sq mi
Currency: USD
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
– Source: Wikipedia

Interesting facts about Missouri

What is Missouri Known for?

Fact #1: Name origination:

Missouri got name from the river Missouri, which is originated from the indigenous Missouri Indians.

Fact #2: Nickname:

The nickname is Show Me state.

Fact #3: Becoming a state:

On 10th August 1821, Missouri encountered as a part of the Union.

Fact #4: Borders:

It is sharing borders with eight states.

Fact #5: Capital:

The state capital is Jefferson City.

Fact #6: Population:

U.S. Census Bureau says the cumulative population of this state is 6,126 452.

Fact #7: Slogan:

The state slogan is “Where the Rivers Run.”

Fact #8: Major cities:

The state’s major cities are Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis, Independence, Lee’s Summit.

Fact #9: Motto:

“Salus Populi suprema lex esto” is applying as the state motto meaning the people’s welfare shall be the chief law.

Fact #10: State bird:

Eastern Bluebird is the state bird.

Fact #11: State flower:

The state flower is Hawthorn.

Fact #12: State tree:

Flowering Dogwood is the state tree.

Fact #13: State fish:

Catfish is the state fish.

Fact #14: State mammal:

The state mammal is Mule.

Fact #15: State food:

North Cynthiana Grape is the state food.

Fact #16: State music:

The “Missouri Waltz” is state music.

Fact #17: Folk dance:

Square dance is the state folk dance.

Fact #18: Musical instrument:

The state musical instrument is the fiddle.

Fact #19: Postal abbreviation:

The postal abbreviation of Missouri is MO.

Fact #20: Low point:

The geographical low point is St. Francis River, located in the subdivision of Dunkin.

Fact #21: High point:

Geographically “Taum Sauk Mtn,” the high point, is in a subdivision of Iron.

Fact #22: Counties:

The National Association of Counties says almost 115 counties in this state.

Fact #23: Education:

Private & public schools, colleges, universities, and different public library education systems run in Missouri.

Fact #24: Literacy rate:

The rate of literacy in Missouri is 89.69%.

Fact #25: State rock:

The 74th General Assembly adopted Mozarkite as the official state rock.

Fact #26: Official mineral:

The official mineral of Missouri is the mineral galena.

Fact #27: Official fossil:

The official fossil of the state is the crinoid.

Fact #28: The Economy:

Missouri’s economy mainly depends on the industry. The leading manufacturers are transportation & aerospace tools. Also, chemicals, food products, printing and publishing, fabricated metals, machinery, and electrical equipment is essential.

Fact #29: Famous people:

 Famous people like George Washington Carver, Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Jesse James were born here.

Fact #30: Pony express:

The eastern starting point of pony express was Missouri.

Fact #31: Cuisine:

Toasted ravioli, provel cheese, and BBQ are Missouri known, but the Show-Me State is substantially more than that.

What is Missouri famous for

Fact #32: Iconic foods:

  • St. Louis-style pizza.
  • Toasted ravioli.
  • Gooey butter cake.
  • Kansas City barbecue.
  • Concretes.
  • Pork steaks.
  • St. Paul sandwich.
  • Slingers.
  • St. Louis-style ribs.
  • Red Hot Riblets.
  • Ice cream cones.
  • Snoots.

Fact #33: Music show:

The country’s music show makes Missouri famous.

Fact #34: The elevator:

You can enjoy an elevator at the Gateway Arch going to the high of the 630-foot arch in St. Louis.

Fact #35: Home of the blues:

St. Louis is also called the home of the blues.

Fact #36: Cave state:

With almost a thousand caves, Missouri gets the lovely nickname of the “Cave state.”

Fact #37: The first parachute jump:

Captain Albert Berry first jumped successfully by parachute from an airplane in St. Louis in 1912.

Fact #38: Iced tea:

Iced tea was likewise developed at the World’s fair.

Fact #39: Festivals:

Festivals like historical and cultural festivals, holiday festivals, art and music festivals, and seasonal festivals happen the entire year all through Missouri.

historical facts about missouri

Fact #40: The tallest man:

In history, Robert Wadlow is the tallest man ever, lived here.

Fact #41: Harry S. Truman:

This is the birthplace of the 33rd president of the US, Harry S. Truman.

