Interesting Facts about New Mexico | What is Known for?

20 Funny & Interesting Facts about New Mexico | What is Known for?

Today here We give out some Interesting Facts about New Mexico for those people who really want to enjoy Fun Information about New Mexico State: New Mexico is located in the Southwest region of the United States which is only four corners state of the US nation. This state consists of a vast amount of land area including a little natural water that borders the Mexico.

Our New Mexico is very popular to all as NM with huge historical, funny and interesting facts. Including the Oldest public building, the highest Capital of Nation, the youngest state of America is mysterious to all enthusiast people.

If you are also an enthusiast one, let’s try to know quick interesting, and funny & Interesting facts about New Mexico through the article. This article also includes when New Mexico became a state and what is the Capital?

Fast Facts | Quick Information about New Mexico

Name: New Mexico (A State of USA)
Capital City: Santa Fe
Population: 2,096,829[2019]
Area: 121,590 sq mi (314,917 km2)
Languages: English, Spanish
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (MDT)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting Facts about New Mexico

What is New Mexico Known for?

Normally People find 3, 5 or 10 Interesting Facts about New Mexico City but in this depth article, you are going to get the most 20 funny Facts which will make your mind more curious.

This information is collected through a deep-research with a long time of hard work. We are grateful to present to you the 20 Fun Facts of New Mexico in this short article.

1. New Mexico is a Wine Country

In the modern age, New Mexico is the most popular state to supply its good quality of Wine worldwide. History of Wine Growing is very older and mysterious. Around 1629, Franciscan García de Zúñiga and a monk named Antonio de Arteaga started wine growing in NM. And the late 19th century it becomes the wine-growing region in the United States.

In its continuity, today our state capable to produce more than a million-gallon of wine in a single year. With this Wine Supply business, many award-winning and well worth businessmen available in this New Mexico.

Fun Facts about New Mexico

2. Youngest American States

We may know the oldest inhabited history in our state, and we may think our state is the oldest state in our nation. But you will shock to know that, New Mexico is the youngest state of our nation which is established in black and white on 6 January, 1912.

3. Largest State in the United state of America

According to its land area, New Mexico is the Nation’s 5th largest state. Alaska is the largest state in United state of America with 665,384.04 sq mile area.

And Texas is the second largest state of our nation with 268,596.46 sq mile land area. California is on the third position of the list which contains 163,694.74 sq mile area. As the list, Montana took over the fourth largest area which consists in our United States of America. 

How did New Mexico gets its Name

Weird Facts about New Mexico

4. New Mexico has more Ph.D holder than other states

The land of Enhancement consists a large number of Ph.D. holders per capita which is more than other states. And why not? The Government of New Mexico, Albuquerque hosts higher level laboratories and research institute with a vast number of research facilities.

Like the National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Intel and etc. Apart from these, it also consists a little number of Land management agencies and national park service. 

5. Santa Fe is the highest state capital of US Nations

Denver Maybe the Mile-high City, but is nothing on Santa Fe. Our Capital Santa Fe is around 7,199 feet above from the Sea level, which is the nation’s highest state capital in our US.

Moreover, it consists of many incredible scenes like killer cuisine, home to the unparalleled arts scene, and a visual vibe that you can’t find anywhere else in the US.

6. Five Different states are visible from the top of the Capulin Volcano

Capulin Volcano National Monument towers situated over the edge of great plains in the north-eastern corner of our New Mexico state. Today,

It’s become one of most popular tourist places among all of the places in NM. Now, you can drive the top of 8,000 feet cone for a stunning view with Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and this New Mexico city.

What is New Mexico Famous for?

7. Smokey Bear is from New Mexico

Though it is known to all, “Fighting forest fires is not the best way to manage our nation’s forests” we have to invent a way to save our forests. After held the Captain Gap fire of 1950, which burned 17,000 acres of land, the firefighters think about saving the forest.

