Interesting Facts About Suriname

50 Interesting Facts About Suriname | What is Suriname Known for?

A tiny country Suriname, can make you surprise with unique facts related to its culture and nature. “The Republic of Suriname“- is the formal name of Suriname, a country on the northern seashore of South America with a 163,820 square km area.

There has a lot to explore about this interesting country. Here we enlisted some of the interesting facts about Suriname to make you visit this place.

Quick Things | About Suriname Information

Official Name: Republic of Suriname
Capital City: Paramaribo
Population: 609,569
Area: 163,820 sq km
Languages: Dutch, English, Sranang Tongo, Caribbean Hindustani, Javanese
Time Zone: UTC-3 (Suriname Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

Interesting Facts about Suriname to Closely Touch

What is Suriname Known for?

No#1: The trivial country in South America

Suriname is the trivial country in South America, With a land area of only 163,821 square km and only 541,638 populations as per the 2012 census.

No#2: Capital city

Paramaribo is the Suriname capital city; almost 50 % of its population lives here, around 241,000 people.

No#3: Dutch colony

From 1667 -1954, Suriname was considered a Dutch colony.

No#4: Territorial dispute

There is a territorial dispute regarding Suriname with Guyana and French Guiana.

No#5: Independent history

Between 1954-1975 Suriname was an elector country of the Netherlands, then it set off an independent state.

No#5: Native inhabitants

Indians are the Native inhabitants of Suriname; whatever presently their population is declining to only a fraction in the country.

No#6: Border country

Suriname borders different countries like French Guiana 510 km, Brazil 593 km, Guyana 600 km.

No#7: The TBL Cinema

In Suriname, the TBL Cinema is the only cinema; located in Paramaribo.

No#8: Left-Side Driving

While all other South American countries have right-hand driving, Suriname and G, It Is One of Two South American Countries With Guyana are the only two countries on the continent with left-hand driving.

No#9: Dutch language

Dutch is Suriname’s formal language. Almost 60% of the Surinamese talk Dutch as their first language & the rest people talks it as a second language.

No#10: Amazing ethnic diversity

East Indians, Creole, Maroon, Javanese, Chinese, White, Amerindian, and many more ethnic communities consider Suriname their home. Mixed marriage between the different ethnic groups has also resulted in significant mixed ethnic descent in the country.

No#11: Unspoiled rainforests

Nature blessed Suriname very well. The majority parts of this country’s land are cupped by pristine tropical rainforests. A massive forest part is protected with natural parks, sanctuaries, reserves, etc. here has a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No#12: Festivals

The Surinamese celebrate numerous festivals all year round like

  • Christmas,
  • Holi,
  • Diwali,
  • Indian Arrival Day,
  • Javanese Arrival Day,
  • Day of the Maroons,
  • Good Friday,
  • Eid ul-Fitr, and
  • Many more religious & secular festivals and ceremonies.

No#13: Ideal for religious tolerance

There are very few locations in the world where a Jewish synagogue is situated next to a mosque. Different worship places like Christian churches & Hindu temples co-exist peacefully. 

Hence religious tolerance of Suriname teaches the world.

No#14: UNESCO World Heritage Site

“Paramaribo” The inner city of Suriname’s capital was regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, with different historical importance buildings and religious significance.

No#15: Financial condition

Although Suriname is rich in culture, nature, and community, financially, many Surinamese are struggling. Almost 70% of the country’s population lives under the poverty line.

No#16: Education system

This country’s educational system is based on that of the Dutch & Netherlands picked language of guide in the schools. For children age up to 12, Education is compulsory here.

No#17: Percentage of illiterate people

There are 4.4% of people exceeding 15 years of age in Suriname don’t know how to read or write (almost 23,504 people).

What is Suriname Famous for?

No#18: Juliana top

Juliana’s top is the highest mountain is in the Sipaliwini District in Suriname. Suitable for advanced hikers, you can visit this place to have an adrenaline rush!

No#19: Motor vehicles

This country has almost 207,100 motor vehicles (per 1,000 inhabitant’s 388 vehicles exit).

Cultural Fact about Suriname

No#20: National food

Rice with Chicken is Suriname’s national dish.

