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40 Cool, Funny & Interesting Facts About Ohio You Might not Know

Interesting facts about Ohio

Even we hit Ohio plenty around here, but you will find it a quite interesting state if you meditate on its history. In the U.S., Ohio is a Midwestern, pretty unique state. Ohio is called “The Buckeye State,” but do you know that a buckeye is a seed-like nut from the Formal state tree. Neil …

35+ Funny & Interesting Fact About Utah State (Weird & Historical)

Interesting Fact About Utah

When the stunning state “Utah’s” name hear you what you think then? Visualize images of Mormons? The world’s best skiing?  Or the red rocks Moab? Truly Utah State is a fascinating state with unique histories, incredible natural beauty, peculiar customs, and a backdrop that should be popular to anyone who’s a lover of Westerns. Here …