Fun facts about Albania

44 Surprising Fun facts about Albania that You Might not Known

Tourism boom Albania is a Southern European country. Still, Albania is known as the hidden gem; waiting to be discovered.

When the matter comes to relaxing in beautiful places, you can place Albania in the first place.

Albania is a surprisingly affordable destination with marvelous nature boasting both Adriatic & Ionian coastlines and different unique places (Blue Eye).

Before you make a trip to Albania, discover the most fun facts about this country that we’ve covered in this article.

Let’s dig out; some Fun facts, cultural facts, and all things in-between in Albania.

Fun facts about Albania to know you:

Official language:

“Albanian” is the official language of Albania country & “355” country’s dialing code. 


Just 3 million natives live in Albania; compared with its territories, most Albanians are now stating outside the country.

It is estimated that Diasporas people of Albanians is almost seven to ten million.

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Country’s heroine:

“Mother Teresa,” the great lady, is considering the country’s heroine of Albanians. She is the only Nobel laureate from this country.


Most of the Albanians are Muslim followers; this is because of the ruling of the “Ottoman Empire.” In the 14th century, Islam was established in this country, but in the 17th century, most of the Albanians got Islamized.

World-first atheist state:

In 1967, Albania announced itself as the world’s first atheist state. Enver Hoxha, religion was stopped, and those who would break the law must be in jail for 3-10 years.

Unemployment rates:

In the Balkans nations, Albania places fourth in minimizing unemployment rates. Because of the country’s restructures geared to its economy and nation organization, the unemployment rate has become low.

Highest point:

“Mount Korab,” almost 2,764 meters high, is the height point of Albania. Macedonia & Kosovo is two of the Albanian mountain sharing country.

This mountain is also the highest point in both Macedonia & Kosovo countries as well.

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Largest lake:

Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Southern Europe, found in Albania. Its surface area exits between 370-530 sq km; also divided between Montenegro & Albania. Within Albanian borders, there lies only a third portion of this lake.

The oldest lake:

Ohrid is considering as one of the world’s ancient lakes in Europe, found in Albania. Many surprising plants and animals exist in the lake; the living fossils can also be gotten at the lake. UNESCO has declared this lake as world heritage also protects this lake.

A number of the island:

There are almost 13 small islands in Albania. Sazan & Kunë have only over a 1 square kilometer surface area.

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In 2009 an explorers group from the University of Colorado discovered Four Icebergs in this country. These awesome Icebergs were found in the Cursed Mountains in North Albania; they exit at a minimum altitude of 2,000 meters, the southernmost iceberg in Europe.

Amazing biodiversity:

Albania is enriched with Amazing biodiversity; almost 3,250 plant species exist in this country, indicating more than 40 % of all plant species in Europe.

Endangered animal:

Over 91 endangered animal species can are found in Albania, which is declared globally. These include the Mediterranean monk seal, pygmy cormorant, and the Dalmatian pelican.

Grapes history:

Among the European countries, Albania is the one that has a long-growing grapes history. In this country, Vines were grown so fast as the ice age.

The world’s oldest seeds can be found in Albania (4,000 and 6,000 years).

Oil reserve:

The world’s second-biggest oil reserve is in the Balkans region in Albania. This is considered the most significant oil reserve in Europe.


Albania is one of the principles of chromium, also producing the world’s exporting countries. It also produces nickel, coal, and copper.

Tourism sector:

Service sectors like tourism enriched most of the country’s income of Albania. Lonely Planet suggested Albania as the first choice of travel destination in 2011. The surprising news is that between 2005-2012, Albania found an almost 740% increase in foreign tourists.

Albanian Riviera:

The Ionian Seashore is also famous as the Albanian Riviera with its pristine and charming beauty.

Reasonable & fastest internet:

In Europe, Albania offers Reasonable & the fastest internet. For example, an Albanian ISP company like ABcom offers a 30mbit download package for almost $2.4 per month.


In producing Hydroelectricity, Albania ranges the world’s largest. 100% energy of Albania is hydroelectric.


Port of Durrës is Albania’s busiest also biggest seaport along the Adriatic Sea. Almost 1.5 million passengers use this port every year.

International airport:

In Tirana, Albania has only an international airport; In respect of “Mother Teresa’ the country heroine, the airport was named. This is Albania’s single-coming port for international travelers.

Radio broadcast:

In 1938 Albania Television & Radio was formed & radio was broadcast for the first time. Later in 1960, Television broadcasting started .presently, Albania’s media outlets are almost at 257.

World Heritage Sites:

In Albania, there are three World Heritage Sites officially declared by UNESCO, and another four are on the list of the organization’s tentative. An ancient city called Butrint is the most famous of them.

Renowned person:

Modern artist Ermonela Jaho is the country’s most renowned person. Rita Ora is another renowned musician from Albania.

Traditional clothing:

Over 200 sorts of traditional clothing are favorite in Albania; although every region has its distinct clothing; their trend is marvelous in Europe.

Meal feature:

The midday meal is the strong meal In Albania; vegetable and meat mix dish is their main food, with a green vegetable salad. These healthy habits of Albanians help to minimize the rate of obesity.

Pumpkins specialty:

In Albania, Pumpkins are so unique; being applied in cuisines, also display for different purposes or as gifts.

Film Festival:

In 2003 “The nation’s Tirana International Film Festival” was founded, this also the leading film festival there.

No traffic lights:

In many cities of Albania without traffic lights, not even in – Shkodra.

Capital city:

The Albanian capital city is Tirana, without McDonald’s! A famous painter & politician named “Edi Rama” is eligible for the green look of Tirana. His dream was to flourish the city with natural bright and not dark or grey like cities which fell in a communist rule.

Weightlifting sports:

Weightlifting sports is an individual sport Albanians practice widely.

Both in Europe & global competitions, Albania has gained so many weightlifting championships.

Literacy levels:

In literacy levels, Albania was placed sixth in 2021 across the world with the highest point.


In the evening’s time, or after dinner, Albanian locals come out to have a walk & make catch up with their neighbors. This is a unique cultural thing.

Actually, in few conventional towns, the streets are off for vehicular traffic until locals have completed walking and talking!

Shaking or nodding:

A confusing matter is that Albanian locals are Shaking or nodding their heads while talking. They will shake heads meaning yes and nod meaning no; one of Albanian’s most remarkable cultural facts.

Driving reputation:

A good reputation of Albanians is that being quite bad drivers. So, maybe, carefully drive in Albania, and look very well before going over the road; & be safe 

National dress:

“Revered, is the national dress of Albania during crucial celebrations; this dress will be seen. You can see Albanian eagle on Most of their costumes; made of cotton, silk, wool, with embroidery.

National drink:

Raki is a very alcoholic beverage; Albanian National drink. You will be relatively safe if you take it from a bar, but if you make a homemade version from Albanian villages, probably you’ll take one sniff– it’s powerful!

Coffee lover:

Coffee lover Albanian starts their day having a sweet cup of java. Turkish coffee is primarily standard, but if you are going to take it– be careful, it’s incredibly thick!

Good luck sign:

Albanians consider bird poops & baby pees as the excellent luck champ if they fall on your body part.


Albanians local call their country ‘Shqiperi.’

National song:

 ‘Himni I Flamurit’ is the Albanian national song.


Here Speedboats are totally banned. This is a part of minimizing human trafficking over to Greece & Italy.

Hence, which Fun facts about Albania touch you more, leave a comment below.

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