Interesting & Fun Facts about Montana | What is Known for?

21 Interesting & Fun Facts about Montana | What is Known for?

Montana is a Northwestern state with a brief history and lots of interesting facts. There is a lot of incredible and amazing history of its borders, law, and tourist spots. You will be shocked to know some fun facts about Montana that’s unbelievable.

After complete a deep research about Montana, Our team handover several informations about this Big Sky state. We are gratified to present a little Montana fact which is interesting and funny.

Fast Facts | Cool Things about Montana

Name: Montana
Capital City: Helena
Population: 1,068,778 (2019)
Area: 147,040 sq mi (380,800 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting & Fun Facts about Montana

What is Montana Known for

If you are enthusiastic to know about The Treasure State, & curious what are some interesting & Fun Facts about Montana State this article will delight you. Here you will be able to know about “What is Montana famous for?” and “What makes it special?”

Let’s try to know about the most scenic state of the US union.

No#1: Montana takes the name from Spanish

Although Montana is a Northwestern state of the United state. It takes the name from Spanish. The origin of “Montana” comes from the Spanish word “Mountainous”.

Interesting fact about Montana

No#2: It is a large state with a small population

Montana is a northwestern state with a 147,000 square mile area. This is the 4th largest state in the nation. But there is total of 1,068,778 populations live in the state. In the terms of population, this is the 47th largest population in the United States.

No#3: Montana has more Mammals than any other state

Mammals are uncommon things in the whole world. But Montana is the home to 100 species of Mammals including Bighorn, elk, sheep, bobcats, and caribou. This is the largest number in the nation.

No#4: Montana is a Green state

Montana offers almost 28 Million acres as public land. They grow a variety of food, vegetables, and trees. Consequently, it creates a beautiful nature with green looks. Furthermore, there total of 53 state parks and 7 state forests are embodied in the nation.

No#5: Montana is the only state with a triple divide

There is no one state in the nation except Montana that consists of a triple divide. Hudson Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean are flowed over the state. The triple divide creates one of the most scenic states in Glacier National Park.

No#6: It is home to America’s first national park

Montana fun facts for kids

Yellowstone, America’s first national park is situated in southern Montana. This is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the state. That receives lots of world tourists every year.

No#7: Montana is the 41st state of Union

Montana admitted to the union on 8th November 1889. This is the 41st state of the union.

No#8: It shares land borders with 4 American States

Montana is a state surrounded by 4 American states named Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Wyoming is on the south, Canadian provinces are on its North, Idaho is on the west, and the South and North Dakota are on its east.

No#9: Montana is the Treasure state

Through the years, Montana is well-known as the Treasure state. This is the nickname of this state. Big sky country and The Last Best Place is also the nickname of this state.

There is a variety of its climate in the large sky. Consequently, it is called with big sky country.  

What is Montana Famous for

No#10: This is the only state with 3 Canadian provinces borders

Montana State borders with three Canadian provinces in the North. This North site bordered with British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This is the only state in the nation that bordered with 3 Canadian Provinces.

No#11: Montana has more Cattle than Population

Weird Facts about Montana

This is one of the interesting facts of Montana State. There are more cattle than its population. Almost 2.6 million cattle live in the state while it has total of 1 million populations.

No#12: It has more bookstores per capital than any other state

Books are an important thing for a nation. And the bookstore is an essential part of the nation. Realize the importance, Montana creates lots of bookstores. That is a higher number than any other state.

No#13: There are more T-Rex Specimen in the World

Montana contains total of 13 T-Rex Specimens in its Museum. That is larger number than anywhere else in the world.

This is really an incredible fact of Montana. As well as it is a world record of this state.

No#14: It’s illegal to have a sheep in the Cab

It’s totally restricted to have a sheep on the Cab in Montana. This is illegal in the state. You can’t have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone. Otherwise, you will face the funny law of Montana.

No#15: Montana has a Law for Women fishing

There is a legal section for women fishing. In Montana, it’s legally restricted for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays. And it’s illegal for unmarried women to go fishing alone at all. How fun facts of Montana state!

No#16: It’s illegal to throw an item across a street

In Helena, Montana you can’t throw something across a street while it is a small distance. It’s illegal to throw across the street.

No#17: There are 46 frontier Counties out of 56 counties

Though there is vast population in 6 counties, most counties has a small population. There are 46 counties with least population density. These 46 counties are called frontier counties cause of the least density. 6 people or even lower people live per square mile of these counties.

Montana facts for Students

No#18: Montana has two geographic areas throughout the state

At 3/5 of the total areas, eastern Montana contains the Great Plains land while Western Montana consists of Rocky Mountain areas at 2/5 of the total areas. 

No#19: Montana Rocky Mountains have varying climates on each motivational Zone

Western Montana is consists of Rocky Mountain areas. There is a variety of temperatures in a single day.

No#20: Montana has the largest temperature change

The Montana state is consists of a variety of lands for instance plains and Mountain Rock. Consequently, it holds variable temperature in a day. As Example: January 14-15 1972, Montana holds temperature 45 to 54 degree F while Loma holds 103 Fahrenheit.

No#21: Montana holds the largest Snowflake heap in the world

38 cm is the largest snowflake mass in the world. This Snowflake record held in Montana. On January 28, 1887, there was made the highest snowflake heap ever the world.


On the whole, Montana is a state with various scenic views in Mountain rock and plain land line New Mexico. This is an attractive state instead of it has a lot of fun and interesting fact. We’ve tried to show some facts of 41th State. Some of them are funny and unbelievable.

Take them easy and normal. This is a little effort to visible the treasure state. Hopefully, you’ve got some information of this Montana State. Let me know about “What’s the most interesting Facts of Montana?”

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