50+ Unique & Interesting facts about Wisconsin

53 Unique & Interesting Facts about Wisconsin | What is known for?

Most people have known Wisconsin as the Dairyland of America, but there has much more mystery to reveal about the state, involving why a city of the state has been named the world’s capital of toilet paper.

Wisconsin flaunts some inquisitive, irregular, and tremendously challenging to accept realities. For example, the state is known as the “Malibu of the Midwest” and the region that produces virtually all of the nation’s stock of ginseng. On the off chance that you previously thought Wisconsin was intriguing, we’re simply beginning!

Let’s learn all types of Wisconsin’s chilly facts from this catalog of Wisconsin’s exciting facts.  This list will open up all about the state you need to know.

Quick Facts about Wisconsin State

NickName: Badger State, America’s Dairyland
Population: 5,893,718 (2020)
Area: 169,640 sq km
Capital: Madison
Languages: English 91.32%, Spanish 4.64%, Other 8.68%[11]
Density: 42 sq km
Currency: USD
Income rank: 21st
Time Zone: UTC– 06:00 (Central) [Summer UTC– 05:00 (CDT))]
– Source: WikiPedia

Unique and unexposed Wisconsin
what is
 wisconsin known for?

This Wisconsin fact and information list have everything you want to know about the region and its people.


Wisconsin is located in the north-central area of ​​the United States, in the Midwest or Great Lakes region.

Joining Union:

On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became a state and joined the Union as the 30th state.

Border with:

The state shares its border with four other states named Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Biggest state:

It is the 20th largest state by population and 23rd by area.


Currently, the capital of Wisconsin is Madison.


Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward.”


Around 5.8 million people are living in Wisconsin as inhabitants, and they are called Wisconsinites.

Largest city:

Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state.

Name origination:

The state’s name is believed to come from the Wisconsin River, derived from an Algonquin word that was later derived to its current form.


Sometimes Wisconsin is referred to as the Badger State, but not because there are so many animals; in fact, it means miners in the 1820s who broke up tunnels to sleep and keep warm, much like badgers.

Part of:

The state initially belonged to France, who then oversubscribed it to the North American nation throughout the 1783 written agreement of Paris.

The Economy:

The economy of Wisconsin is dependent on three major industries named agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

famous things from wisconsin

The cuisine of Wisconsin:

Cheese and cheese products have made the state famous, like dairy products, cheese curds, and frozen custard. Other famous foods that are common in the area include old-fashioned hot dogs, beer and cocktails, butter burgers, fried and boiled fish fries, and booyah stew.


The most commonly used languages in Wisconsin are English and Spanish.

The Lincoln-Tallman House Museum:

It is a landmark of Wisconsin which is situated in Janesville. Abraham Lincoln spent two nights here also.

Prohibition of Margarine:

From 1895 to 1967, margarine was prohibited. Even now, it is not legal in the restaurant to provide margarine in place of butter if it is not the customer’s recommendation.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin:

It was the site of the largest woolly mammal in history, and you can notice a replica of it at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Oldest city:

Green Bay is known as the oldest city in Wisconsin.

State symbol:

  • Flower – the wood violet.
  • Insect – the Western honey bee.
  • Tree – the sugar maple.
  • Fish – the muskellunge.
  • Animal – badger.
  • Domestic animal – cow.

Land of water:

The state is cover with 13500 miles of navigable water and around 1500 lakes. There are 3% of the state’s total space made up of lakes, and 17% area of the state is water.

The largest lake:

Winnebago is the largest lake in the state, and Lake Michigan is the country’s 3rd largest lake.

Water parks:

The Wisconsin dell is the single place where you can find the world’s highest number of water parks.

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Highest point:

Timm’s hill is the highest place in the state. It is 1951 feet high.

Malibu of the Midwest:

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is referred to as the “Malibu of the Midwest” as lots of humans pass freshwater browsing there

Known as:

The state was known as ‘America’s Dairyland’ or ‘the Cheese State.’

what is wisconsin famous for?

