Fun Facts about Broccoli

28 Fun Facts about Broccoli to let You Know

When it comes about greener vegetables, broccoli ranks top 20; it is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, and K, folate, fiber, and potassium.

Popular vegetable Broccoli can be taken both fresh and cooked. Broccoli, or vegetables, isn’t totally a matter which sparks interest in people’s minds.

Indeed broccoli has a fairly interesting back-story you may don’t know about. Another side, broccoli hosts a great health benefit to boost up our immune system, giving us vitamins and minerals.

Hence, here are some fun facts about broccoli to trickle your mind. Let’s dig out.

Quick Facts about Broccoli

  • Name: Broccoli
  • Type of Food: Vegetable
  • Produced From: Plants in the genus Brassica
  • Total Calories: 31 (one cup, 91 grams)
  • Total Fat: Negligible (one cup, 91 grams)
  • Total Protein: 3 grams (one cup, 91 grams)
  • Total Carbohydrates: 6 grams (one cup, 91 grams)

___Source: Wikipedia

Fun facts about broccoli to let you know:

Name origination:

Among different kinds, broccoli is a popularly celebrated vegetable for its health benefits. “Cabbage sprout,” the Italian word is the name source broccoli; Broccoli is a kind of cabbage.

It is a super-growing year-long plant; it full-fill the wheel of life within one growing season. The more interesting fact is that In Great Britain, Broccoli means the relative of cauliflower.

Earliest name:

Once, broccoli was called Italian asparagus that root lies in “arm”- the Latin word.

Introduced place:

In the 1800s, at first Italian settlers, Thomas Jefferson introduced broccoli to the U.S. He brought broccoli semen from Italy and harvested them in his garden in 1767. Although until the 1920s, it was known to most the people

 U.S. production:

In California, U.S produces 90% of the broccoli; ranks the world’s 3rd for broccoli production; China 1st and India 2nd. In the United States, the annual consumption of broccoli per capita is 5.8 pounds. On top of the last 25 years, the consumption rate of broccoli has risen over 940%.

Types of Broccoli:

Sprouting and heading are two types of broccoli. Heading broccoli is so familiar in the United States.

interesting facts about broccoli

Cool-season crop:

Broccoli is a cool-season crop means it gives best production during fall or spring. Typically this vegetable is cultivated from mid-October-December.

Cultivation system;

Generally by direct seeding broccoli crop is planted. After planting it will take 70 to 140 days to grow enough. Typically broccoli grows 2 feet tall & 2 feet wide.

Handy harvest:

No machine is needed to harvest broccoli, so it is a handy harvest. Only a simple knife is applied to cut the stem during harvesting.

Storage life:

The maximum storage life of broccoli is 21-28 days. It would be best to keep broccoli is unwashed; use a plastic bag then keep it inside the refrigerator. You should take broccolis within five days to get the best taste.

Botanical Family:

broccolini, broccoli, and broccoflower are all part of the botanical family. However, Broccoli rabe is more related to turnips.

The powerhouse of vitamins:

Website says broccoli is a powerhouse of packed Vitamins like C and A. you can get as much Vitamin C as orange from One cup of the chopped broccoli.

Fiber & calories:

Fiber-filled broccolis helps in digestion also makes your belly full, giving you 31 calories at just a cup of chopped broccoli. So you can keep broccolis at the top list of your dieting food.

 Flower buds on the head:

Website,, says “broccolis head is full of tiny flower buds. If crofters miss harvesting broccoli on time, yellow flowers will cover broccolis head. After harvesting, you needs keep broccolis in a cool temperature to save the buds flowering. This type of flower buds makes the vegetable bitter to taste.”

broccoli nutrition facts

Taking method:

You can take broccoli by boiling steaming or making a roast, but if you want to grab the maximum nutrition value take broccolis in a raw position. This all-around veggie can be used in salads, soups, or even pesto.

No sign:

In American Sign Language, You won’t find any sign for broccoli.

Largest broccoli producer:

China hold’s the world’s most prominent broccoli producer rank, over 8 million tons of broccolis per year.

Height consumption record:

Currently, Tom Landers makes the world record for consumption of broccoli almost- 1 pound in 92 seconds.

Great for the heart:

Surveys on flavonoid-high foods say that on cardiovascular disease, flavonoids have no benefit, while broccoli is a heretic.

One study had shown that broccoli, along with apples, or tea had a reverse impact on risk for women cardiovascular disease.

Another study in 1999 in the American Journal of Epidemiology expressed that flavonoids did not lower cardiovascular disease risk in menopausal women, but broccoli emaciation did.

Safe for lactating & pregnant women:

Although Old wives’ says that broccoli is dangerous & unhealthy for pregnant women, our specialists aren’t too sure about these statements.

Being cruciferous veggie broccoli minimizes thyroid function,” says NY Health and Wellness Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice. “Broccoli offers folate that minimizes neural tube defects in pregnant women baby.

Great for bones:

With calcium & all-important vitamin K from broccolis improves your calcium circulation, providing double-hitter anti of your bone diseases. The Physicians Committee recommends that take broccoli to stop or reverse the damage.

Don’t Overcook:

 As Overcook Broccoli gets mushy & and soft, it indicates the loss of both flavor & nutrients.

Source of minerals:

A great source of minerals, broccoli gives you iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium & phosphorus.

Cholesterol reduction:

Jarzabkowski says broccoli assist lower cholesterol as vegetables soluble fiber binds with the blood cholesterol. This binding quickly excretes the cholesterol and resulting lessens your body’s cholesterol levels.

Healthy skin:

Glucoraphanin reversed to sulforaphane protects your skin also makes it dazzling & healthy.

Barack Obama’s favorite food:

In 2013, President Barack Obama said broccoli was his favorite food.

A cancer-fighter:

An extensive study says there is a negative link between cancer & broccoli, as sulforaphane present largely. sulforaphane fights against cancer at all stages also gives DNA protection

Broccoli must be a crucial part of any anti-carcinogenic diet.


Broccoli also helps in digestion keeps your stomach healthy.

Eye health:

As carrots contain lutein; are suitable for the eyes, broccoli gives compound antioxidant, which is good for eye health. It also works against macular degeneration, which blurs central vision or your eye’s lens.

Hence, probably a single article is not enough to explain broccoli’s facts; it can make your health & life better.

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