Interesting Facts about Zimbabwe | What is Known for?

42 Unique Interesting Facts about Zimbabwe | What is Known for?

A landlocked country “Zimbabwe” enriched with various natural views, exciting landscapes, and embracing Victoria Falls- the world’s natural wonder.

Formally “The Republic of Zimbabwe” is situated in southern Africa between the mighty Zambezi & the Limpopo.

Although Zimbabwe was passing through economic instability & political violence, the country became apt to bounce back. The tourism sector greatly improved, including disaster and ruins place- an excellent tourist destination.

To bring you to come closer to Zimbabwe, here we enlisted some exciting facts about Zimbabwe. So why are you waiting? Let’s dig out.

Quick Information About Zimbabwe

Official Name: Republic of Zimbabwe
Population: 14,546,314
Area: 390,757 sq km
Capital City: Harare
Languages: Shona, Ndebele, English
Gross Domestic Product: 16.77 billion USD (2020) (World Bank)
Currency: United States Dollar
Time Zone: UTC+2 (Central Africa Time)
– Source: CIA World Fact Book

Interesting facts about Zimbabwe to make you know

What is Zimbabwe Known for?

No#1: Capital Harare:

In 1890 in respect of The British premier Lord Salisbury

Capital Harare was named Salisbury.

No#2: Geography:

This country is totally landlocked country.

No#3: Languages:

With the world Guinness record, surprisingly, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages. These are:

  • Chivaree,
  • Chewa,
  • Kalanga,
  • English,
  • Khoisan,
  • Ndau,
  • Ndebele,
  • Nambya,
  • Shangani,
  • sign language,
  • Shona,
  • Sotho,
  • Tswana,
  • Tonga,
  • Xhosa
  • & Venda

This country was most of the last one or two African states who gained independence on the 18th of April from the British.

No#4: Border country:

It is bordered by-

  • South Africa -south,
  • Botswana – southwest & west,
  • Zambia -northwest, and
  • Mozambique-east and northeast.

No#5: Wonderful Victoria Falls:

The world’s biggest waterfall-Victoria Falls, is already encountered as the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. Almost 1.7 kilometers wide and spilled the Zimbabwe & Zambia.

Victoria Falls are formed from Zambezi River drop into almost 108-meter high spilled. The locals call this falls the Mosi-oa-Tunya means the ‘Smoke which Thunders.’

No#6: Sound of Victoria Falls:

You can hear the sound of the Victoria Falls can range from 40 kilometers far away.

No#7: The man-made biggest lake ever:

“Lake Kariba” is considered the world’s biggest man-made lake ever and by volume like a reservoir. Next to Zimbabwe & Zambia, “Lake Kariba” is 1,300 kilometers up-dip from the great Indian Ocean.

No#8: Gold mines of King Solomon’s:

Zimbabwe is considered as the Ophir location-the primitive wealthy country. King Solomon received gold, ivory, and many more precious items from here.

With a vast trade network hub, Great Zimbabwe was called the Shona city in Southern Africa, trading Iron & Gold with Indian & and Portuguese traders.

No#9: Tabaco production:

Zimbabwe is the world’s top 10 Tobacco producers. Almost 80 % of tobacco sold abroad, as 20% of the Zimbabwe population takes cigarettes.

No#10: Flame Lilly lover:

Zimbabwe’s national flower is The Flame Lilly, encountered as a preserved plant under the law of Parks and Wildlife. Hence it is illegal to harvesting &

No#11: A large number of Elephant:

Zimbabwe has the world’s second-largest number of elephants, more than 85,000. Botswana places first.

No#12: Biggest area than Germany:

Approximately Zimbabwe is 390,757 sq. km, but Germany is almost 357,022 sq. km. Germany is nearly 91.37% bigger than Zimbabwe.

No#13: Rock paintings:

All over Zimbabwe there exit thousands of rock sites with the highest concentration in South Africa. Natives of Zimbabwe drew this rock art which expresses their ancient lifestyle.

The most classical rock painting is determined to be 7000 years back.

No#14: 5 Big animals:

Among African countries, Zimbabwe is birthplace of the 5 Big animals such as:

  • Buffalo,
  • The Lion,
  • Leopard
  • Rhinoceros,
  • And the Elephant.

No#15: 5 World heritage sites:

Surprisingly Zimbabwe has five World heritage sites (UNESCO)-

  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins,
  • Khami Ruins,
  • Mana Pools
  • Victoria Falls,
  • Matobo Hills.

These sites are enough reason to make you visit lovely Zimbabwe.

No#16: Black rhino range state:

Though Zimbabwe is mentioned as the five big animals, maybe you don’t know that this country is the world’s ‘Big Four’ black rhino range state.