Famous for:

The largest cheese producer in the United States is Wisconsin. 90% of the milk is utilized to make cheese. The state is famous for this.

Dairy cattle:

Wisconsin has more dairy cattle per square kilometer than any other state in the U.S.

The first ice cream Sundae:

Ed Bermers, the owner of a soda store, was the creator of the first ice cream sundae; it was made in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

Sports of Wisconsin:

Wisconsin is represented through main league groups withinside the three maximum famous spectator sports activities in the U.S.: baseball, American football and basketball.

Famous person:

  • Mark Ruffalo – Actor
  • Les Paul – Guitar manufacturer
  • Frank Lloyd Wright – Popular architect

Ginseng producer:

Wisconsin is the producer of all ginsengs in the U.S.

First kindergarten:

The nation is domestic to the first-ever kindergarten inside of the U.S. It was founded by Margarethe Schurz in Watertown, Wisconsin, in 1856.

Biggest exporter:

The most prominent exporter of sweetcorn and cranberries in the U.S. is Wisconsin; also, it is second in exporting whey.

Toilet paper capital:

Green Bay, a city of Wisconsin, is called the “Toilet paper capital” of the international. The first splinter-unfastened restroom paper turned into produced there in 1935, and the nearby Northern Paper Mills turned into the largest manufacturer of restroom paper withinside the international in 1920.

Biggest museum:

The Milwaukee Art Museum, also familiar as MAM, is the largest art museum in the U.S.

House at the Rock:

The broadly celebrated House at the Rock, placed among Spring Green and Dodgeville cities, is a vacationer enchantment that changed into opened in 1959.

First Haley Davidson bike:

William Harley and the Davidson brothers, the mastermind of Harley Davidson, constructed their first-ever bike in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Wizard of Waukesha:

The electric guitar we notice today is famous thanks to Les Paul, a Wisconsinite. Paul’s accomplishments and contributions to the guitar earned him the nickname Wizard of Waukesha.

The first hydroelectric plant:

In 1882, the world’s first hydropower plant was set up on the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Experimental aviation:

Wisconsin holds the momentous experimental aviation occasion withinside the global in Oshkosh, known as the EAA Fly-In.

The busiest control tower:

On the festival of aviation, the world’s busiest control tower is the Oshkosh control tower, with more than 15,000 planes landing at the airport in a week.

Statue collection:

Many statue collections can be seen in Wisconsin. They are bundles of earth models in the shape of a sign or a shape, periodically an animal.

Summer fest:

The Guinness Book of history recognizes the Milwaukee Summer Festival as the world’s biggest music festival.

The highest lighthouse:

The world’s tallest lighthouse is situated on the Great Lakes, Racine, Wisconsin.

White Buffalo:

A white buffalo known as Miracle was born in 1994 on a farm in Wisconsin, the primary white buffalo to turn since 1933.

First circus:

The introductory circus of the U.S. was organized in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Sweet corn Festival:

As correctly as a famous tune festival, Wisconsin arranges one in every of the most important world’s sweetcorn gala’s in the town of Sun Prairie.

Functional typewriter:

In 1868, the state noticed the start of the first working typewriter, designed by Christopher Latham Sholes. Latham additionally invented the QWERTY keyboard, which continues to be used today.

A hidden place for gangsters:

Many well-known gangsters, including Al Capone and Bugs Moran, hid in Wisconsin.

First Flag Day:

Ozaukee County is the first place where first Flag Day was celebrated

Birthplace of Barbie:

Barbie comes from the fictitious metropolis of Willows, Wis., an afternoon on the Fennimore Doll & Toy Museum can be in order for the collector and doll aficionado.

Famous news organization:

The Onion, arguably the leading well-known information satire organization, became humbly began out via way of means of the University of Wisconsin-Madison students, Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, in 1988.

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