Fact #42: Sports:

Missouri has some professional sports teams for baseball, football, and hockey.

Fact #43: Human settlement:

At any rate, 12,000 years prior, in this region, human settlement has been recorded.

Fact #44: Earthquake:

The earthquake, which occurred in 1811 in New Madrid, Missouri, was the most powerful.

Fact #45: Beer producing plant:

The nation’s most extensive beer producing plant is the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis.

Fact #46: The first train:

“The St. Louis-San Francisco railway” was the Atlantic-Pacific first Railway.

Fact #47: Saint Genevieve:

Saint Genevieve was the oldest community in Missouri.

Fact #48: First free slave state:

Missouri was the first slave state who made free its slaves.

Fact #49: Soybeans:

Soybean is the crop, which brings the most cash for Missourians.

Fact #50: Missouri day:

October’s 3rd Wednesday is Missouri day.

Fact #51: Cave restaurant:

The only city with a cave restaurant in the U.S is Richland, Missouri.

historical facts about missouri

Fact #52: The tornado:

The most destructive tornado in the history of the U.S occurred in Missouri.

Fact #53: Aunt Jemima pancake flour:

In 1889, “Aunt Jemima pancake flour” was originated in St Louis.

Fact #54: Important hub:

Missouri was at one time a significant center point for transportation and trade in early America.

weird facts about missouri

Fact #55: The west mother:

Sometimes, this state is called as the west mother.

Fact #56: First Europeans:

Louis Jolliet & Jacques Marquette was the first Europeans on the land.

Fact #57: First Newspaper:

The “Missouri Gazette” was the first newspaper of the state by Joseph Charles.

Fact #58: Cholera pandemic:

A cholera pandemic struck St. Louis, murdering more than 4,000 people in 1849.

Fact #59: Mark Twain:

“Mark Twain,” A world’s famous writer, was born here in 1835.

Fact #60: Equipment of transportation:

Missouri is one of the foremost makers of transportation hardware.

fun facts about missouri river

Fact #61: The longest river:

The state’s longest rivers are the Missouri &Mississippi.

Fact #62: The University of Missouri:

The World’s first college to grant a degree in journalism is the University of Missouri.

Fact #63: The city of fountains:

Almost 200 fountains give the calling name of Kansas City, “the City of Fountains.”

Fact #64: Union Station:

This is the second-biggest working train station in the U.S.

Fact #65: The Jazz Museum:

The first museum exclusively devoted to Jazz music is the American Jazz Museum, also situated in Missouri.

Fact #66: Big spring:

Missouri is perhaps the biggest spring in the U.S. furthermore, the World.

Fact #67: Densely populated area:

More than half of the state’s people live in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Fact #68: Home of Mound Builders:

During the prehistoric era, Mound Builders lived in Missouri’s fourth most populous city Columbia.

Fact #69: St. Peters:

Money Magazine says St. Peters is the best place to stay in Missouri, considering the main 100 native locations in America.

Fact #70: Unique Pizza:

The city of O’Fallon, known for Arch Nemesis, offers a unique pizza made without Provel cheese.

Fact #71: Unemployment rate:

Almost 4.10% is the Unemployment rate here.

Fact #72: Historic site:

There are 81 state parks and historic sites in Missouri.

Fact #73: Tapley’s promise:

Valentine Tapley was the biggest antagonist of Abraham Lincoln, who promised that if Lincoln ever did become president, he would never shave again. He made his strange promise because of becoming president of Abraham Lincoln.

Fact #74: Fought-over state:

Right after Virginia and Tennessee, Missouri is the most fought-over state.

Fact #75: The “Madonna of the Trail”:

The “Madonna of the Trail” monuments are committed to the brave ladies who helped conquer the west.

Fact #76: Shenandoah the folk song:

Shenandoah, the American folk song, was initially sung in the mid-nineteenth century about a dealer on the Missouri River who began to look all starry-eyed at the little girl of the Algonquian boss, Shenandoah.

Missouri has a rich history, particularly concerning the Civil War, being a boundary state between the north and south. Remember to remark on the off chance that you gain some new practical knowledge and let us know some other fascinating notable realities about Missouri.

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