You can enjoy here four species of rhinoceros; these are endangered kinds of animal only a few may be exits in a few places all over the world.

historical facts about zimbabwe

No#17: Natural History Museum:

Natural History Museum in Bulawayo is considered the 4th biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Southern Africa, this Museum is most of the best.

With a fantastic collection of artifacts from different sites such as Insects, birdlife, mammals, geology, history of the locals who colonized Zimbabwe& many more you can enjoy.

No#18: Literate racy rate:

Zimbabwe’s literate rate is so high in Africa. UNESCO Reported in 2011 that almost 83.6% of the Zimbabwe population was literate.

No#19: Great Zimbabwe:

“Great Zimbabwe” is a primitive stone city in Masvingo province-UNESCO heritage sites. In sub-Saharan Africa, these ruins are the biggest ever 1,800 acre’s land area.

Applying vast granite blocks, this city structure was made without applying mortar. Perhaps from the 16-17th century AD, these buildings were constructed.

No#20: Brand facts:

In Zimbabwe, brand names never deserve any matter; all the toothpaste is simply called “Colgate” and soft drink as “Coke.”

No#21: Young nation:

Zimbabwe can be recognized as a young nation because almost 50 % of the population is under below 21.

facts about zimbabwe currency

No#22: Multi-currency:

Zimbabwe uses multi-currency by abandoning the Zimbabwean dollar, which was their own. They took foreign currencies like the euro, US dollar, South Africa rand, and the Botswana pula.

Here, you can pick any item priced in euros, pay in South African rands, and also can change in US dollars.

No#23: Life expectancy:

In the world, Zimbabwe belongs a short life expectancy while men 37 & women 34 years only.

No#24: Mermaids believe:

Mermaids exist- this is a complex belief of Zimbabweans; sometimes, they are blamed for miserable events like murder.

No#25: Air Zimbabwe:

This is the most of the country’s airlines, having no seat belt passengers are obliged to pick belt from their own pants like a seat belt.

No#26: Expensive place:

If a girl asks you to have an expensive place, a petrol station is the first choice to take her.

facts about zimbabwe flag

No#27: National flag feature:

Zimbabweans never allow the national flag to touch the ground; even they dispose of it with honor when torn.

It is totally illegal to trade products holding the national flag colors.

No#28: Festival:

Some popular festivals of Zimbabwe are-

  • Heroes Day.
  • Victoria Falls Carnival.
  • Zimbabwe International Film Festival
  • Shoko Festival
  • Bulawayo Music Festival
  • Harare International Arts Festival.
  • Jikinya Traditional Dance Festival
  • Chibuku Neshamwari Dance Festival
  • Intwasa Arts Festival
  • Day of National Unity

fun facts about zimbabwe culture

No#29: Clothing:

Modern, stylish clothe like Western- culture is a common outfit in Zimbabwe. A small number of people wear traditional clothes regularly.

A wraparound cloth, a headdress, and ornaments like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are popular traditional dresses.

State occasions like Heroes’ Day or Independence Day, and they usually wear traditional dress.

No#30: Diamond & platinum reserves:

Zimbabwe holds the world’s largest diamond & platinum reserves.

No#31: Headlights law:

Motorists are forced to keep headlights on between 5:30 PM-05:30 AM.

No#32: Olympic medals:

Zimbabwe gained total of eight Olympic medals in two sports-

  • Swimming (7)
  • & hockey (1).

No#33: Unemployment & inflation rate:

Zimbabwe is going through the highest Unemployment & inflation rate in the world.

facts about zimbabwe economy

No#34: Economy:

Mining, manufacturing, and farming form are the economic backbone of Zimbabwean.

No#35: People with AIDS!

According to (UNICEF 2015), over 1.4 million of the country people are staying with AIDS.

No#36: ‘Thumb piano:’

In Zimbabwe, The ‘mbira,’ a little hand-held tool, has been played for over 1,000 years, usually called a ‘thumb piano.’

No#37: Global Hunger Index ranking:

Out of 187 countries, Zimbabwe is ranked 156 as a developing country (Global Hunger Index says), with food-deficit & low-income countries.

No#38: Children nutrition:

Only 17.3% of children of Zimbabwe between aging 6-23 months get the suggested minimum diet for proper nutrition.

No#39: Facts of great sorrow:

The International Organization says that millions of people of Zimbabwe already have left their birthplace to get better food security & living conditions in different African countries.

No#40: Exports products:

Ferroalloys, cotton, gold, tobacco, and clothing/ textiles comprise the first export items of Zimbabwe.

No#41: Highest point:

 ‘Mount Inyangani,’ is almost 2,592 meters, the highest point of Zimbabwe.

No#42: Lowest point:

The intersection of the Save & Runde Rivers’s the lowest point lies at 531 ft.

Congratulation! We are done. Hope you enjoy all the facts. If you stock more Interesting facts about Zimbabwe then let us know.

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