Interesting Facts About Ohio You Might not Know

38 Interesting Facts About Ohio You Might not Know

Even we hit Ohio plenty around here, but you will find it a quite interesting state if you meditate on its history. In the U.S., Ohio is a Midwestern, pretty unique state.

Ohio is called “The Buckeye State,” but do you know that a buckeye is a seed-like nut from the Formal state tree. Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg is the most renowned being from Each of Ohio’s 88 Counties.

And what, exactly, you know weird things about Ohio? Here are almost 38 and more interesting facts about Ohio to surprise your family & friends to foster during an awkward silence.

Fast Facts | Ohio State Facts and Information

Official Name: Ohio
Capital City:
 The Buckeye State
 11,689,100 (2019)
 44,825 sq mi (116,096 km2)
Official Languages:
Time zone: 
UTC-05:00 (Eastern)
(Source: Wikipedia)

What is Ohio Known for?

38 Funny & Interesting Facts About Ohio To Touch You

No#1: Name origination

Ohio, the state of actually originates from the Ohio River. The word “Ohio” comes from the Iroquois word, “Oyo,” which means “Great River.”  

No#2: The home of aviation

Ohio is known as “The home of Aviation.” the first airplane hailed credit went to The Wright Brothers from Dayton.  

No#3: Swallowtail flag pattern

Ohio’s state flag is not shaped like the standard rectangle, but it is the only one to follow a swallowtail pattern.    

No#4: The Y Bridge

With Y Bridge, you can across but still, are on the identity of the river?  Do you believe that? Y Bridge in Zanesville, Ohio, is such a bridge.   

No#5: State Symbols

  • Bird – Cardinal
  • Flower – Red Carnation
  • Tree – Buckeye
  • Animal – White-tailed Deer
  • Insect – Ladybird Beetle

No#6: “The Mother of Presidents”

Ohio is called “The Mother of Presidents” as its knack for originating POTUSes:  among 43 presidents, 7 have hailed from Ohio. Those belonging at home would be Rutherford B. Hayes, Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, and Warren G. Harding. Even if William Henry Harrison’s birthplace is Virginia, he settled in Ohio.  

Fun Facts about Ohio for Kids

No#7: Most unnecessary law

Quite possibly, the law currently ruined our Sunday plans; it is illegal to make whales fishing on Sunday in Ohio; the most unnecessary law. Behind this law, an interesting story exists.

We greatly apologize if we ruined your whale fishing plans; you can enjoy there’s always Saturday.    

No#8: First automobile

In 1891 John Lambert of Ohio City invented America’s first automobile.  

Cool Facts about Ohio

No#9: The first electric spotlight

In Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914, the first electric spotlight was fixed to use. The funniest fact is that a private automobile driver issued the first speeding ticket in Ohio in 1904.                     

No#10: Baseball team

“The Cincinnati Red Stockings “the first non-manual baseball team, were founded in 1869.                    

No#11: Sphere the earth

In 1998, John Glenn, a senator from Ohio, was the first American to sphere the earth. At 77 years old, he was the oldest man who goes into outer space.      

Important Facts about Ohio

No#12: First walk on the moon

Neil Armstrong, First walk on the moon, is also an Ohio city.                

No#13: The invention of many mainstream items

Thomas A. Edison discovered many mainstream items like the phonograph, the incandescent lamp, the earliest motion picture cameras, etc., he was from Milan & regarded as one of the world’s remarkable inventors.                      

No#14: Both of the largest cuckoo clock & basket

Ohio is the birthplace of both the largest cuckoo clock & basket.            

Fun Facts about Ohio         

No#15: Why call “Buckeye State”?

Ohio’s formally called the “Buckeye State.” This nickname originates from the number of buckeye trees covering the state. The nut of this Buckeye tree is said to like the eye of a deer.

No#16: “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”

As many call Ohio the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World,” Sandusky Cedar Point is a very amusement park. Currently, Ohio has almost 16 roller coasters; consider as the second-most in the world. 

