Interesting & Fun Facts about Vermont Which Nobody Knows

30+ Interesting & Fun Facts about Vermont Which Nobody Knows

Vermont is the 14th state of United states which is brimful with lots of interesting and fun facts. You may think “What’s the Interesting fun Facts of Vermont? There is a plenty of 30+ interesting facts including its history, Geographical land, Borders, and its nickname.

Today we are going to appear some facts about Vermont that you never know. The full article is consists with Vermont history, Geography, Development, and the interesting place information. That will help you to know “What is Vermont famous for?” and “What’s the Nickname of Vermont”? If you are an enthusiastic to invent the Vermont facts, this article is for you.

Vermont Facts and Information

Name: Vermont
Capital City: Montpelier
Population: 2,976,149 (2019)
Area: 9,616 sq mi (24,923 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting & Fun Facts about Vermont State

What is Vermont Known for

Our team is able to gather the information of this state throughout a deep research. We are grateful to present some interesting information of this Green Mountain state. Most of them are historical and funny that will shock you. Let’s try to invent some fun and historical facts of this 2nd smallest population state.

No#1: Vermont was an independent Country before became the state

*Before Vermont became the 14th state of United Nation, it is an Independent country. Vermont achieves independence in 1777 at the following clashes over land. It continues their development as a nation for 14 years. In 1791 March 4, it is admitted to the US nation and became the 14th state.

No#2: This is “The Green Mountain State”

Cool Facts about Vermont

With a plenty of natural beauty and green the state is fulfilled with scenic view. There is a large amount of trees in the state. It covers almost 77% area of Vermont total area. Most of tress are very tall and takes large area with green bough. Consequently the state is well-known as “The Green Mountain State”.

 Beside it, ‘Green Mountain’ is the meaning of Vermont name origin.

That’s why, Vermont became “The Green Mountain state”. And it makes the nickname of Vermont State.

No#3: The name origin Vermont came from French phrases

The origin of Vermont name came from a French phrase of “Le Verts Monts”. Means of the phrase is Green Mountain. Although this is French word is suitable for the Vermont state.

This state is almost obsessed with tress. On the other hand, someone believes the name comes from green-colored shale.

Fun Facts about Vermont

No#4: It is the birthplace of Snow golf

Dummerston, Vermont is the birthplace of this Snow Golf. All credits goes to the Rudyard Kipling for his creative talent. He invented the game at his home. Now it’s became a popular game throughout the world. 

Rudyard Kipling is the legendary author who wrote the Jungle Book.

No#5: Vermont’s Maple syrup pride

Vermont is undoubtedly the largest producer of Maple syrup. Every year it produces the largest number of maple syrup in the nation. He state capable to supply almost 35 percent of total maple syrup supply in the market. There are many local producers who produce the maple at home while there are many big producers in this state. They play an important role to fulfill the maple syrup demand.

Did you know that it takes 40 gallon maple sap to make 1 gallon maple syrup? Whatever, they collect the maple sap from trees and gather them on bucket. Can you imagine how about the amount?

No#6: It is the only state with Snowflake photogaphy

Snowflake Photography is invented by a Famer of Vermont. He is an innovative person who invented the advanced technique to capture snowflake image and surprise the world. His creation gives an advanced photographic precision in the world.

What’s Things Vermont is Famous for

No#7: It is illegal to install Billboards in Vermont

There is no billboard in Vermont. That is really an interesting fact of Vermont. In 1968, legislators decided to restrict the installation of billboards in towns or counties of Vermont. They have restricted the advertisement to preserve the natural beauty of this state. That means there is no commercial sign or feature in road signs. This Ban helped to attract the tourist.

In 1968, it became the second state to ban the Billboards. Hawaii is the first state to do this Ban in 1920s.

No#8:There is no Skyscrapers in Vermont

Vermont is the only states with short building that do not qualify as the skyscrapers. That means there is no tallest building. Decker Towers is total 124 feet tall and it is the tallest building in the state. When we compare this with other state Decker Towers is nothing before their building.

Weird Facts about Vermont

No#9: Snowboarding

Vermont has a special place with snowboarding. One of the locals, a former ski racer, Jake Burton is designed with boards after participating the surfing. In the past history, snowboarders used snurfers to the sports.   

No#10: Champlain sea became a Lake

Lake Champlain is the largest water in state. It was a sea before became a lake. It has changed the status after glaciers of Ice age receded. This is one of the sorrowful news of Vermont state.

No#11: 77% of Vermont is Covered with Trees

Vermont is fulfilled with natural beauty and green. There are lots of trees in the state. Almost 77% of total areas are contains the trees. Most of them are very tall and green. These tall trees are higher than neighbors mountain. Sometimes people fell confused to see the green Mountain cause of the tallest trees. Consequently, Vermont became the most popular tourist spot as a great vacation destination.

No#12: Vermont has the highest ratio of Cows to People

Often you’ve heard lots in other state “There lives more cows than people”. But Vermont is a different state of this nation. There is the highest ratio of cows to people. For every 3.8 Vermont people, there is one cow. There is total of 164,884 cows in this Green Mountain state. That’s enough to supply the dairy milk and meal for the state.

No#13: Vermont can be divide into six region

Vermont is state with variety geographical region. It can be divide into six land region; The Northeast Highlands, The Green Mountains, The Taconic Mountains, the western New England Upland, the Vermont valley, and the Champlain valley.

With six geographical land regions, the Green mountain state is fulfilled with natural beauty.

Vermont Facts for Kids

No#14: Vermont has the 2nd smallest population in the Nation

As the survey of 2019, the population of Vermont is total 625,000. This is the 2nd smallest population in the nation. There is low density of population while this 45th state in area.

No#15: Least populous capital in the nation

Vermont Facts for Students

Montpelier is the Capital of Vermont. It is the least populous capital in the United States. As the survey of 2019, there is total of 8,000 people live in the capital.

However, it makes total 21,000 populations in the day time. Lots of job and workplace can gather people from another city of this state.

No#16: Vermont is the 45th state in the Nation

Vermont is a small state with 24,923 square kilometers or 8,616 sq miles area. In the terms of total area this is the 45th state of this nation.

No#17: This is one of the progressive state that allows Same-sex marriage

Vermont is one of the most progressive State in the nation. In 1880, it was the first to grant women partial voting rights. Furthermore, it grant abolish slavery and Legislate same-sex marriage.

Let’s try to know some Quick Facts about Vermont

  • Montpelier is the Capital of Vermont
  • Vermont takes name from French phrase.
  • The Green Mountain is the nickname of this state.
  • This is the 4th state of United nation.
  • Red Clover is the state Flower.
  • Morgan horse Is the state Animal.
  • Monarch is well known as the state butterfly
  • Honey Bee is the State insect
  • Brook Trout and Walleye Pike is the state fish of Vermont.
  • Apple is the state fruit of the Green Mountain.
  • “These Green Mountains” is the state song of Vermont.
  • Vermont is famous for Ski Resorts, Autumn Splendor, and Maple Syrup.
  • Maple is the state flavor of Vermont State.


On the whole of Vermont is a state with lots of interesting facts. We’ve tried to invent some fun and interesting facts of this “Green Mountain State”. Some of them are Bad Facts about Vermont. Take them easy and normal. Because this is our small effort to appear the interesting facts of this 14th state of united states.

Hopefully, you have got a little bit information about Vermont facts. Let me know “What is the most interesting facts of Vermont State?” Write down your opinion in comment box below. 

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