No#21: Main food

Essential foods involve rice, plants like cassava & tayer, and roti. Basically, there is a chicken menu like the Indian chicken masala and pom & the Chinese sense force. Also, stockfish (bakkeljauw)  & salted meat are widely used.

No#22: “Suriname River”

A river named “Suriname River” is considered as the Coppename; Almost 480 Km long river. Corantijn is the longest river in Suriname.

The Maroni & the Courantyne are the other two major rivers; they go northward to the Atlantic.

No#23: Species of fish

Almost 350 species of fish are available in the inland & coastal waters of the country.

No#24: Orchids & water lilies

Suriname is familiar for its Orchids & water lilies. Hence, hibiscus, oleanders, and bougainvillea are the few of the greatest flowers that grow in the country.

No#25: Bauxite production

Suriname produces Bauxite top in the world.

Fun Facts about Suriname

No#26: Cosmopolitan populations

In the world, Suriname has most of the cosmopolitan populations.

No#27: Heterogeneous forest

Most of the country’s land area, almost nine-tenths, is tucked with heterogeneous forest having practically 1000 species of trees.

No#28: Mammal

In Suriname, the tapir is the biggest land mammal.

No#29: Population growth rate

Only 1% of its population growth rate while 9.7% is in Lebanon. Around 45% of its population is between 25-54 years ago.

The northern coastal area of the country is acutely populated in comparison with the rest of the country.

Suriname Facts for Kids

No#30: Arable land

The country has the smallest quantity of arable land, below 1% of the entire land area. It has only half of its land is under cultivation.

Weird Facts about Suriname

No#31: Timber resources

Almost 90% of the country is under forests; here are vast timber resources.

No#32: Precious metals

Suriname is enriched with plenty of deposits of valuable metals like Gold.

No#33: Transport system

Canals & Rivers are an essential mode of transport in Suriname because roads are not so developed.

No#34: Popular sports

Basketball, Football, and volleyball are the most popular sports in Suriname. Unfortunately, there is no official sports team in Suriname.

No#35: Newspapers:

“De West” &”De Ware Tijd” are two major public newspapers that are printed in Dutch.

No#36: Free from slavery:

In 1863, Suriname African slavery was ended, and then the country began to import workers from Java & India (an island of Indonesia).

No#37: Tafelberg

Tafelberg is a fantastic destination for nature lovers & expert climbers. It is the highest mountain in Suriname, having a flat ‘table top.’ A perfect choice for all the hikers!

No#38: Brokopondo Reservoir

Brokopondo Reservoir is one of the biggest in the world that floods almost 1 percent of the country. Don’t miss visiting this human-made beauty, a great tourist destination in itself.

No#39: Highest located town

“Anapi” is the highest located town in Suriname.

No#40: The minimum wage

 Six hundred guilders per month is determined as the minimum wage for civil servants, with 45 hours working time in a week.

No#41: The unemployment rate

In 2018, 9.7% was the unemployment rate.

No#42: Income tax

Here natural person’s income tax is 38% and 36%for companies. Goods and services tax is 10%.8.6% is the level of inflation.

No#43: Married law

In Suriname less than 30 years of age, written consent of the parents is essential to be married. At the age of 20, men and women may get married if they want.

No#44: IQ level

89 is the average IQ level.

No#45: HIV / AIDS inflation

In this country, HIV / AIDS are the most deadly disease.

No#46: Temperature

In Zanderij14.3 °C was measured as the lowest temperature. 38 °C was calculated as the highest temperature.

No#47: The world’s best armies

Suriname ranks 133 on the world’s best armies.

Important Facts about Suriname

No#48: Alcohol consumption percentage

Suriname people consume almost 6.6 liters of pure alcohol on average per year. The drinks are:

  • Spirit – 57%,
  • Beer – 40%,
  • Wine – 2.5%, and
  • Other alcoholic beverages – 0.5%.

No#49: Internet access

In Suriname (2015) over 240,000 & (2018) 340,000 people have access to the internet (almost 64% of the people); about (2015) 212,000, (2018) 310,000 accounts on Facebook.

No#50: Average expectancy of life:

69.7 years is the average life expectancy in here (men – 66.4 years & women – 73.1 years and).

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