50 Interesting Facts about Somalia Which Make You Wonder

50 Interesting Facts about Somalia Which Make You Wonder

“Land of Punt”- Somalia is discovered in the Horn of Africa. Unfortunately, Somalia is noted for its extensive poverty, territorial conflicts, civil wars, and unstable government.

But we should explore Somalia for its unique cultures, exciting destinations, outstanding geographical facts & many more Interesting facts.

Fast Somalia Facts and Information

Official Name: Federal Republic of Somalia
Capital City: Mogadishu
Population: 11,757,124
Area: 637,657 sq km
Major Languages: Somali, Arabic, Italian, English
Time Zone: UTC+3 (East Africa Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

However, here we are, enlisting 50 interesting facts about Somalia; let’s dig out.

Interesting facts about Somalia to wonder You

What is Somalia Known for?

No#1: Most Culturally analogous Countries

Ethnically most African countries have diverse populations, but Somalia is analogous nations. 85% of people here comprised of ethnic Somalis, usually is in northern Somalia.

No#2: The longest coastline

In mainland Africa, Somalia owns the longest coastline, almost 3,025 km on the Gulf of Aden & the Indian Ocean.

Somali Culture Facts

No#3: Fertility rates

With top fertility rates, six kids being born to a single woman in Somalia with an average. Child-bearing and prominent families are culturally encouraged in the country.

No#4: HIV infection rates

In Africa, the HIV infection rate is lowest in Somalia.

No#5: Cave paintings

Near Hargeisa, Somaliland, the Las Geel cave has few of the Horn of Africa’s earliest cave paintings. The paintings still are in a safe condition as they are secured naturally by granite overhangs.

No#6: Languages

Somali and Arabic are Somalia’s official languages. Some also speak Italian and English.

No#7: Tourist destination

Before the civil war in 1991, Somalia was a favorite tourist destination with its pristine beaches & numerous attractions.

No#8: Land of Punt

As the most probable location, Somalia is discovered as the Land of Punt.

No#9: Halal food

Somalia serves all halal food.

No#10: Life Expectancies:

Somalian men have a life expectancy of only 53.5 years while women are 56.6 years. The country belongs high rate of the youngest life expectancies.

No#11: Homes of Somali

On special occasions or after large meals, Somalias people their homes. A white clay, Dabqaads, or soapstone pot, is applied as an incense burner. The fragrance remains for several hours in the house.

No#12: Popularity of Restaurants

In many towns in Somalia, with men, women are hardly dined out until the 1990s.

Fun Facts about Somalia

No#13: Dinning rules

While dining place, usually women offer the men first. Then they sit down with the children to eat.

No#14: Interesting food taking idea

When eating, Somalia uses the first three fingers to scoop food from a bowl using there. Otherwise, some use banana leaf by rolling it for digging.

While dining, Urban Somalis use silverware, but others use their fingers.

No#15: Law for women

Somali women never put on the Muslim veil; also, they are not permitted to come out with men in public.

No#16: Somalia’s Nomads

Somalia’s Nomads are concern as the country’s pastureland accessible to all. Even if a family made water well, it belongs to just the family.

No#17: Wedding celebration

People here call a grant celebration involving food while a family has a birth, a wedding, or a circumcision.

No#18: camel- mostly recognized symbol:

In Somalia, the camel is a mostly recognized symbol as the camel gives meat, milk, income, transportation, and status to those who have one. More than 800kg, Somalia’s camels are the biggest in Africa.

(Source: L.A. Times)

No#19: The Civil War

In Somalia, the Civil War against Ethiopia has been running on for almost a decade.

No#20: Number of dead people

Almost 500,000 people died in Somalia’s Civil War in the early 1990s. At that time, a Black American Hawk helicopter was hit down & three soldiers have been killed.

No#21: Zero tourists

Since the 1990’s- 2010, not a single tourist visited Somalia.

No#22: Civil war effect

Due to the Civil War, Somalia’s capital has turned into an extremely dangerous city; different clans are all-time battling for control, famine, and drought spread out. Food delivery was restricted.

