Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

73 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia | What is Known for?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most powerful and the largest countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia has preserved their rich culture in a great manner. Mecca and Medina, two holy places are present here.  Saudi Arabia has vast oil and natural gas reserve which is their base of the economy.

There are lots of natural deserts and places that are also recognized as international pride from world bodies. The system of good education and law and order system has made this country known to the world.

Here we have discussed numerous interesting facts about Saudi Arabia.

Quick Information | All about Saudi Arabia

Official Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Capital City: Riyadh
Population: 34,173,498
Area: 2,149,690 sq km
Languages: Arabic, English
Time Zone: UTC+3 (Arabia Standard Time)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

Interesting & Fun Facts about Saudi Arabia that Nobody Knows

What is Saudi Arabia Known for?

No#1: The largest peninsula

The world’s largest peninsula in the Arabian Peninsula.

No#2: A kingdom

Saudi Arabia, a country in Western Asia comprising the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula is a Kingdom.

No#3: Title of the Saudi king

“Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” is the title of the Saudi king.

No#4: Father of nation

Ibn Saud, the first king, is considered the Father of the Saudi nation.

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Facts

No#5: The capital city

Riyadh is the capital also the largest city of Saudi Arabia.

No#6: The king

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the present king of Saudi Arabia.

No#7: The crown prince

The crown prince is Mohammed bin, Salman Al Saud.

No#8: One of the largest country

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the middle east and 13th in the world.

No#9: A desert country

95% of this country is covered with desert or semi-desert.

Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia

No#10: The largest tower

Kingdom tower of Saudi Arabia, The Jeddah Tower will be the tallest construction in the world.

No#11: No river land

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country without a river.

Cool Facts about Saudi Arabia

No#12: Tobacco was banned

Saudi Arabia restricted tobacco in government offices and most public places in 2012.

No#13: The largest tobacco importer

According to Saudi statistics state, this country is the fourth in tobacco import in the world

No#14: Largest camel market

One of the largest camel markets in the world is Riyadh’s camel market.

No#15: Sidewalk Skiing

Sidewalk Skiing, a perilous but exciting new driving sport is invented by the motorists of Saudi Arabia.

No#16: Coffee is forbidden

Because of being tonic, coffee is forbidden but most people drink coffee even chew coffee beans at prayer time in the mosque.

No#17: The illegality of birth control

Birth control is not legal in Saudi Arabia.

No#18: Separate wedding ceremony

Here, the wedding ceremony is held separately for the bride and groom.

No#19: An absolute monarchy

Since its initiation as a nation on September 23, 1932, the Al Saud family has ruled this country.

No#20: World’s last huge monarchy

Saudi Arabia is the world’s last significant monarchy.

No#21: Most powerful person

The world’s most powerful Muslim and the 8th most powerful person in the world is Saudi Arabia’s, King Abdullah.

No#22: Citizenship

Saudi citizenship or a prayer place is not permitted for Non-Muslims.

No#23: More immigrants

According to UN data, immigrants are more than its total population.

No#24: International labor

About a lot of the labor force in Saudi Arabia are international.

Saudi Arabia Religion Facts

No#25: Islam’s birthplace

The birthplace of Islam is Saudi Arabia. The holiest place of Muslims, Mecca, and Medina are situated here.

No#26: Arabian Gulf

The Persian Gulf is known as Arabian Gulf in Saudi Arabia.

No#27: Powerful Wahhabism

Wahhabism is very powerful in Saudi Arabia.

No#28: Al-Masjid al-Nabawi

The Prophet Muhammad built this mosque and it is the 2nd holiest mosque to Muslims.

No#29: The Hajar al-Aswad

Islam’s holiest icon the Hajar al-Aswad is in the Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

No#30: Zakat

Saudi Arabia levied zakat for Muslims instead of income tax.

No#31: First women in Majlis in Sura

Nour Al-Fayez was the first woman who was appointed as Deputy Minister for Women’s Education, to the Majlis al-shura the inner circle of the Saudi Arabian government.

No#32: National dress

The Saudi national dress for women is the black abaya.

No#33: Lunar calendar

Islamic lunar calendar is followed by Saudi Arabia.

No#34: Allowing women to vote

Saudi Arabia is the last nation in the world of allowing women to vote.

No#35: Arm trader

The second-largest arms trader in the world as Saudi Arabia in 2012-16.

