Interesting Facts About Qatar | All Info about Qatar

50+ Interesting Facts About Qatar | All Info about Qatar

How many interesting facts about Qatar you know? Qatar is known of the most fascinating and fast-growing countries in the Arab world. The more you know about this Middle Eastern country, the more curiosity you will show to learn about it. In this article, we will mention some vibrant facts about Qatar to make amazed and short of words. Let’s read on!

Qatar Facts and Information | All about Qatar

Official Name: State of Qatar
Capital City: Doha
Population: 2,444,174
Area: 11,586 sq km
Major Languages: Arabic, English
Time Zone: UTC+3 (Arabia Standard Time)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

51 Interesting Facts about Qatar Nobody Knows

What is Qatar Known for?

No#1: Second flattest country

Qatar is the second flattest country in the world after the Maldives; its highest point is situated at Qurayn Abu al Bawl (338 ft), and the lowest point is located at Persian Gulf (0 ft).

No#2: Third best airport

The third best airport in the world is the Hamad International Airport, with a 5,500 acres area.

No#3: Best airline

Qatar has 5-star quality airlines with excellent service, and the country won the title of the “best airline in the world” several times.

No#4: “Sea meets desert”

The Khor Al Adaid, situated at Qatar’s southern end, is the only place where the sea meets the desert.

Fun Facts about Qatar

No#5: A safe country

Qatar is one of the world’s safest countries, and the safety index score of this country is 88.10 points out of 100.

No#6: World’s highest male to female ratio

In Qatar, there is one woman for every three men, which makes it the world’s highest sex ratio.

No#7: 12% Qataris

About 12% of people are Qataris, and the rest of them are expatriates.

No#8: Robots for camel racing

In Qatar, A robot jockey is used in camel races to replace jockeys—the robot was developed in 2004, it takes part on 13 July 2005 camel race.

No#9: A rich country

Qatar, a high-income economy, is known as one of the world’s wealthiest countries as per GDP per capita.

No#10: Meaning of Qatar’s flag

The white portion of Qatar’s flag implies spreading peace around the world, while the maroon color reflects bloodshed during the multiple wars Qatar had experienced.

No#11: FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 —the country is spending approximately US$220 billion for the whole tournament.

No#12: Unique Doha Tower

Doha is in Which Country?

The Doha Tower, a 46-story tower, has a cross (X) unique shape, and it was the tallest building until 2012.

No#13: A fast driverless train

The Doha Metro of Qatar Rail is going to be one of the fastest driverless trains in the world, and it has an estimated cost of $36bn.

No#14: Most popular places

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Souq Waqif
  • Doha Corniche
  • Pearl Qatar
  • Katara

No#15: Population

According to Worldometer, currently, 2,881,053 people live in Qatar, where 67.7% Muslims, 13.8% Hindus, 13.8% Christians, and 3.1% Buddhists.

No#16: Export income

Oil and gas are top exporting earning sources for Qatar —both of them cover approximately 97% of earnings, and the estimated value is close to $58 billion in total.

No#17: 0% forest cover

Qatar has almost 0% of trees — a few trees can be seen in inhabitants’ personal gardens.

No#18: 99.2% of Qataris live in City

About 99.2% of Qataris people live in urban areas, the most urbanized population globally.

No#19: Falconry

Falconry, a sport of hunting with hawks, is a habitat of most Qataris people and Qatar’s well-known sport.

No#20: Most polluting country

Qatar is the most polluting country in the world, which emitted 106.5 million metric tons of CO2 in 2019.

No#21: Lowest murder rate

Qatar is one of the lowest murders rated country, where the murder/homicide rate is 0.37 per 100k population. 

No#22: A fat country

Qatar ranks in the second position as the fattest country in the world with a 77.8% overweight or obese rate.

No#23: Camping

Camping is one of Qatar’s most popular activities, and people go camping in the desert and beach with family & friends to spend their time.

No#24: An artificial island

The Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island and one of the biggest real-estate developments in Arabic countries —the project’s cost was approximately $15 billion.

No#25: Machbūs

Qatar’s national dish is Machbūs, which is a combination of vegetables, rice, and meat.

No#26: 0% poverty rate

According to some studies, the poverty rate of Qatar is 0.00%.

No#27: Different Weekends

Unlike most developed countries, Friday and Saturday is the week for most Qataris.

No#28: A cheap petrol country

In Qatar, the petrol price is QR1. 30 per liter, which is considered one of the lowest prices globally.

No#29: Arabic

Arabic is the most common language in Qatar, but outsiders often use Persian, Urdu, and English.

No#30: A heritage market

Souq Waqif, a traditional cultural market that was founded 250 years ago, and people come here to purchase various things.

No#31: Soccer

Football is the most popular game in Qatar, and there are eight football stadiums in the country.

No#32: Pork products

Karak tea is one of the most common beverages in Qatar for both inhabitants and outsiders.

No#33: Karak tea

Karak tea is one of most common beverages in Qatar for both inhabitants and outsiders.

No#34: Qataris love art

Qataris people love art, and they exhibit various Muslim arts —the country spends approximately $1bn per year.

No#35: Low unemployment rate

Qatar’s unemployment rate is 0.08%, which is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

No#36: 23-foot yellow teddy

A 23-foot yellow teddy was displayed in Doha’s Hamad International Airport.

No#37: A 100-meters long buffet

There is a restaurant in Qatar, where A 100-meters long buffet is held and they unique dishes.

No#38: No river network

Qatar doesn’t have any river network —that’s why water is scarce here.

No#39: Ban on alcohol

Drinking alcohol is totally prohibited in this country according to law.

Ban on alcohol

No#40: 93.46% literacy rate

According to Macro Trends, the literacy rate of Qatar is 93.46%.

No#41: No minimum wage settlement

Qatar’s government still didn’t settle any minimal wage settlement for the people of the country.

No#42: Heart failure

Heart failure is the most common and deadly disease in Qatar, which often causes death.

No#43: National dress

Most Qatari men wear a thobe, a long white shirt, and a gutra, while women wear a long black dress called an abayha along with a Shayla,

No#44: 180 nationalities

Around 180 nations’ people are living in Qatar from different cultures.

No#45: Most famous foods

  • Saloona at Walima
  • Warak enab
  • Balaleet
  • Majboos
  • Madrouba

No#46: QAR 238,997

The average income of Qatari people is QAR 238,997 —earning various from profession to profession.

No#47: Large airline

Qatar airways have one of the largest airways due to its excessive space.

No#48: An old point

Many Qatari people love to visit one of Qatar’s oldest points, which is known as Corniche.

No#49: Wearing traditional dresses

The men and women in Qatar are encouraged to wear their traditional dresses to retain their culture and respect their local traditions and culture. You will see most real Qatari wear their traditional dress for most parties and occasions.

No#50: No hills

There is no hill in Qatar, but there are ten mountains and volcanoes in the country.

No#51: Light snack but heavy lunch

People start their day with a light snack like yogurt, cheese, olives, and coffee in Qatar. However, they eat a heavy lunch since they consider it the main meal of the day, and they mainly eat lamb or chicken stews.


Isn’t it fun to learn about interesting facts about Qatar? The country is rich tradition & culture though most of the land of the country is desert.

Since most citizens live in cities, their lifestyle is up to the mark—that’s why the country has a lower unemployment rate and poverty rate. Qatar is still improving in different sectors to become a well-developed and most peaceful country to visit.

Do you know anything more about the country, which you can share in our comment box? We will be happy to share knowledge with each other. Happy reading!

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