No#23: Economy facts

As the world’s poorest countries, Somalia’s residents have been trying to reform the cities after Civil War destruction. More than 73 % of Somalis live on below $2 U.S. Dollars per day.

Almost half of Somalia populations are self-employed; they work as herders, farmers, and independent businessman.

No#24: Music

Folk music is widely well-known in Somalia.

No#25: Waterfalls & forests

Somalia is blessed with a lot of beautiful waterfalls & forests like the Lamadaya waterfall.

No#26: Education diversity

Almost 75% of adults in Somalia are out of education. Meanwhile, fortunately, there are some Somalis with higher education and can speak five languages.

No#27: Texas Size

Somalia is a small country in Africa also around the world. Somalis square footage is a little shorter than the Texas square footage in the U.S. 

No#28: Food Shortages

The great sorrowful news is that about 6.9 million Somalis are constantly short on food; don’t know about their next meal. Dry rainy seasons are responsible for failed crops & livestock death.

Somalia History Facts

No#29: Wildlife

Variety of exotic animals; they have giraffes, lions, baboons, cheetah, and elephants too.

No#30: Financial support

 U. S. provided financial help to Somalia to improve Mogadishu International Airport & the seaports. A lot of industries in Somalia were constructed with the assistance of foreign nationals.

No#31: Industries in Somalia

Mild processing plants, fish and meat canneries, leather tanning factories, pharmaceutical & electrical factories are Somalia’s exiting industries.

No#32: Women talent

Somalia Women has a remarkable talent & adaptability for business. International organizations help them to educate and job training.

No#33: Married status

When somali’s people get married, a bond creates between the man and his wife, but between the families & the clans.

No#34: Announcement of Barack Obama:

On August 8, 2011, Barack Obama announced around $105 million would be given for immediate funding in Somalia.

No#35: Injera bread

Traditional bread -Injera in Somalia is usually made with meat and vegetable curries like chickpeas, okra, and lentils.

No#36: Somalia pirates facts

On 2009, April 8, Somali pirates snatched the U.S. Maersk Alabama.  Richard Phillips-the captain engaged himself as a hostage to save his crew. A movie was made & a book was written regarding the Captain’s ordeal.

No#37: Sultanates rules

In the 7th and 19th centuries, a series of sultanates ruled Somalia after the 7th century, Islam’s arrival. This country was created in 1960 by a former British protectorate & an Italian colony.

No#38: Battle of Mogadishu

In 1993, in Mogadishu, Somali militias shot down two U.S. helicopters, 18 Americans & hundreds of Somalis died.

No#39: Female football referee

Jawahir Roble’s first female football referee (Muslim) of England’s was from Somalia. She lived in Mogadishu but presently referees football games in northwest London.

No#40: Flag feature

With a very simple consisting Somalia’s flag has a light blue background with a white star. The light blue was encouraged by the U.S. flag for their intrinsic role in Somalia’s independence & the white star symbols the Somali national; five points express a Somali homeland.

No#41: Livestock accounts

Over 66% of Somalia’s exports their livestock. Goats & Sheep account for 44%, with cattle exports almost 22%.

No#42: Olympic athletes

Mo Farah from Somalia is the most successful Olympic athlete was born in 1983 in Mogadishu and shifted to the U.K. in 1991.

No#43: The Highest source of refugees:

Somalia can be regarded as the fifth-highest country of refugees. In 2018 more than 900,000 people leave the country.

No#44: Dangerous country

“International SOS Travel Risk Map,” says Somalia is exited in the ten most world’s dangerous countries.

No#45: First National park

Lag Badana got the country’s national park’s first status with its coral reefs & offshore beaches!

No#46: The highest peak

Shimbiris is the highest peak of Somalia, almost 2,460 meters.

No#47: Mosque- an iconic building in Somali

 Mosque of Islamic Solidarity is in Mogadishu constructed in 1987 with support from the Saudi Saud Foundation. It is an iconic building in the society of Somalia.

Though Somalia is the poorest country, you can enjoy it a lot here. If you stock other interesting facts, let us know, leave a comment for us.

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