No#36: Legal system

Saudi Arabia follows Sharia, the Islamic law. Public beheading, amputation, stoning, and lashing are the punishment for crime.

No#37: Road accident

According to a news report in 2016 road accident was responsible for most passings in KSA.

No#38: Event

The border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia is reopened on 4th January 2021.

Crazy laws in Saudi Arabia

No#39: Banned beating

Beating is banned as judicial punishment.

No#40: Women’s driving

Recently, Saudi women have got permission to drive vehicles.

No#41: The economy

Saudi Arabia’s economy is deeply reliant on oil.

No#42: Largest natural resource

The nation has the second-biggest demonstrated petroleum holds.

Good Things about Saudi Arabia

No#43: Exporter of oil

World’s biggest oil exporter is Saudi Arabia.

No#44: Energy superpower

Saudi Arabia is fifth in natural gas reserves, which is regarded as an energy superpower.

No#45: Vision 2030

To decrease the country’s reliance on oil and differentiate its financial assets the Saudi Government dispatched “Saudi Vision 2030”.

The highest peak of Saudi Arabia is Jabal Sawda.

The highest peak of Saudi Arabia is Jabal Sawda.

No#46: Cuisine

  • Mandi
  • Jalamah
  • Ka’ak
  • Kabsa
  • Khmer
  • Markook
  • Aseedah
  • Roz Bukhari
  • Laban
  • Sobia

No#47: Arabic dress

The traditional dress for Saudi men called a thobe or thawb also called “Arabic dress”.

No#48: Avoiding customs

  • Anything, cause of embarrassment or face loss.
  • Uncovering the feet or footwear to somebody.
  • Applying left hand for eating.
  • Before discussion and drinking coffee or tea, rushing into work.
  • Admiring portable ownership of Saudi.

No#49: Child marriage is legal

Still, child marriage is no illegal but uncommon.

No#50: Legality of slavery

Traditionally and ethnically slavery is legal in the Arabian Peninsula.

No#51: Sports

Football is the most popular. Basketball, Horse racing, Falconry, Camel racing are also popular.

No#52: Bedouin poetry

Bedouin poetry a very popular and cultural tradition in Saudi Arabia is known as nabaṭi.

No#53: Deduction of cost

80% of transportation cost deducts for the female employee.

No#54: Expensive water

Oil is cheaper than freshwater.

No#55: Heritage site

There are four world heritage sites including Mecca and Medina.

No#56: Highest peak

The highest peak of Saudi Arabia is Jabal Sawda.

No#57: Space travel

The first Muslim space traveler was Prince Sultan bin, Salman.

No#58: Largest living thing

350 million ago, 6 meters long mushroom was the largest living thing in Saudi Arabia.

No#59: Volcanoe

There have volcanoes near the medina in the northern end of Harrat Rahat.

No#60: Country of younger

Half of the people’s age of the total population is under 24 and only 5% of people’s age is above 60.

No#61: Al-Ardah

Al-Ardah is the national sword dance, originally performed before going to war.

No#62: First coffee house

The first coffee house in the world was in Mecca.

Saudi Arabia Culture Facts

No#63: Cultural festive

There is a cultural and heritage festive for two weeks in every year’s late winter or early spring.

No#64: Banking system

The banking system of Saudi Arabia is the world’s most advanced.

No#65: Education

Spending 25% of its budget, public school is provided for free.

No#66: Tallest fountain

World’s tallest water fountain is in Jeddah, on the red sea.

Saudi Arabia History Facts

No#67: Largest airport

King Khaled Airport is the world’s largest Airport.

No#68: Desalination plant

The largest desalination plant in the world is in Jubail.

No#69: Stock market

Tadawul, the stock market of Saudi Arabia is the world’s 11th largest.

No#70: Women in the government sector

Half of the representatives in the governmental area are ladies.

No#71: Best business place

According to World Bank, Saudi Arabia is the best place for business in the Middle East.

No#72: Harry potter

Because of sorcery, the harry potter book is banned.

No#73: Women can’t do

Without a male guardian’s permission, women can’t open a bank account, work, travel, or go to school.

Saudi Arabia’s dry, parched environment and deserts and semi-deserts make it a one-of-a-kind country. Although its laws and government are different from different pieces of the world, this current country’s residents have a rich culture, a profound legacy, and a guarantee to their religion that is only sometimes seen in different nations throughout the planet.

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