Weird Facts about Ohio

No#17: Kelleys Island

In Lake Erie’s midpoint, Kelleys Island is located, you’ll observe there Glacial Grooves State Memorial. This is the world’s largest, easily reachable set of glacial grooves.

These grooves were made from glacier movement; the bigger one is almost 10 feet deep, 400 feet long and 35 feet wide.

No#18: “The River That Caught Fire”

At least 13 times, the Cuyahoga River caught fire; hence it’s aptly called “The River That Caught Fire.” Because of over pollution the river catch fire by the sparks from the train fall into the water. In 1969, this fire incident was highly media-covered; Congress decided to clean up the river also pollution over the country also formed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).                     

No#19: “Hang on, Sloopy”-official rock song

The McCoy sang the “Hang on, Sloopy”-official rock song of Ohio’s state. Originally this song was off the record marching band anthem of Ohio State; the choice was sensible.

No#20: Agriculture industry

Ohio’s largest industry is Agriculture, which contributes almost $93 billion to the economy yearly. Swiss cheese production is the number one ranks.

Ohio History Facts

No#21: The early years

In the 13,000 BC Paleo-Indian period, Ohio was inhabited by the Clovis culture.

No#22: Welcome aboard

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson approved Ohio’s constitution & boundaries, until 1953it wasn’t formally granted statehood.  After signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, he backdated Ohio’s excess to the union.

No#23: Ohio first town

In the Northwest Territory, Marietta settled permanently first, Founded in 1788.According to the name of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, the town was named.

Interesting Ohio Facts for Students

No#24: Place a bird on it

In all of Ohio’s 88 counties, you will find The Cardinal as the state bird. It’s also the state bird for more than six other states: Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

No#25: 88 of 88

Ohio’s smallest county in Vinton by its population, with about 13,000 citizens.

No#26: Irony sometimes can be pretty ironic:

Ohio’s William Henry Harrison gave a big founding speech but ironically, only one month later, he died; pretty ironic in U.S. presidential history. It was the shortest term ever of anyone to run the office.

No#27: Come one & all

Oberlin College admitted women as the first college in the U.S. in 1833 and 1835African-Americans.

No#28: Color barrier-breaking

In 1967Cleveland’s Carl Stokes selected as the first black mayor of a central town.

Great Things about Ohio famous for

No#29: A Paris pioneer

Cincinnati’s citizen DeHart Hubbard gained the gold medal in Olympics as the first African-American athlete. In Paris in 1924, He won a long jump.

No#30: Hot dog

Harry M. Stevens of Niles invented the hot dog, the scorecard of baseball, and drinking straw.

No#31: The home town of Superman

Probably you know Cleveland high school students Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel created Superman in 1933. May you see the fact that the first vertex of the character was a pirate with superpowers of psychic?

No#32: Famous radio station

When the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” was first set in Ohio, there is no WKRP radio station.

No#33: Like Valentine’s Day

In 1921a committee of candy makers started the Sweetest Day in Cleveland. Mostly in the Northeast & Midwest, this day is celebrated in almost a dozen states.

Ohio Funny Facts Might not Know

No#34: The home of football

The earlier pro football league, “American Professional Football Association,” formed in Canton in 1920.

No#35: U.S. Fast food capital

Arby’s (Boardman) & Wendy’s (Columbus) are the most successful fast-food chains founded in Ohio. Although in Wichita, Kansas, White Castle was founded in 1921, its headquarters was moved to Columbus in 1936.

No#36: Greenhouse & nursery plants

Ohio is calling the manufacturer of greenhouse and nursery plants.

No#37: First ambulance service

In Cincinnati, in 1865, the first ambulance service was founded.

No#38: Pop-top can

In Kettering, Ermal Fraze introduced the pop-top can.

“Ohio is a role model of the whole country, push into 43,000 square miles.”

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