Smokey is invented During the Second World War to educate the US people about the dangers of wilderness blazes. The living symbol of a black bear found in southeastern New Mexico by a firefighter.

At the time of immemorial, Smokey lived at the National Zoo in Washington. But it became extinct from our state and also the country. May this simple effort can educate the American Public to save this Smokey.

New Mexico Fun Facts for Kids

8. It’s a Gallery of Hot Air Balloons

Every October, there is held one of the largest international hot air balloon festivals is held annually in Albuquerque, NM.

More than 500 local hot air balloons and thousands of aficionados gather at this festival. This festival begins in 1972 and it has grown since the present time. Now its became one of the most popular festivals in our NM.

9. New Mexico is more than Desert

We can declare proudly, Our New Mexico is one of the most diverse landscapes in the world with a large amount of incredible place to make the outdoor adventure. It has dressed more than 13,000 ft area with pines and spruce. Moreover, we have excellent wildflower fields and jungle that makes eye festinating views for the tourist. Including the vast expanses of prairie and white sand dunes, there are the most popular tourist places that are Awesome.

Important Facts about New Mexico

10. First Atomic Bomb was exploded in New Mexico

On July 16, 1945, at 5:29 AM, the government of the US has detonated an atomic bomb in the Jornada Del Muerto in South-central of New Mexico. This is the very first atomic bomb detonating in world history.

The bomb was detonating in the desert sands on Jornada dell Mouto and a part of the Alamogordo bombing range. Now it is well-known as white sands missile range. The US Govt. has announced this place as a national historic place. And it offers tours twice time in a year. (April and October)

Cool Facts about New Mexico

11. New Mexico Has more LiveStock than People

Under 20 people per square mile live in our state. On the other hand, New Mexico has around 13,500 ranches cattle and animal On the unpaved road of our state, the cattle graze and watch the milky way in our crystal clear skies. That covers more than 60% area of the State. That’s why people say, “more than American people, livestock lives in New Mexico.”

On the other hand, there is a vast amount of cattle which is more than any other animal like sheep, horses and etc.

12. Idiots can’t vote in New Mexico

“Idiots” are officially restricted from the voting system in our state. The New Mexico Govt. thinks the idiots suffered some sort of illness. They can’t manage the voting process properly. Not only from the voting system, but also they can’t run for the official cause of the outdated law.

13. Dancing is Illegal while wearing a sombrero

This is a funny Fact about our New Mexico. You may think how about the rules in our state. But it is true. You can’t dance while you have worn your sombrero. So be careful about the rules, otherwise, you may go into jail according to the fun facts..

14. New Mexico is called as “Uranium Capital of the World”

It is a matter of pride that, New Mexico is well-known as the Uranium Capital of the World. There is a large amount of uranium available in Grants NM which is more than any other state. During the time of the second world war, it is called the Uranium Capital of the World.

What Makes New Mexico Unique

15. Best Sunsets Ever

It is known to all that it makes the best sunset in our state. If you are reside of our NM, Trust us and come here to see it yourself. Our sunsets won’t disappoint you. It offers a show that you haven’t seen ever.

Let’s see it in the picture below!!

16. The First Covid-19 patient identified at March 11

The first COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed in our state New Mexico on 11 March 2020. But the very first Covid-19 patient identified in China in 2019. During the time of Covid-19, our state Governor declared to lock down the whole state.

17. The third of New Mexicans speak Spanish while they are at home.

18. New Mexico is the 36th population’s state in our nation.

19. More than 75% of roads are Unpaved in our states which is the best interesting fact about New Mexico. And it is known to all that, Unpaved roads are ineligible for efficient travel.

New Mexico Facts for Students

20. There were no high schools, college in our state before the time of 19th.


These informations and facts about New Mexico have collected from Wikipedia and New Mexico official Webpage. If you can get single information about the state of the United State We feel grateful to present the article.

Lets me know me your opinion about the interesting facts about New Mexico.

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